Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photo Dump

My 'edited and ready for blog' folder was getting filled up with all these random shots I haven't posted and couldn't think of a cohesive way to get them on.  SOOO I figured I'd just dump them all out and get it over with.
My son, whom my mother SWEARS is not going to be in special education classes, playing with his trucks.  And by 'playing' I mean 'lining up perfectly in a way that only makes sense to him.'
My mama and daddy at Two Lover's Point.  
My Junebug.  Who is taking her sweet time outgrowing this Awkward Alien Eyes phase.  Sigh.

And then Warren, loving on his baby sister.  Five and a half months later and he is STILL obsessed with her feet.  I could just eat that boy with a spoon ya'll!!

So that's what's happy-happenin' lately.  Still hanging with my mama, laying around at the beach and running errands with an extra set of hands.  We're down to seven days, eight nights, but I'm trying not to think about it.  I tried to talk her into staying an extra week or two, but apparently she has a life to get back to back in the real world.  What's that about?

Speaking of my mama, I have to see if anyone else has this strange disease.  It's called Whenever My Mama Is Around I Revert To Early Childhood Syndrome.  It's VERY strange, and oddly debilitating.  With my mom here, I am somehow, inexplicably, unable to function as a grown adult.  I can't make decisions.  I can't get up on time.  My children ask me for things, and I just stare at my mom with my mouth slightly open, a string of drool at one corner.  It's like I can't understand a single thing they're saying.  The hardest thing is the lack of decision making skills, it makes things really hard!! Does anyone else do this? Is it just me? It's really very strange.  I'm literally like an infant, completely dependent on her for all my basic needs.  Weirdo.

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  1. It's not just you. :) Lovely pictures, such cute kids!