Friday, September 9, 2011

A Day in the Life

Since I love Blue Eyed Bride and want to be JUST LIKE HER (because she is FABULOUS, and I ditched that weirdo KH to spend all my time adoring her instead) I decided to do a Day in the Life post.

First, a few disclaimers.

Number one. I do not play with my kids. Believe it or not, Nick and I put a little thought into this decision. When I was still pregnant with Ava (six long years ago!!!) we thought about it, thought about it, thought about it, and not playing was what we came up with. We have LOTS of brains, Nick and I. Big ole warehouse, full of peas. We knew that we wanted four kids (even way back then) and we knew we wanted them RIGHT NOW. Nick, with his big old Man Brain, probably didn’t understand quite what that meant, but I did. I knew that I would spend the next six years either imprisoned in the recliner feeding an infant (I mean, they need bottles pretty much until they hit one, you know?) or imprisoned on the couch fighting the pregnancy induced exhaustion. So that wouldn’t leave much time to get down on the floor and play.

Plus, that crap is BORING. I knew a woman (who will remain nameless, even though she knows who she is) who CONSTANTLY provided her infant daughter with her undivided attention. And guess what? When that infant grew into a toddler, she wanted her mama’s undivided attention. Same with when she turned into a preschooler, then a grade schooler. NO THANKYOU.

And please, playing with a BABY? Gimme a break. “We worked on his developmental milestons.” Now, of course, if there’s sumpin wrong with your baby and she needs that extra PT/OT intervention, that’s TOTALLY different. But as for me and my house, I put those suckers on the floor, toss a block and a crinkly chewy toy at them, and go on about my day.

Number two. I am a nap Nazi. Do you capitalize Nazi? I think so. I would rather let my house get down to no toilet paper and we’re eating lint from the dryer before I ditch my beloved nap schedule to run to the store. Now, believe it or not, I’m a pretty good planner (thanks Dad!) despite how mess I am, so it never actually comes down to that. I have a pretty substantial stockpile. I’m confident we could hole up in this brick bunker and nap for three weeks straight before I had to leave for some provisions.

Third, I have two different Daily Routines. On Mon, Wed, and Fri, I leave the boys at preschool till two. They nap there (they PRETEND to nap there) then come home and stay up till bedtime. On Tue and Thur, I pick them up at twelve and bring them home to nap here. So this post is a Day in the Life on a Thursday, so it’s a little different than it would be on another day. And the weekends…suck. When Nick is gone, the weekends just SUCK, there’s no way around that.

All right, anyone still there? Here we go.

0530 I get up at the butt crack of dawn. I can’t believe it either. I have to be up before the kids, or else it just throws a wrench in my ENTIRE day. I have no idea why, it just does. It makes me FURIOUS if they’re up before me. Mainly because they break into the pantry and get out a bunch of junk food and stuff their faces. If Nick were here, I would NOT get up at five thirty, are you KIDDING me? Because he gets up at like four (because he’s a wacko) so he could beat their butts when they tried to sneak in there. Anyway, I usually unload the dishwasher, make bottles, finish lunchboxes, start a load of laundry, and then get on facebook if no one is still up.

0600-0730 Do NOT ask me how our morning routine could possibly take ninety minutes. It just does. I get every cereal or oatmeal or frozen waffles, cups of milk, all that crap, then I climb into my prison (I HATE that recliner!!!) and feed Daisy June a bottle. Please, do not remind me that one day soon I will have to feed her a bowl of oatmeal too. Please. I can’t even bear thinking about it. Then I have to get Warren dressed, yell at the bigs until they get dressed, brush their teeth (I have to admit, I do not ALWAYS make sure they brush their teeth. I know, I know…) and do Ava’s hair. I also try to make myself either a spinach smoothie or some microwave sausage, to tide me over until lunch. I’m not a breakfast eater, but I don’t like to be starving by lunch. I also get dressed (‘dressed’ meaning yoga pants and a tee shirt to cover my hiney) and put on some mascara and concealer. I’ve pretty much given up on ever being able to do my hair again. Sigh.

0730-0830 We all head down the street to walk Ava to the bus stop at seven thirty, then trudge back to the van to head to preschool. Takes twenty minutes to get there, then I usually spend at least ten minutes kissing and talking and letting Scott show me the same piece of paper or crayon that he showed me yesterday. Then twenty minutes to get back. Except for my cleaning lady comes on Thursdays and I basically have to stay away until twelve thirty or so, so I head over to Asan beach to walk for thirty minutes.

