Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Well, by the time I got up (part of reverting to infanthood around my mother is sleeping in past eight) it was pouring.  Not just a passing tropical shower, not just a rainy season drizzle- it was POURING.  I almost cried.  I'd already told the kids that we were going to a picnic on base and that there'd be bouncy houses.  What kind of idiot rookie mother tells her kids an entire twenty four hours before a fun event ABOUT the fun event? Moron.

Anyway, my mom calmed me down and we headed to the base.  We got an AMAZING parking space, which instantly brightened my mood.  There's just nothing more awesome than a good spot.  Know what I'm talking about?  Then...Ava's lifelong dream came true.  Despite the fact that the lens was foggy from my too-cold car (which neither me nor my mother noticed, morons) I think you can see the look of pure delight on her face.

She's holding a baby.  While standing up.  And not just any baby, HER baby.  It's truly something she's been LONGING for since she was old enough to walk.

Then we tried a group shot.  And actually, some of them are sort of cute, except for the fog.  Anyone know any tricks in PSE to get rid of that? I sharpened and sharpened and sharpened some more, but this was as good as it got.

We hung out in the bounce houses for about nineteen hours, but I didn't really get any good pictures.  I was too busy diverting my eyes in shame from the dirty looks EVERYONE was giving me when they saw Warren's black eye.  I mean, really? Is he the first boy to fall and get a black eye? Well, he's not, because Scott had a black eye on the same side two years ago, so there.  I mean, do people really think I would PUNCH my two year old in the face? And then take him to a bounce house to make it up to him?

But I did get these shots.  He's literally falling asleep as he sits there.  Poor little beaten up dude.
His eye looks even worse than it used to.  It's yellow, black, purple, and blue.

After a bunch of big kids overtook the bounce houses, we headed for the firetrucks.  What is more fun than a firetruck and a bunch of super nice firefighters? I haven't figured out the answer to that yet. Nothing, according to my children.

Then we headed to Heaven on Earth. It was a parking lot full of a bunch of huge CB trucks.  Kids are so dumb.  We could have stayed there for the rest of the day.  Scott was more excited than I've ever seen him, just climbing around looking at the trucks.  Silly boy.

But, to my pleasant surprise, I learned that Truck Fun is not, apparently, just for boys :)
She was all over ALL the trucks!
Ava started to climb WAY up- I mean, it was SERIOUSLY way the heck up there- into the cab of this one HUGE truck and this super nice CB ran over to help her and she just scaled that ladder without looking back.  He looked at me with his eyes raised, obviously impressed.

She doesn't get it from me dude.

Then Scott, being Scott, found a little toy broom and began sweeping out the front thingy in the tractor type thingie truck.  How does he find that stuff?!?!

And when I finally paid attention to my Junebug, she was busy making faces.  Sigh.  Daisy.  Making faces does NOT help with our Awkward Alien Eyes Phase.

So that was it! Our second (and FINAL!!) Independence Day on Guam.  It's no Virginia Beach, but I guess it'll do.  Since there's not another option.

Have fun celebrating in the Real World ya'll!!!


  1. Ok, all your kids are adorable, but man is Ava beautiful! And she is totally loving the big-sister-to-a-little-sister gig!

  2. Glad you all got to go and the kids had a great time! We didn't even venture out of the house yesterday until 5:30, the boys rode their bikes while I ran 4, we stopped in the middle to play at Dadi.

    For the pics, try Pioneer Woman's Define & Sharpen action (free on her site), it will help some. The fog can be stamped out, just takes some time. (graphic artist here)

  3. Live the pics, as always.
    And I love that Ava wanted to hold her standing up. That's always L's request each time. And when they're finally old enough to hold their head up, and I tell her she can hold them, she gets so excited. I love it.

    Glad y'all got to go! We had a cookout with friends, then a storm came up, and we were afraid our fireworks would get rained out, but the storm held off just long enough. I mean, the second we walked in our door, the bottom fell out of the sky!

    Happy for-fa-July! Please tell Nick thanks for protecting us!