Friday, August 5, 2011

Picture Dump

Well it's seven thirty on a Saturday morning.  Daisy is asleep (she's pretty tired since she wakes up at four thirty every day.  Apparently, she got some sort of memo that zero four is the new Party Time) and the big kids (can you believe Warren is a Big Kid now?!?!) are playing in Ava's room.  Yes, they are not allowed in Ava's room.  In fact, they are not allowed to play in ANY room except the PLAY room.  But for some reason, they are ADDICTED to playing in Ava's room.  And they're being so quiet, I don't even care.

The kicker? I've got this great Alone Time, and my fricking ereader is dead.  So I can't read Game of Thrones!!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Dammit.  Do any of ya'll suffer from Phantom Baby Cry Syndrome? I've had it for five years and nine months.  It. Sucks.  For example, I just had an attack after I wrote about Game of Thrones.  So I jumped up, burst into my bedroom...and woke up the baby who was FAST ASLEEP and completely silent.  I HATE that!!!

Anyway.  I'm getting the hang of my new camera.

That's a lie.  I hate change, I hate new things, and I desperately miss my old camera.  A part of me wants to take both cameras apart and put the new guts into the old body.  Think that would work? Ugh.  The new viewfinder is weird, I can't figure out what I'm focusing on, the white balance and ISO are ALL jacked up and weird, and I can't figure out how to get it into burst mode.

When you have a five year old, a four year old, a two year old, and a six month NEED burst mode.  It's not a want.  It's not a desire.  It's not a 'gee, wouldn't it be great if we had burst mode?' It is a NECESSITY.

Hmm? Read the manual? What are you TALKING about?  Engelbrechts don't read manuals.  We just talk about what a pain in the ass something is for hours at a time.  Silly.

Anyway.  Here's the first pics I got off my new card.  Well, that's a lie too, it's the same old card.  But I had it in the New Camera, so that's what I meant.  Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Junebug is finally getting the hang of swallowing food instead of pushing it all back out.  She will NOT eat cereal though.  I hate baby food.  As soon as that chic (chick?) starts crawling for realsies, she's getting table scraps. I hate the little jars, I hate the plastic tubs, and most of all, I hate those tiny lids.  I have man hands.  I can't manipulate those tiny little lids.
The Awkward Phase Continues...

One night after baths.  Yes, I do OCCASIONALLY bathe my children.
Forgot to angle the flash off the Engelbrecht Foreheads.  Those things are like those giant signal mirrors they used in Lost.

I think Daisy June is afraid of Scott...

But sometimes she can't get enough!

She's been doing it for a while, but I sort of just now noticed.  I've been REALLY busy.  Reading Game of Thrones.  She can push up on her hands and knees and then rock back and forth.  All my kids mastered this at around six months, and then just sort of hung out there forever.  Crawling was a LONG way off.  And except for Scott, walking didn't happen until WELL after the first birthday.  I was pretty much in labor with Scott, BEGGING Ava to figure it out.
Those fat little arms are pretty strong!

And although never on the same day as the Bigs, I do occasionally bathe Daisy too.  I don't know why she still smells like a foot all the time.  She's too big for this tub, but she can't sit up at ALL, so I'm not ready to move her to the big tub.  And don't suggest one of those chairs, I hate those things.  Death traps.

 Man, I had something else I wanted to say, but now I can't remember.

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