Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Updates

I guess I knew that having a ton of kids would mean that I had a big family, but I don’t think I really understood what that would entail.  And, since they’re all still five and under, I’m sure I still don’t fully grasp it.  But today, it sort of hit me.  When I made sandwiches for lunches (just three, not even four, since <obviously> Daisy June doesn’t need a sandwich) and it took half the loaf…when I went to wash towels (I wash all the towels, burp cloths, and dishrags on Tuesdays, I’m such a nerd) and I could just BARELY fit everything into two load in our GIANT commercial sized machines…when I opened a new gallon of milk yesterday at breakfast, and threw away the same gallon today after breakfast…it’s just weird.  I’m probably going to have to go back to work just so we can buy food.

In other news, I finally got my Warren and Daisy June tattoos.  I did my Ava and Scott (on my foot, I'm sure you've seen more than enough of those two) a few weeks after Scott was born, but after I had Warren, I figured why bother, until I was done.  I'm not one of those high-on-the-pain-from-a-tattoo loony tunes.  They hurt.  And the ones on my foot REALLY really hurt, so I was in no hurry to do that again.  But, since she's eight months old and there is no physical way for me to have another baby, I decided to just bite the bullet and get it over with.

We found a really nice shop, if anyone out here is looking for a tattoo place.  Well, nice in that they were nice to me, not nice as in a NICE place.  It was next door to an adult video store, I'm pretty sure there were human trafficking slaves on the porch, and I think I got hepatitis from sitting on the couch in the waiting area.  But like I said, they were all super nice.  I'm not sure if any of you have been in a lot of tattoo shops (I refuse to use the word parlor in ANY situations, let alone in a tattoo situation) but they are usually not anxious to cater to the needs of the average soccer mom.  And I know I tend to look a little more...uptight...than even most soccer moms.  I'm sure when I walked in, they were like, crap, is this lady going to try and get us to buy Girl Scout cookies or something? But once Nick told them I wanted another tattoo too, they were super friendly and helpful and just NICE.  You know how I'm a sucker for people who are nice.

Anyway.  This is what I went with.  It's Hebrew, and it says (fingers crossed) 'my son' up close to my wrist, looking at it from my point of view, and 'my daughter' underneath it.  Which is exactly what I have in kanji on my foot for Ava and Scott.  AND I've had that one verified, so nanny nanny boo boo.

And Nick added the final footprint to his calf.  Maybe I'll snap a pic of it tomorrow.  He's back at work today.  I had to get up before nine thirty, it was really weird.

Speaking of Nick, he finally agreed to do Weight Watchers with me.  It's nice, because it's always easier to eat a banana when your husband isn't sitting next to you on the couch eating an entire box of Whoppers, but it sucks because he gets ninety four thousand points, and he'll still lose four and five pounds a week.  I'm assuming that I'll be gaining this week (since I still haven't stopped eating since Nick got home TWO WEEKS AGO) but hopefully I'll get back into some sort of normalcy this week.  I'm hoping to gain tomorrow, stay the same for next week, then get back into losing at least a pound a week.  My ten-pounds-before-Hawaii is now eleven pounds (suck) and I've got thirteen weeks, so I pretty much have absolutely no wiggle room for gaining. Suck suck suck.

I have decided that soccer was a huge mistake.  HUGE.  The Tuesday and Thursday practices aren't THAT inconvenient, but these Saturday games are BRUTAL.  All caps.  They're only thirty minutes, but it seems like they always start late (and of course, we get there on time) and it's so far away ('so far away' on Guam means twenty five minutes) and it just sucks the ENTIRE Saturday dry.  Last week the game was at two (TWO!!! HELLO NAP TIME!!) and this weeks it's going to be at two forty five!!! That's even worse! AND, when all is said and done, the season will have lasted THREE MONTHS.  That's a long time to go with no Saturdays.

It doesn't help that this is basically all Scott does at the games.  Either this, or sits with me in the sun.

Even when the rest of the team is chasing the ball.
Hey, whatcha'll doing?

Then again, look at this smile!

And the coach felt sorry for me, and let him throw the ball in or whatever.
I am having a TERRIBLE time figuring out how to use my new lens.  I think google may have mislead me when telling me that it was the BEST LENS AVAILABLE.

Ava is a LOT more interested.  It's always hard for me to remember that she's an entire YEAR older than him, so of course, things are different.

But she gets distracted a lot too.  Oy.

Last update: Nick jacked up the computer and all my actions are gone from pse.  AND I can't get a handle on using my new lens, so I'm sorry the pictures suck.  Good thing no one pays me to take pictures.

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