Friday, August 12, 2011


-Wanna know a secret? The playroom used to be a HUGE stress for me.  We had a 'one toy at a time' rule, but you can imagine how that worked with three kids.  So eventually, every single toy we owned would be out (and we own a LOT of toys) and I'd finally say they had to clean it.  So then they would try, but the couldn't, and they'd be playing instead, or just ignoring me, and without fail, it would turn into a screaming match that ended with me whooping Scott, scaring Ava half to death, and cleaning the entire room by myself after they went to bed.

Enter the most genius suggestion in the history of ever, brought to you by my very own Mama.  Make 'one toy at a time' an ACTUAL rule.  So I did.  Duh! I put all their bins (we use separate bins for EVERYTHING- legos, trios, trains, train tracks, dolls, doll clothes, and on and on and on.  For a disgusting woman who never ever cleans, I'm actually VERY organized, believe it or not.  I just really  hate mopping.) Where was I? I put all their bins in the closet, and bought locks, and locked the doors.

Easy peasy! I left out about twenty books (I cannot, in good conscience, restrict reading in any way shape or form) a few color wonder books, and five color wonder markers.  Um, and the rocking horse because it won't fit in the closet.  And their table and chairs, because duh, it's a table and chairs.  And this wooden thing with beads all over it, that you run the beads up and down? But everything else is in that closet.  They want legos, I'll get that bin out.  They want trains, they pick up the legos and I'll trade.

No one (not even Scott!) has tried to open the closet.  No one (not even Warren) has complained that this sucks and that they want their toys back.
Closet's a little messy.  That's why they invented closet DOORS.

Methinks they were as overwhelmed (if not more so) than I was about the whole shebang.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do allow Ava to keep two babies, most of her doll clothes, her baby crib and swing, and her art desk and quite a few supplies in her bedroom.  She knows that if her room is messy, it's all getting locked back in the closet, and so far (it's been this way since mid June!!!) she's been perfect.

-I never really get into the whole 'artwork thing.' In fact, I throw most of their 'artwork' away.  Don't bother with any hate mail- with my kids, the psychological damage of me throwing out their 'artwork' is the LEAST of their worries, you know?

That being said, Warren made this at school this week.  Don't you just want to EAT IT UP?!?!?! I want to paper mache the balloon so that I can keep this FOREVER!!!

I can't get enough.  Every time I look at it I smile.  I do have a box with the artwork that doesn't require airquotes, the stuff even this cold hearted ice queen can't bear to part with.  But I can't put it in there yet, I have to have it on the counter until that balloon deflates.  Maybe I can buy a lifetime supply of black balloons and just keep making new ones....hmm...

-After buy approximately nine million bras over the last fifteen years (what can I say, I was a late bloomer.  In fact, it's going to take a board certified plastic surgeon to finish, ah, blooming me) I have FINALLY found THE ONE.  THE bra.  It. Is. Perfect.

This is the tag.  Not sure why it's blurry.  I chickened out and couldn't post a picture of the bra, even the website one with the model.  I guess I really am a prude at heart. 
For me, at least.  It's got a little padding, a lot of lift, AND it really and truly WILL NOT SLIP.  That's my biggest issue.  I don't know if I have weird shoulders, or maybe it's my bad posture or what, but my straps are CONSTANTLY slipping down over my upper arms.  And that ain't helping in the whole lift department, or the bloom department either.

The straps (and the BACK! Don't even get me started on bras that ride up when you raise your arms to get something out of the cabinets!) have a tiny bit of plastic or silicone or something magical that sticks to you.  It's that simple.  I thought it would be horribly uncomfortable, or hot, or irritating, but it is NOT.  You don't even notice it after a few minutes.  What you DO notice is the fact that your straps aren't on your biceps.  And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is AWESOME.

I've tried everything, I really have.  Victoria's Secret, every brand at Macy's, GapBody- you name it, as long as it was under a hundred bucks, I've tried it.  And for me, this is the best.  AND I found it right here in little ole Guam, at the nex.  Then, after I realized how much I loved it, I went back to get another one and they didn't have it anymore.  Naturally.  So I ordered a stockpile from Amazon.  I heart Amazon.

Here's the link to the website.

-I got my very first sunburn last week.  Yes, I'm twenty nine.  Yes, I've been living on the equator for the past eighteen months.  What can I say, I just don't burn.  Every now and then, I'll have red skin when I get home from the beach, but after I go to bed, I wake up with nice bronze skin instead.  Yes, I know I'm going to be wrinkly or get skin cancer.  I do put sunscreen on my face whenever I lay out, and my daily moisturizer has spf in it, as does my makeup.
But a sunburn? That is NO JOKE.  It was red, and stayed red for two days.  THEN, something worse happened.  It itched.  Not just a regular outside itch, it felt like the inside of my chest was crawling with some sort of prickly legged bug.  That doesn't even begin to describe the agony.  I thought I was going to die.  I was actually sobbing, the itch was just BRUTAL.  I can't think of any way to convey what I was feeling, so you'll have to use your imagination.

So I cried for about an hour.  It hurt to much to actually scratch, and aloe wasn't helping, so I tried google.  And as usual, google did not let me down.

Vinegar ya'll.  Google said to spray it on with a spray bottle, but I don't have any spray bottles laying around (what is up with people having something as odd as a SPRAY BOTTLE on hand?!?!) so I soaked some paper towels in every day white distilled vinegar, and man alive.  It was heaven.  Instant relief.  I left it on for about forty five minutes.  I went to church smelling AWFUL, but I didn't care.  By the end of the service, the itch was creeping back, so I raced home to put some more on, and again, it was heaven.  I did it three times on Sunday, and that was it, it was gone.

Not it's peeling.  And leaving big white splotches.  I look like a burn victim.  I will always be using sunscreen for the rest of my life.


  1. both of these tips just might save my life. I have the same strap problem and it drives me crazy. The problem for me, is, I am so stinkin' flat chested, that I can't find a bra that fits me. They are ALL too big. And the toy idea--genius. I am implementing it immediately.

  2. Artwork-I take photos of the best pieces, then make a small photo album of just their artwork. Yes, I'm dreadfully behind and haven't actually made an album yet. But I have the photos stored on the computer waiting to be put in the album. I even have photos of them showing off their artwork at the art show at school when their schools ahve done that. Toy control is awesome! I used to make them pick up or everything left our went in a trash bag and disappeared for months, the locked closet is better!

  3. crack me up!

    I agree with "Anonymous"

    I don't save artwork either, I take pictures of it.

    The boys don't really play with toys much anymore - but I rotated their toys. (my mom did this too)

    Take "half" the hot wheels / "half" the barbies etc.
    Put them away in a bin for 6 months...... it's like having new toys that you forgot about when you trade them out.

    I have no bra comments.....I mean, I do, but they probably shouldn't be on a public blog.

    See you at church! :)

  4. The playroom looks great! Love that you lock up the toys until they clean up the ones their playing with. Genius!