Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pinterest Strikes Again

Still no camera.  Add to the ever growing list of reasons I hate living on the other end of the world: even the fastest mail takes seven days.  And I'm pretty sure that this guy did NOT mail it the fastest route.  Loser.

So, since I don't have tons of pics to edit, I had to find another way to spend hours on the computer.  I'd dabbled in pinterest before, but now that I finally got my  Wowzers.  Amazing clothes. Fabulous recipes.  Inspirational organization pics. And quotes.  Hundreds and hundred and hundreds of quotes.

It's bad ya'll.  Add that to the fact that netflix FINALLY streams to's not looking good.  This is what happens when I'm alone in this great big house for five months with little to no adult interaction! I'm like one of those hermit recluse teenage guys with terrible acne who grow up to live in their mom's basement and make people call them Warlock.  Ugh.

Here are just a tiny few of the pins I found today.  It's bad ya'll.  Have I mentioned that?

This first one is a little political, I guess, which isn't really me, but I thought it sort of brought up a point that some people seem to forget.
I do not know anyone who has had to deal with this unspeakable horror.  I'm not trying to make light of this situation, or offend anyone.  Except, of course, rapists.  I just think that people need to realize this.

This one REALLY speaks to me.  You know? 

And yes, while I did read the Twilight books, I thought they were light, fluffy, silly things to pass my time.  I thought Bella stands for everything that is wrong about what society teaches girls nowadays.  I cannot STAND it when people talk about Twilight compared to Harry Potter.  They are not even on the same planet.  I'm trying to find some eloquent way to put it, but I can't come up with anything.  It's like comparing a piece of sand to the most delicious, exquisite, sweetest, creamiest, best wedding cake that you've ever eaten in your entire life? It's just not even something worth comparing. Ugh.

Might have this printed and framed :)

Shoulda put my foot down and named Warren Westley.

Sorry.  I just can't get enough of HP fans making fun of Twilight.  HP fans just GET me.

Okay, fine.  I'm a little obsessed.  A lot.  But I truly love those books.  I really do.  They really and truly are a defining part of my life.  And I think I've finally convinced my husband to read them!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

And wanna know what sort of sucks? All these fun quotes and pics on pinterest about HP, every time I come across one about it being over, or shaping someone's life, or something gay like that...I cry.  I actually cry.  UGH!!!

Which reminds me, I've been getting so much support and loving emails and comments about Nick being gone for MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS, and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate everything.  The single most important, helpful thing that you can do for me is to pray.  Pray specifically, and use my name.  Prayer is the most powerful tool we have. If you're not used to praying, or you feel silly praying for someone you've never met, just pray something along the lines of "God, please help my friend Jennifer remember that your grace is suffiencent for her.  Remind her that all she has ever or will ever need, your hand has and will provide." It's easy.  And it will help me.  It really will.

And, don't forget that I'm certainly not the only one going through rough times.  Yes, there are quite a few military guys (and women, ugh) who find ways to weasel their way out of deployments, to unload their responsibility onto someone else, to force others to pick up the slack.  But for every asshole out there not doing his part, there's dozens more who ARE.  And they've left their wives (and husbands) at home to raise their children and keep their houses from being condemned by the health department.  I don't have it any harder than any other military wife (or husband) out there.  Except for the ones married to the weasels.  So while I appreciate your thoughts and prayers from the bottom of my heart, I just want to make sure you don't think I'm unique.  My situation is NOT unique.  There are tons of us.  So maybe say a prayer for all the wives (and husbands) who are feeling lonely tonight.

And then say an extra one for me.  Because I really do need it.

PS- If you want to start pinterst, leave a comment with your email, then set aside approximately nine hours of your day.  Daily.  I'll invite you and you can get hooked too.

Oh shoot, I forgot one! I gotta verify if SK really said this though, because it doesn't sound like him.  I might be being mislead.  Although, if they put it on the internet, it's gotta be true...


  1. I love this post...for way too many reasons! From the Loser who probably mailed your camera the slow way, to me starting to call you Warlock! ha ha! I laughed out loud, like for real ;] I'm a Twilight and HP fan but I've only seen the HP movies, I've really been wanting to read the books, bad...I have a feeling I'm going to download them to iPad, that's the instant gratification part of me. Going to the store means I have to wait too long. Loved the HP quotes you posted. Everything aside, I will certainly add you to my prayers, just make sure you toss me in yours please? I have to admit I teared up reading the last part of your post. We are not alone through this, thank you for that little reminder :] Now hook me up with Pinterest ;]

  2. Pinterest is the death of me doing anything productive with my days, and I love it. I also agree 100% with the waiter quote, and now that HP is winding down, I wish that at some point I had gotten into it. I read the first one for a college class and I just didn't love it, perhaps because I was trying not to since everybody else was!

  3. I've loved the "we live here" quote every time I see it in every variation. If it offers you any hope, I was horribly addicted to pinterest my first few weeks, and slowly it's waned to only a slight obsession. I may or may not have spent hours on it while watching old episodes of Felicity online during our packout. :)

    I've never seen nor read a single HP or Twilight. Nothing against them, just never even dabbled. I'm often the odd one out.

    Praying for you...BY NAME...and you're right, prayer is amazingly powerful. And you indeed are not alone in this battle. We might be heading to shore duty, but we're wrapping up my husband's split DH tour here on Guam that left his overall homeport percentage at 27%. Hang in there, your husband won't be a 'houseguest' forever. And if you can manage being a single mom of 4 on a remote can handle anything!

    With that, I must get back to work because most the morning has been plundered away guessed it, pinterest! ;) Oh and blog, because it's been over a week.

  4. Jenn,
    I totally agree with you about how Twilight is sending the completely wrong messages to young girls. I read them and at the end was pretty disturbed for the lessons and messages that it is sending to these girls. BTW... I completely love your blog! It is so refreshing to read your humor. You were always too fun to work with on 4J. I know and me and several others think really fondly of those 4J days gone by.

  5. Jenn-
    God put it on my heart to pray for you this morning, by name, so I did. :) And the word for the day is Isaiah 40:31 - but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength;
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
    they shall run and not be weary;
    they shall walk and not faint.