Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down one point five! Hooray for me.  Although I'm not sure how that happened.  I HAVE been working out, which is great, but I've been eating crap.  Not crapola crap, like my favorite diet of McDonalds (do ya'll say mIcdonalds, or mAcdonalds? I say mAcdonalds) and Taco Bell, but just no fruits and veggies, none of my strawberry and spinach shakes, and absolutely no water.  I can hear my mama across these six thousand miles of ocean and dirt, "Jennifer! You won't lose weight if you don't drink your water!" I know, Mom, I know.  I just HATE water!

Anyway, so the workouts are OBVIOUSLY helping my mood, which is a great accomplishment seeing as we're smack in the dredges of the rainy season and I hardly ever see the sun (more on that later) but I just know if I would eat better, I would be even MORE less crazy.  I don't dare say NOT crazy, but certainly less, you know?

About the sun.  I always thought I liked dreary weather, and I suppose I still do.  There's nothing like curling up with four thousand pages of Game of Thrones and reading away a rainy day, especially here in Guam where it rains AND it's still nice and warm.  Not a fan of cold.  HOWEVER, apparently once you have kids, they don't think it's super fun to lay on the couch and be quiet while you read four thousand pages of Game of Thrones.  Who knew, right?  Hmm.

So I know we are going to a boomer next (well, let me say this, if Nick does NOT go to a boomer next, he will not have a family to go with him.  I will stay married to him and love him forever, but I will do it from my mama's living room.  I'm done with fast attack life.  I don't even care if you send me hate mail, I've done two tours and had four kids on fast attacks- I AM DONE. I told him to tell the detailer that if he doesn't get a boomer, he's getting out.  And really, this is all a moot point <you know, like a cow's opinion> because he HAS to do a boomer next anyway, but you know how I like to have something to worry about) what was I saying?

Oh yeah, sun.  The boomers are in Washington State.  Actually, I don't think you're supposed to capitalize the State.  Washington state.  Is that better? And apparently, in Washington state, they NEVER have the sun.  I've wanted to move to Washington absolutely as long as I can remember, seriously.  It has HONESTLY been a lifelong dream.  So what if we FINALLY get there, and I go crazy? I never believed in all that seasonal affective disorder hoopla until LAST August, when I LITERALLY went eleven days without seeing a single ray of sunshine even once.  Now I believe it, whole heartedly.  Will exercise and a strict diet and occasional trips to a tanning bed be enough to keep it at bay? Will anti depressants help? I mean, obviously I understand that they can right the wrongs of the chemicals in my brain, but it's not like they can create a tiny little sun to follow me around...

What am I talking about? This is Weight Check Wednesday, I have this whole post planned!! So, back to that.  I did a new workout video today.  Not to get off on ANOTHER tangent, but have I mentioned that Netfilx finally streams to Guam?!?! AND it happened to coincide with Nick getting this newfangled AppleTV (I thought he'd be coming home with an ACTUAL television, but apparently it's just a tiny little black box.  Who knew?) and so Netflix just comes through that (magic) and I can watch anything! Well, anything from 1992 to 1999.  Nothing new, and nothing cool.  And if you rent something from iTunes, it takes three hours to download.  What the heck? But I'm not complaining, because they have a lot of tv shows, and ALL the kids' shows, so I hardly ever even have to turn the cable on.

ANYWAY, I did this new workout video today, a cheesey wanna be boot camp workout.  I just love cheesey workout videos!! And is this just me, but tell me- do you ever do a new workout and totally realize that what you've been doing for the past few months is NOT a workout? I was gasping for breath, my arms were BARELY moving at all, and I still had twenty minutes left.  Of a twenty eight minute video.  Does that happen to ya'll? Because it happens to me almost every time I start a new routine.

But it was a great mix of toning (which I LOVE to do, believe it or not) and cardio (which I have SERIOUSLY been slacking on, even with that elliptical right next to my bed.  I'm just so tired! I don't even watch tv that much anymore, I spend literally ALL day taking care of that blasted baby and driving the bigs around) so it was pretty perfect.  Hopefully doing that all week will kick me into the one sixties. I've lost eighteen pounds since I started in March, and I'm one measly little pound away from my ten percent.  ONE POUND!! Actually, not even an entire pound, POINT NINE!!! Ugh.  I just want to be able to wear my Fat Clothes, the ones I bought after I had Warren, when I thought I was as fat as I'd ever be.  Yes, ladies, I am still FATTER than I was when I was AS FAT AS I'D EVER BE.  I gotta say, I don't really understand why they can't take care of this while they do my tummy tuck boob job butt lipo. Doing all the work to lose the weight BEFORE I do it just seems a little silly.  Can't they suck out thirty pounds? I have a healthy heart, I'm sure I'd be fine...


  1. Way to go!!!! I have no idea how you fit working out into your schedule. I still haven't found the time. Now about the sun. You can always come visit me in CA to get some sun. I'm sure we'll still be there by the time you get to Washington. And speaking of Washington. I thought we were both going to go there after Norfolk. What the heck happened to that dream? You were going out there first then I was going to buy a house on the same block. Was that just a dream I never shared? Here's hoping we both end up there together one day.

  2. Keep it up! You are doing great !! Seriously!!

    Also how is the game of thrones? Is it a book turned into an HBO series? I need a good series to suck me in. I just added it to either my DVr or netflix. Can't remember. But at least u get a little netflix right? Seriously props to you while your husband is away! Your doing a great job!

  3. awesome job on losing this week! and maybe they can't make a little sun to follow you around in washington but your friendly neighborhood doctor can prescribe you a light box. seriously.

  4. Nice loss!!! And don't forget, there are boomers in GA too, we really enjoyed KB several years ago. We had about a week or so of the start of rainy season before the move. Lemme tell ya, I'd trade the rain on Guam for the crap on Japan any day right now!

    I completely know what you mean about workouts that smack you down lying in a pool of your own sweat. That's how I feel anytime I even attempt