Sunday, August 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Another week? Really? Riddle me this.  My weeks are FLYING by.  Like, seriously, every time I wake up, it's Thursday again.  And yet...I'm not making ANY progress on my calendar.  I feel like I flipped over to August years and years ago, and we're barely a quarter of the way through.  Isn't this CA-RAZY? Is it just me? As usual?

Anyway.  Here's what we'll be eating this week.  And I'm happy to report that we did not have cereal for dinner even one time last week!!! HIP HIP HOORAY! That means if I get bogged down this week, I'll feel even LESS guilty than normal when I serve it up!

Monday: fish (for us, this means tilapia, either in the broiler or on the grill) and rice.

Tuesday: crockpot baby back ribs.  Assuming I can find baby backs at the store.  And I'm more of a country style ribs gal, so this will likely get changed last minute.

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: breakfast and fruit, assuming they've got good fruit at the store too.  And that's a risky assumption here on good ole Guam.

Friday: skillet lasagna.  Ava's favorite dish.

Saturday: HAHAHAHA! I'll get the kids a pizza or mac and cheese to eat while I go out to dinner and then to see The Help with some of the Houston Widows.  Do I sound excited? Because I am so excited I just might pee my pants.

Sunday: crockpot burritos, from a recipe I got on pinterest.  If it's good, I'll link up.  You know I'd never leave you hanging ya'll!

So, what's everyone else eating this week? I'd love for you to leave your link in the comments if you menu plan! If you need some ideas to get started, head over here for some inspiration.


  1. I can't wait to see The Help next weekend too! We are having a girls' night as well. Excited!

  2. i'm gonna go ahead and throw it out there that you're a rock star mom for cooking most nights when nick's away. when rob's gone, rowen is in 3 year old heaven because he eats a revolving menu of hot dogs, turkey sausage, and cereal. i usually throw something green on his plate to make myself feel better but gahhh! look at you! :)

  3. Please send the skillet lasagna and burrito recipes. They sound like something Nathan might eat. That boy is killing me lately with being a picky eater. I made this yummy salmon recipe off WW that included black beAns and corn (two of his Favs) and he wouldn't even try it. Then I served it up for lunch and he takes a bite, looks at me and saids...yum this is yummy! He even hogged all the salmon! Seriously. Great job with your meal planning!!!!

  4. French pastry cafe for breakfast (just hardboiled egg and coffee for me) , sandwiches for lunch, and Ramen (the restaurant) for dinner every night most likely. Since all are within short walking distance of our hotel and reasonably priced. Can't wait to have a house again and be able to meal plan! (we're looking at 30 days + in the hotel)

    Would love the skillet lasagna recipe, my family would go crazy for something like that!

    Enjoy your girls night!

  5. those sound yummy! And I agree with mjs, my kids eat cereal and some other random food a lot when Derrick deploys. :) Although, I know, that gets old.

    We're doing a baked pasta that's basically pasta/ meat sauce, provolone cheese, sour cream, and mozzarella on top. It's layered, kind of funky, super good.

    That's the only thing I'd bother to share.. the rest is cheap food because we're going out of town. Like ham steaks and some clearanced rice packets. lol