Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down two point five! I also did my measurements this week (ugh, so gross!) and I lost three inches in my waist! It's like I had a baby or sumpin.  My big ole booty and hips are the same though, so gross.  So even if, theory, I could button some normal pants around my newly slender waist (har har), I couldn't get them over my thighs.  Whatareyagonnado, right?

I have no idea if I stand a chance of my mini goal, to be standing at the pier at one sixty eight.  Mainly because I have no idea when Nick is coming home.  Actually, I've decided he's never going to come home, he's going to live underwater for the rest of his life.  I'll be a crazy lady with really long hair and bushy eyebrows that hang over her eyes, screaming at my grown children who refuse to get jobs and move out.  AND I'll be stuck on Guam because I'll still be to scared to take them all on a plane to get the hell out of here.


So yeah, that's where we are.  Six and a half away from my 'fifteen pounds by the end of summer' but no  date for that goal, so it's sort of...liquid.  I guess I should hold myself to the end of July, because that was the original date, but I can't lose six and a half pounds in three weeks.  Well, I guess technically you can lose two pounds a week on WW....so maybe.  This week was a fluke because I think I was bloated last week, so I was higher than I actually was.  Maybe I could go to the beach five days a week and sweat it off? Does that sound safe...?

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