Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down two pounds!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Although I'm a little baffled.  I 'worked out' exactly one time, and, along with two boxes of Nilla Wafers, I had pizza one night, Wendy's one afternoon, and McDonalds yesterday on my date with Scott.  In my defense, he tricked me.  He wanted a shake, and then he only took two sips.  I couldn't very well just throw it out, that would be wasteful.  Gotta think green, people.

So maybe my body realized I'm not pregnant anymore? A girl can dream.  It must have, because my hair is falling out in clumps, and that's definitely a post partum thing for me.  So maybe the ole body's finally getting its act together and it getting rid of all the fluid? I mean, come on body! The baby is six months old!

Speak of all the fluid, I gave up on the rings battle and took them in to be resized.  They were SIXES.  In what world were my man hand small enough to wear a size six ring? I'll tell you what world- The Great Frigid Northeast.  I must have had them sized down in Connecticut when we lived there for the winter.  So stupid.  Didn't it dawn on me that that's why they were too big? No.  Because I was stupid.  Because ONCE AGAIN I was post partum.

I barely remember learning about hormones in nursing school, and I'm sure it's easier for me because I don't breast feed, but I figure, let's assume it takes a year for your hormones to get back to normal after you have a baby.  Seems reasonable, even with absolutely no scientific data to support.  I guess I could! I'm on a strict time limit with my internet this week! Anyway, a year.  That means, after Ava, I never got to be normal (I got knocked up again when she was eight months old) and then after Scott and Warren, I had exactly TWO MONTHS (give or take a few days I suppose) of Normal Hormones and a Fully Functioning Brain.  That means, in the last six and a half years, I've had four months of being a real person.

What if, after Daisy June turns a year and I'm a real person again, I can't remember how to act? What if I don't fit back into society? I might have to go to some sort of special jail or halfway house, where they have group sessions to help get us integrated back into society.

I wonder if they'll make me bring my kids?

Anyway.  Down two pounds!!! Did I mention that yet? At least with Nick never coming home, I don't have to worry about my mini goal.  It was to be at 168 when I went to the pier with the Skinny Minnie's at the beginning of August, those tanned, toned goddesses with the blonde hair that doesn't seem to notice that it's five hundred percent humidity.  Well...August ain't happening folks, and especially not the beginning.  So I guess I can be fat for a little bit longer.

This lady at Bible study Monday was talking about starting her diet (I wanted to scream "DO WEIGHT WATCHERS!!! IT'S NOT A DIET, IT'S A LIFESTYLE!" But she didn't ask for my opinion) and how she's going to pray that God and the Word can provide her with the comfort that she seeks from food.  And it dawned on me that perhaps she's got something there.  I mean, I know I'm an emotional eater.  When you're sprawled in the recliner, watching a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family and eating a tube of raw cookie dough with your fingers, it's IMPOSSIBLE not to feel loved, you know? So maybe I should start asking God to help me out a little with this one.  I mean, I'm already asking for so much, what's one more thing, right?



  1. a few things

    two pounds!!! That's great.

    Also, I absolutely think it takes a year for the hormones to return to normal!! After both kids, it was a year before I felt like myself again, and I stopped nursing Ada at 5 months.

    And, yes, pray about it. I so pray about emotional eating. But seriously, two pounds is great!!

  2. Great job on the 2 lbs...awesome!

    One of my cousins did the "Weigh Down Diet" and lost a large chunk of weight, has kept it off a decade. She's a prayer warrior too. My feeble brain just doesn't 'get' the points plus program.

    I guess if the hormone levels take about a year, I have no excuse since my youngest is 5?! Ha!

  3. Yay for two pounds! The whole year thing is true too. Not just hormonal either, it's a physical thing, especially with the internal organs. I guess there's just something that a 9lb 10oz baby does to your bladder that requires a little extra recovery time. I seriously fear that I'm going to pee my pants when I sneeze sometimes...perhaps there was some permanent damage done there.

  4. You're awesome and hilarious and so right! I have a habit of not eating when I'm stressed, then realizing that I'm stressed, then eating every single thing I can get my hands on. Seems like a trivial thing to pray about, but it's not healthy and God cares about every aspect of our lives!

    And again, you're awesome. Two pounds in a week is so great! Maybe you should eat three boxes of Nilla Wafers next week? =D