Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down a pound.  Don't ask me how.  I have no idea what it is that I do all day, but I whatever it is, it's not 'work out' and I literally cannot find time to do it! The only time I could squeeze it in is after the kids go to bed at eight, and one night I did that and then I couldn't sleep until after one.  So that's not really a viable option.  And please don't you dare suggest I get up earlier and do it in the mornings.  I'm already getting up at five thirty!!  Maybe once Nick gets home and can take care of the Morning Nightmare, but until then, I need every second of sleep I can steal.

The awesome news is that, according to my progress reports, I haven't gained since June 29th.  I've stayed the same on three separate occasions (gag me) but I haven't actually gained in two months! So that's sort of cool. And, with this pound, I met my fifteen pound mini goal.  That I set for myself to meet by August 3rd when the boat was supposed to get back, but WHATEVER, right?

My new mini goal is ten more pounds before I get on that plane to Hawaii.  I was going to say another fifteen, but with yet ANOTHER underway in there, plus Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think ten is a little more manageable.  You know?  That will put me at thirty pounds.  Thirty one actually, with  thirteen left to goal.  Ugh.  BUT that will also put me closer to Daisy's birthday, and I don't know about ya'll, but there seems to be the tiniest bit of magic going on as they approach that twelve month mark, the weight seems to melt off a little easier for those few weeks.  So I think it's semi manageable.  Although I will say that since I delivered Scott, I've never lost those last five pounds, you know?

Anyway.  That's my update.  One down this week, twenty one down total, and I lost that fifteen I wanted to lose while they were gone.  Can I help it if they stayed gone too long? That's not the same as cheating!!

In other news, I don't really understand how I can be TWENTY ONE pounds lighter (bear in mind that my two year old weighs only twenty FOUR pounds!!!) and still be holding my breath to zip up my jeans.  Do my ears look skinnier? Is my head more slender? Where EXACTLY were those twenty one pounds hanging out? Ugh.

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