Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Stayed the same.  Groan.  I know I should be grateful that I didn't gain, but let's be honest- staying the same is NO FUN! Granted I haven't exercised in six weeks a while, but still.  I wanted to get on that scale and discover I'd lost ten pounds, you know?

HOWEVER, I think the endless tears and screaming at my kids since my mama left is sort of a gentle nudge that it's time to get back outside and get some fresh air and endorphins.  If you had ever told me I'd be spouting this Tom Cruise bullsh*t about exercise and water curing depression, I would have probably punched you in the face.  And to tell the truth, I am a little horrified to find myself saying these things.  But I can only say what I feel, and I truly feel that exercise helps, at least a little, at least for ME, with my depression.

And THAT being said, if I don't kick this funk soon, I'm going to have to go another route.  I've been getting these terrible headaches from my allergies, so I made an appointment to beg for zofran (does anyone else get SUPER nauseous with a headache? I never did before I started getting pregnant, but nowadays, not five minutes after I start getting that pressure behind my eyes, I get first-trimester-the-world-is-totally-going-to-end-and-I'm-going-to-die nauseous. And guess how many times I had to google it to get nauseous spelled right? I mean, that does NOT look correct!) Anyway, first of all, he better be willing to give me zofran.  I don't want to have to find one of those teenagers who forges prescriptions for vicodin, but I will.  I will find a drug dealer to get me some zofran, don't test me!  And then, if I'm still having this hard of a time, I guess I'll ask for something.  I know a pill can't give my kids a bath and pack all their lunches in the morning, but maybe if I could stop crying for a few hours, I could get a little more done, you know?

In other news, I bit the bullet and ordered a new camera.  Since none of ya'll offered any help (thanks for that!) I had to consult my trusty google.  I just love google.  And what I came up with was that as much as I wanted the D90, since I am nowhere NEAR a skilled photographer, the MUCH less expensive D5000 was the better choice.  Now let's all band together and pray with all our hearts that my lens wasn't affected (effected? Holly, you out there? it's Affected, right? because that's the verb?) by those blasted bubbles.  Because it was my goodie, my fave, my 55-300.  My most prized possession. If that lens is ruined...I don't even want to think about it.  I really don't. Why, oh why, did I throw that camera in my stroller? What is WRONG with me?!?!

I have too many kids.  That's what's wrong with me.  And my husband picked the WRONG boat.  But speaking of those little babies, I just love them.  And if ya'll know me, you know that's saying something, that I'm talking about how much I love them :) Today, I went to make sure Scott hadn't peed his pants because we were on hour three of naptime and he'd dragged out his quilt the night before because he was cold (the boys' bedding cost almost double what Nick's and mine did.  Typical.  So I usually keep it folded in the closet and don't let anyone near it) Anyway, he was laying there 'reading' and I was asking him if he had to pee.  He looked over the top of his book and said "Mama.  Can you stop talking? I'm trying to read."

If you showed him an M a G and an H, he would tell you they were all the same and that they were the letter Q.  But he needs me to hush so he can read.  I. Love. It.  One of the many things I am SO grateful to my own mama for is that she instilled a LOVE (obsession) for reading in me.  Mom, if you're reading this, you have no idea how much it means to me that, even though you didn't want me reading Stephen King, you never said I couldn't.  She let me read whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  And I can't imagine life without this love (OBSESSION) with reading.

But mom? Remember when you wouldn't let me go see the movie Seven, with Brad Pitt? And instead I went to see Mission Impossible? Well, I lied.  We snuck into Seven.  And it was so scary, it gave me nightmares for weeks.  You were totally right, I wasn't ready for that movie.  I'm sorry.

All right.  I feel so much better.  If you're still reading, phew, why?


  1. I totally believe that exercise helps depression, and, yet, I continue not to exercise!!!!

    Love the story about your little guy "reading."

  2. Working out certainly helps my mood and I don't do it enough...My lame excuse is that I don't have time (you can slap me when you see me next because I only have two kids :X) I seriously feel like I don't have time, the kids sleep in right now so when I wake up early & they're snoozing I go back to bed. I should be hopping on the lovely elliptical I convinced my husband into buying because it was more convenient than going to the gym. I just don't like going to the gym & working out next to people who look like they need a sandwich & they're effortlessly prancing on the treadmill while I'm clunking along like an elephant. Good job on not gaining, that's still something to be proud of, especially after 6 weeks of not working out ;]

  3. I'm in the "need to work out for my mood, but don't" camp as well. Sleep is just so much more enticing when Eli naps...

    I've also come to the conclusion that, while Guam isn't all that fantastic, the worst of it is our husbands' work schedules here. Granted, yours has it worse than mine, but E's is pretty awful, too. I think the ones who like it here are the ones whose husbands work 30 hours a week and have time to spend with their families!

  4. Ugggh... Dumb phone! This is the second time I'm typing this! Grrr... Anyway, just remember "sound effects." Effects is a noun, affects a verb. Also, while we're on the subject of confusing words... (I can't help myself, my mom is an English teacher) nausea vs nauseous is a tricky one that's used incorrectly too. Nausea means YOU are sick. Nauseous means it's making others sick. Just FYI. :)

    I'm proud of you for not gaining!! And you're right about fresh air and exercise. But, if you're not feeling much better within a few weeks, it definitely wouldn't hurt to talk to your doc. I'm praying for you!! Hang in there. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

    And I love your public confession to your mom. Too funny! I lied about seeing Blair Witch Project but I got busted on the way home because I called my dad CRYING because I was too scared to get out of my car alone!! We lived in a country little house in the middle of the WOODS, so you never know what could be out there in the dark, ya know??

  5. Good news on the not gaining! Everything is relative right? When I can't work out / choose not to work out, my mood gets 1000x worse. Often it's MAKING myself go, ALWAYS I feel better once I'm in motion.

    Prayerfully now that you have your move set up and things more covered at home, you'll find some time to breathe and relax a bit.

    I saw your post about the camera and I have a Nikon D5000 but really had no input as I'm a graphic designer, not a photographer, and barely know the difference between aperture and shutter speed. Hope the new one arrives soon and stays put!

    And I'm with Virginia about not liking being in the gym with Barbie. That's tough for motivation. I'm just tipping the line between normal and overweight, but it's still not a fun visual.

  6. Hi - I just PCS'd to Guam 2 days ago and found your blog. Your sense of humor is hilarious! I know you must be swamped with 4 kids and a husband underway, but if you have a quick minute, could you please send me an email and let me know who your favorite OB was? I'm a navy wife, very pregnant, and hoping to get decent housing & prenatal care. Any advice would be great. Including instilling the love of reading into little boys. That's a great story! Thanks-- lawanitam gmail dot com.