Friday, August 5, 2011

Pool Fun

Yesterday Julie was gracious enough to invite us over to her pool, since we're not allowed in the ten million dollar base pool.  Okay, she was gracious enough to say yes when I invited myself over.  I used to consider myself a pretty dignified person.  No longer.  All dignity has gone out the window.  What can I say, I really wanted to work on my tan.  If you had told Past Jenn that one day I'd be inviting myself over to people's houses (LITERALLY) I wouldn't have been able to imagine it.
 But in my defense (as much as I can defend such an action) now that Warren is in preschool too, it's just me and Daisy.  I would NEVER have invited myself over with ALL my  kids.

Daisy June seemed to enjoy herself.  Have I mentioned lately that she is the PERFECT baby? She's the baby that you dream about when you first find out you're pregnant, she really truly is.  She's my reward for Present Scott and Past Warren.

One last complaint about my camera: see how it's all grainy? That's because I can't figure out the ISO.  You can either tell it to do auto, or pick.  But when I tell it auto, it's not auto, it's always like 2200.  Um, I was outside, in bright sunlight.  2200 is for like a piano concert when you're in the last row and the only light in the entire auditorium is a candle on the back of the piano.  What the heck?!?!

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  1. love that precious baby! she looks so sweet :)