Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Stayed the same.  That's three weeks in a row! It sucks, but it's not like I'm all 'oh, I'm hitting a plateau, what should I do, wahh wahh wahh!' because I KNOW what the problem is.  I work out zero days a week and I eat like a fifteen year old boy.  Minus the milk.  So duh, of course I'm not losing.  In fact, I have no idea why I'm not gaining two and three pounds a week.  I'm not being at all sarcastic when I say my eating habits are awful.  I haven't tracked a single bite in the three weeks (makes that twenty bucks a month SUPER worth it!) and if I see something I want, I eat it.  Cookies, chips, fast food, down the hatch.  Rice, bread, peanut butter, bakers chocolate, bring it on.

The worst thing I did this week?  It's disgusting to even remember.  The kids got me all worked up (shocking) so I was crying and missing Nick and hating Guam.  Nothing new there.  So I went in the pantry to eat a bunch of cookies.  Nothing new there either.  BUT...I closed the door.  Not because I was ashamed (kids are dumb, they don't know this is a shameful thing I'm doing) but because I don't want the kids to see that we have cookies and take them.


I think it's pretty obvious that I've gone from having a weight problem to having an emotional issue.

PS This weather isn't helping.  Neither is the fact that I've given up all hope of the next (useless, unnecessary, pointless) underway being cancelled.  So basically, Nick was gone for five months, will be home for two weeks (or less) and will then be leaving again for another month (to do absolutely nothing.) So, in addition to missing the last five months (when they were actually doing a JOB, so even though it was HARD, it was what I signed up for and I'm proud of the work he's doing) he's also going to miss all the soccer games (with is a whole nother post) all this school business with Ava, my pack out, shipping the van, everything.  So yeah, I ate a box of cookies with the door closed.  You're lucky I didn't eat you.


  1. I feel like the right thing to say would be "You can do this! It's no big deal!" but then you'd also probably hit me and I'd be a hypocrite since I hide food from my husband. So I'll just say enjoy your cookies and I really hope the boat doesn't go back out.

  2. gosh, jen, i really cannot believe he's going to be gone again. for nothing. ugh. i'm sorry. praying for you.