Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!!! (and Weight Check Wednesday)

Stayed the same.  Ugh.  On to the good stuff!!

I barely slept at all, and I got up at five.  FIVE.  Even though I'd already packed everyone's lunch, the house was as picked up as it ever gets, and I certainly wasn't planning a workout.  Five o'clock.  In the morning.  Leaving me two hours and forty one minutes to fill.

So naturally, by the time we finally got out the door, we were running late.  Of COURSE we were.  I knew it was humid (it's Guam) so I stuck my camera in the garage to try and let the lens fog up and then clear.  WEEEELLLL, apparently the garage is not as humid as the actual outside, because even twenty minutes later, my lens was still foggy!!! And, I might add, I am still waiting for my 50mm lens I ordered FIVE WEEKS ago from Ritz camera and paid forty dollars for express shipment.  There was no other option.  So, do me a favor and boycott Ritz with me ladies!!!

But there she is, getting ready for kindergarten.  So so so so so sweet.  The uniform at McCool is khaki shorts, pants, or skirts, and either a navy blue or white polo shirt.  Well, Engelbrechts don't wear white, so this is what Ava will be wearing for the next four months.  I wished with all my heart that my school had used uniforms when I was in it, and I still to this day think it's absurd that ALL public schools don't enforce a uniform policy.  Does that make me sound like a communist? I don't care.  I think it just makes good sense.  It's also a moot point (you know, like a cow's opinion) because we do plan on using private schools whenever we can, and I certainly will not PAY for my kids to go to a school without a strict uniform policy, so I guess I don't care what public schools do.  So there.

You never saw a boy want to go to school so bad in your entire life, I guarantee it.  I cannot think of a time in the last four and a half years (Scott's entire life for those of you with my sort of math skillz) that Ava and Scott have NOT been together.  They went to the same babysitter when I was active duty, they went to the same preschools in VA and CT, and they went together to Tender Shepherd.  They take their swim classes together, they're in the same Sunday school class, and they're on the same soccer team.  I think they think they're twins.  They practically ARE, but I think this will be good for Ava.

Scott? Not so much.

She finally got sick of me taking pictures.  At this time, I had only taken seventy four.  That's NOT that many!!

The bus stop is two doors down.  In the direct sunlight (or rain) with narry a palm tree in sight for shade. There are about five little sheltered bus stops in the neighborhood, but as far as I know, the bus doesn't stop at any of them.  Yet another reason to admire Guam's stellar way of doing business.  "Sure, we're the Navy! We LOVE to spend money, put it on my tab!!! Don't bother covering that playground, just build a new one RIGHT NEXT to it, and cover that one instead!!! HAHAHAHA!!!" Your tax dollars ladies and gentlemen.  Get those letters going to your congressmen!!!

But first look at all these big kids.  Right on my street! I have NEVER seen a single child playing outside up on my part of the neighborhood.  Does every single one of these kids pictured here spend all his or her time inside playing video games? Is that what it's really like nowadays? That's horrifying.

And then the bus showed up.

And THEN it drove away, with my baby inside of it!!! I felt like a giant monster had come over and eaten my baby and then ran away.  It made me literally sick to my stomach!!!

So I ran to the van, raced to the base, kidnapped my friend Libby (thanks Libby!!!) to sit in the car with the rest of the kids, and hauled ass into Ava's classroom.

By the way, this is the hall leading to her room.  See all these big kids walking around?!?!? What the hell?!?!?! Get those kids away from my baby!!!

So I burst into her class, with all the other moms.  At first she didn't see me.  Then, when she did see me, she was all 'Oh, hey Ma, wassup?' Like it was NO BIG DEAL.  That was the worst part, I felt like I'd been punched right in the nuts.  You know, if I had them.
She let me snap a few more pictures, then didn't notice when I said goodbye and left.  See how her frog on her cubby just says Ava? That's because she's the only Ava in her class!!! I guess Ava didn't get super duper popular until she was about two, so we might be safe.  After spending my entire life as Jennifer Z, to set me apart from the five other Jennifers in every single classroom, I put a LOT of consideration into naming her.  Ava was number 54 on the social security's popularity list for 2004, when I was looking for her name in mid 2005.  By 2010, I think it was either three or four.  Makes me want to BARF!!!

On a different tangent, see how she's sitting across from someone named Evan? (I feel like I should block his last name, but I don't want to, so just don't look at it.) Well, back before I had kids, when I was stupid, I thought it would be fun to have boy-girl twins, and I wanted to name them Ava and Evan.  Wouldn't that have been cute?!?!

What? So cute it makes you want to barf? Well who asked you?

Anyway.  That's our story.  Our first day of kindergarten.  Now I need to work on getting her into a school in Hawaii, apparently it's a little bit of a struggle.  And then we can take more picture in January and pretend we're doing the whole thing over again!!!


  1. Great photos!

    Glad it all went well, (for her)
    I know how you feel - my kids asked me not to take my camera to school. PAINFUL!

    Yes, those big kids sit inside and play video games all day......well, that's what mine want to do, except I make them get exercise by putting them on sports teams - it's insane that I have to pay someone else to make my kids PLAY - OUTSIDE - but that's the honest truth.

    Good to see you today.... :)

  2. Ava looks beautiful as always! I've had the same thoughts about the kids in this neighborhood. Yea, it's hot, but it's never winter! They can play outside year round (when it's not raining) and they DON'T!

  3. Ava is gorgeous. I just cried over her first day of school. And I cried for Scott--precious boy. Rowen starts preschool Monday, 3 1/2 days but I'm so sad. I mean, this changes everything :(

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  5. Ava is so beautiful!!! Apparently Zoe and I thought we were twins and was confused when I left for Kindergarten and she didn't get to leave. So sad! I seriously hope if I ever have a girl, she's as beautiful as Ava! I just LOVE her!

  6. Hi! I linked to you from Pam's blog...noticed you were a fellow Guammy from one of your comments. Just wanted to say hello and that you make me laugh! We are new here and live in your hood. Your children are beautiful...I actually think I saw you guys in the hospital one day. Anyhow, good luck with the kids and school. Sending them off on a bus is a very hard thing to do. And, BTW, my kids (8 & 10) do play outside....when it's not raining. I noticed that not many do. My 10 year old thought she might meet other girls her age at the playground this summer...uh, no, that didn't happen. Also, if you ever need any help with the yard or house stuff, please shoot me a message. My husband would be glad to help. I know how it is when your hubs is gone. Seriously, I know you don't know me from Adam, but that's what we do in the military. :)

  7. I am suppose to be working but I got side tracked. Happens a lot when the only real quiet time I get is at work. Anyway first day of Kindergarten! You did better than me. There was no way I was letting Caden get on that bus with all those big kids. He is in 2nd grade now and I still cant bring myself to let him get on the bus the first day of school.-Natoya