Monday, August 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

First of all, against every fiber in my body screaming NO CHANGE! CHANGE IS BAD!! I have decided to (GULP) go grocery shopping on Thursdays instead of Mondays.  I know, I know.  I've been grocery shopping on Mondays (when Nick is gone) for probably the last eight years.  Seriously.  I am THAT woman.  But, since I hired someone to clean the house and I figure she doesn't want me hanging around while she cleans and she comes on Thursdays, this just makes sense.  Right? That way I don't have to be running around two mornings a week.  I know, most mamas want to be out of the house as much as possible, but not Nap Nazi Mama.  I want to be HOME, so my kids (KID, since I only have one home right now!!!) can sleep in her own crib. Don't judge.

Anyway.  In an effort of keep my sanity (and because Pizza Hut doesn't deliver on base and feeding the kids' cereal for dinner is racking up my points like you wouldn't believe now that WW is all anti-carbs) I decided I was going to do a crockpot challenge.  I can't hardly go 365 like this awesome lady, but I've decided to try twice a week.  For now.  I'm leaning heavily towards signing the bigs up for soccer this fall, and practice is twice a week from 530 to 630.  So we might be heading for three times a week then. The way it is now, soccer 'season' is three months.  They have games on Saturdays.  I am expecting my baby daddy to get to go to two games this season.


So.  I made a menu for the next six weeks! Isn't that neat? Thanks to pinterest, I have tons of new ideas, plus a good staple of old favorites, plus a freezer full of stuff I made a few months back when I was all happy and excited and cooking was a slow pleasure I could savor in the kitchen with an ice cold Diet Cherry Coke.  I plugged in the crockpot twice a week, breakfast on Thursdays (since I'll have all that fresh fruit from the grocery store on Thursdays.  Assuming the commissary actually has fruit that week...) and leftovers on Wednesdays (trash day, so I gotta clean out the fridge, even though the kids seem to take after me when it comes to eating leftovers...) and it was pretty easy to come up with the rest.  Now I get why people are all 'plan for a month!!! it's AWESOME!' It really is a little supersweet.

Am I still talking?  Weird.  Here's what we'll be eating at Casa de Engelbrecht this week.  Well, either this, or Count Chocula.  Hey, like Holly says, cereal these days is full of vitamins and FIBER!!!

Monday: pasta fagiole soup (I know it's not spelled like that, but I'm exhausted and don't want to look it up.) Got this recipe on pinterest, if it's any good, I'll come back and post the link.  Supposed to be better than Olive Garden, but it's not like they'd say "It's not as good as Olive Garden, but hey, try it anyway" right?

Tuesday: fish, either in the grill or in the over (that reminds me, I also plugged in fish once a week.  So I don't so much 'menu plan' as play some sort of card game with my calendar squares.  Menu planning is so simple, I really truly do NOT understand how people don't do it!) The only type of fish I eat is tilapia, and to "cook" it, I put it in a piece of tin foil with garlic pepper and lemon pepper and maybe a slice of lemon if we have any.  Then I cover it in tartar sauce and 'forget' to count those points since, after all, I'm eating FISH.  It's gotta cancel it out, right?

Wednesday: leftovers (read: cereal.  Or rice. Engelbrechts love rice.)

Thursday: breakfast and fresh fruit (Lord willing.) Breakfast is not to be confused with cereal.  Breakfast means either pancakes or waffles, bacon, eggs, and fruit.  We live it up on breakfast night, it's probably my favorite night.  And the liger is probably my favorite animal.  Name that movie!

Friday: PW's chicken pot pie (frozen in my big guy outside.  I have three freezers, did you know that?)

Saturday: grilled chicken leg quarters and rice

Sunday: crockpot steak tips in a marinade I got on pinterest.  Sundays is crockpot night because I finally got invited to a small group at church (this was before the Great Outbreak Shunning) and so I'm out of the house (HALLELUJAH!!!) from four to about six.

Well dang, I didn't get the crockpot in there twice.  All right, starting NEXT week, I'll be doing the Twice a Week Challenge.  Isn't it more fun when you pretend it's a CHALLENGE?  Yes.  Yes it is.

As always, head over here for thousands of great ideas! Or, you know, just to lurk around and see what the rest of us are eating.  Whichever!


  1. Since I am joining the baby, (again) club - let me know if there is a morning (mornings?) that you go to the family fitness center with Daisy - I need some accountability to get out of the house now that I have an excuse to stay home. I went from running 20 miles a week to ........ZERO!
    (not to mention eating brownies at 2am while making a bottle) Yeah........ fabulous!

  2. ......PS, I realize my comment had NOTHING to do with your post really. SORRY!
    Good luck on the meal / menu thingy thingy....I am not an organized person, but I want to be. In my dreams, everything is in order. I go from week to week sticking to the menu and then eating out 3 days in a row cause I missed my commissary day. I think it will be easier to get back to the plan when the boys go back to school. Honestly, my grocery bill is $50 more when I take them. UGH!

    Last but not least.......we live on the same street right?

    We are #1 - you?


    That's a good recipe for easy chicken and dumplings. I made it last night and my family went nuts over it.

    I'm proud of you for kicking meal time in the butt! You will be a regular KH before we know it! ;)

    Let me know any crockpot meals y'all love. I'm all about using it, because then I don't feel like I've done much by dinner time, so it tastes that much better.

  4. That's awesome that you planned so far ahead! I struggle with getting a week's worth written down. I like linking up though so I think I'll join in since I have nothing else to post about. =)

  5. Liger. Napoleon Dynamite. BOOM. :)