Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Up one pound.  That silence you hear is the blogworld not being even a tiny bit surprised.  Since Nick has come home (!!!!! I still can't believe he's really here!!!!!) I have eaten everything in sight and the only exercise I've gotten has been...mmm hmm. So. Up a pound.  It's not the end of the world, but it still sucks.  Not getting me any closer to ten pounds by the time we get to Hawaii.  In one hundred and three days.  My clock is off because it's looking like we can't reasonably fly out until the 30th now, instead of the 28th.  Apparently the world isn't interested in calling off Christmas while I get out of this hell hole.

"And call off Christmas!"

Twenty points if you can name that movie :)

I think a few of my friends out here are a little surprised at how LITTLE I have done this last week.  I've been saying for the entire five months that as soon as Nick gets home, I'm done.  I am off the clock.  I told them I wouldn't be lifting a single finger, except for the slim chance that the baby needed ME.  Not needed something, but needed ME specifically.  You know how the littles can be sometimes, where just their mama will do.  But I guess people just thought I was being funny or exaggerating or joking or something.

Idiots.  I LITERALLY have not done a single thing since Thursday afternoon.  Not a one.  I do a little housework, because honestly, without kids hanging on me, I don't mind rinsing up some dishes or picking up some clutter.  And I'm still doing laundry because that's the ONE thing that Nick truly does not want to do.  But other than that? I haven't been out of bed before nine, or given a bath (except for Daisy June) or wiped a butt.  I haven't changed a diaper, grabbed a spanking spoon, brushed a tooth, or put in a pony tail.  I haven't dropped off or picked up from the bus or daycare.

So what have I been doing? Going to the movies and reading Game of Thrones.  That's it.  I saw Contagion (AWESOME) and Warrior (honestly, if you can believe it <you won't> it was one of the top ten movies of all time.  Maybe even top five, but def top seven) and I still want to squeeze in Drive and The Debt.  And that Taylor Lautner movie (don't tell anyone) and the Lion King in 3D.  I'm on book four, A Feast for Crows, but I'm losing some serious steam.  It's getting me down that I can't flip ahead and see if Arya and Jon are alive.  I know it shouldn't matter, but after three thousand pages (and nearly everyone dying) I'm just a little wary. I don't mind if they die (yes I do) but I just want to be prepared, if they do.  I can handle everyone else getting his head lopped off, but not Arya.  And not Jon.  And maybe not Bran, but that wouldn't rock my world like Arya.

So that's basically it.  No pictures, because I haven't taken any.  No updates on the kids because I don't know what they're doing.  I totally was NOT kidding when I said I was off the clock while he's on leave.  Idiots.

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  1. AHAHAHAHA!! I love it!! I clock out about 7 every night that Zeb is home. I'm sorry but I WORK and do this chit ALL. DAY. LONG.