Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Up another half pound.  I woke up early this morning, worked out, and had all these intentions of finally getting back on track.  Then I went out to eat with Nick, California Pizza Kitchen.  My second favorite restaurant ever, next to Chili's :) I had- hey, I was writing out that I ate thirty nine points and I just realized it was only TWENTY nine! Which, yeah, sure, is my entire daily allotment, but it's WAY better than THIRTY nine for ONE MEAL!!! Man, I'm so happy.  Anyway.  Then after that lunch, since I blew it anyway, I grabbed a jumbo bag of cheetos (eleven points) and went to the movies. My last movie for stand down :( But seriously, five movies in less than two weeks, for a woman with four kids under the age of six? Top that suckers.  Suckas.

Anyway.  That brought my grand total to fifty three points today.  That's a LOT.  And my workout? I get two for that.  Two?!?! Why even bother.

Crap.  I had a piece of cake at Bible study.  Now I have to add that ten points back in.  Thanks a lot Melda!!

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  1. It had butternut squash puree in it....does that help in any way?? :)