0900-1200 After I get all nasty walking, I pack up poor Daisy and head to the commissary. Now, on any day but Thursday, I would go straight from preschool to the house and have her in her crib for her first nap by nine at the LATEST, then work out at home, either on my elliptical, or with a strength-training video. Thursdays is the ONLY day I tame the Nap Nazi. It usually takes me an hour in the commissary (I’m a VERY slow shopper. I like to take my time. I have a lot of time, so who cares?) then I head over to the NEX. (Guam sucks. If I have to be out of the house all morning, I basically have two options, the commissary or the NEX. I hate it here. I want to go to Target!! I want to be able to run NORMAL errands!!!) I save ALL my gotta-gets for Thursdays, so if my list is long, I’ll transfer all my cold goods to my thirty one insulated bag thingie and pray that nothing spoils while I’m in there. If I have time, after the NEX I’ll run by the house and throw the bag in the garage fridge, but a lot of times I just go straight to the school and hope the AC helps out a little.

1230-1400 After we get home, I feed the boys (even though they JUST ate at school!) and then they can play until about one fifteen. THEY can play. I do NOT play with them. I will read to them, I will get crayons and papers down, I will HELP them with anything they need. But I do NOT play with them. I try to feed Daisy June a jar of baby food during this time, get her dressed if she’s still in her jammies (which she always is) and then let her play around on the floor.
 I only interact with her when she makes eye contact. Does that make me sound so terrible? I just need her to be able to entertain herself! If she looks for me, and makes it a point to look AT me, I coo and bable and do all that loving crapola. She is NOT being neglected!!! Then the boys get to watch a thirty minute show while I feed her a bottle and put her down, then I put them down too.

1400-1600 Nap time is catch up for me. I get a shower, start dinner, play on the computer, watch tv, pick up (some days) email Nick- anything I can squeeze in there. It’s a little different now because I get Ava off the bus at three, and I want to spend time with her since it’s rare to have just me and her time, but whatever. I do what I can, I guess. I used to scrapbook during naptime, but I haven't opened my scrapping supplies since long before Daisy June was born.

1630-1715 The boys get up slowly, we eat a little bit of the dinner, then get ready for soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They’re usually pretty cranky after naps, but perk up after they eat and start playing. Scott is DELIGHTED every day when he gets up and Ava is back, so they usually spend most of this time in Ava’s room playing with stickers. They think they’re doing it in secret, that I don’t know about it, but come on. I’m the mama, I know everything. Luckily for them, I don’t care, so they can play to their hearts’s content. I have to wake Daisy June up around five and get her loaded up, then we head to Big Navy for soccer practice. The bigs practice while Warren plays on the playground and I feed Daisy June and either read or chat with some of the other moms there.

1830-2000 After soccer, we race home, eat another dinner, then hurry up and shower off, get our jammies on, and read books. Again, not sure HOW this takes ninety minutes, but it definitely does. Every single time. Well, it takes fifteen minutes just to get home, so that’s part of it.

2000 I give Daisy June a bath, feed her her last bottle, and get her in bed. If everyone is not in bed between eight and eight thirty, I will cease to function. It’s a very strange, but very real, phenomenon. 

Then watch tv while I fold laundry and clean during commercials. I have ALWAYS done it this way, and it drives Nick CRAZY. He would rather just clean all at once, then sit down and watch tv and fast forward through the commercials. First of all, I can no longer sit still for an hour straight. I just can’t do it. Second of all, cleaning for fifteen minutes straight SUCKS, but cleaning for three minutes at a time, five times during a show, is NOT a big deal. I mean, in one commercial break, I can get the dishwasher loaded and started. In another one, I can pack lunches. In the next one, I can clear the island. (Side note, that island is the bane of my existence. It is ALWAYS full of crap. Always. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Sometimes, I’ll just push every single thing on it into a trash bag and throw it all out. Ugh.) Then I put away the kids’ laundry, stack mine in the glider in my room, and get tomorrow’s load ready.

If Nick is home, we’ll usually watch TV or a movie until around ten, but since he’s never here, I usually only watch until nine or so, then get in bed and read. I love love love to read in bed. Who knows. It’s just something I love to do. I usually try to stay up till eleven, unless I’m just exhausted. For some reason, when I go to sleep at ten, I’m usually dragging the next day. It’s weird.

Then I get up and start all over. It’s like Groundhog Day!!!

So, now it’s your turn! Do a Day in YOUR Life post, then leave the link it a comment so I can see what you’re up to. I don’t know why I find all these posts so fascinating. I guess there’s an inner voyer in me (but not a gross one!!!) and I just LOVE to get a little glimpse into my favorite bloggers’ lives. Seriously, every time I come across one, I just eat it up. So get going!!!


  1. i love love love you! i wish you still lived next door so we could hang. man, shoulda gotten to know this hilarious gal better before you moved away. i will try to post a day soon. i really enjoyed yours!

  2. I'm like you, I think the day in the life posts are great! Sometimes its strangely gratifying that the people I think have it ALL together really don't all the time, and sometimes I get really good tips...or just a laugh!