Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flashback Friday

On a Tuesday afternoon no less.

So, here's ONE of my daughters....

And here is the other. Can you guess which is which?

I have spent the last eight months saying that Daisy June looks JUST LIKE Scott. I am a moron.  Most of you already knew this though.

And this? This tongue out thing that she does that drives me BONKERS?

Apparently this one did it too.  (Sorry it's grainy. 2006 was a LONG time ago as far as Engelbrecht computers and scanners and knowledge goes.)
For those of you as unsure as the woman who BIRTHED these girls, this is Ava. The first baby.

It would appear that over the last six years, I have retained absolutely no memories whatsoever.  None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.  For years, we (my family) have spent many fun hours teasing my mother, who remembers absolutely NOTHING about her past.

It's obviously genetic.

In related news, I just spent about twenty minutes using the bandaid tool on PSE to try and edit off a smudge of dirty on Daisy June's cheek.  I had to stamp out the carrots up her nose from dinner for the above shots, so I figured I'd get the dirt too.  But it wasn't dirt.  Well, it was dirt, but it was on the SCREEN, not on the baby.  How's that for my sixty thousand dollar college education? Man the Navy got their money's worth with this one.

In unrelated news, do ya'll know who the Novogratz are?

 I first discovered them on Bravo (my favorite channel) when they were on Nine By Design and now they've got a new (new to me) show on HGTV (yet more proof that I am, in fact, turning into my mother) called something or another. They've got seven kids.  IF I end up pregnant again (I won't, but if by some curse/miracle a superbaby makes it thru the knots they tied my tubes in) I WILL be naming my next child Five.  Boy or girl, I don't care. I'm not normally one for trendy-because-they're-so-stupid names, but Five? That is just a GREAT name.  I'm still pissed that Nick didn't let me name Ava Apple (don't you think she'd be the PERFECT Apple?!?!) so I WILL put my foot down this time.

Anyway, the Novogratz.  Novogratzes? Good luck figuring that one out. The Novogratz family, there. The husband and wife are designers, and while their taste is not really my style, I just can NOT get enough of them!!! They're quirky without being annoying (come on, you KNOW you get annoyed by those people who go out of their way to be 'quirky' and 'cool' and 'eclectic' and 'unique' and 'contemporary' and I could seriously go on all afternoon about this...) they seem genuinely happy (in this 'quirky' and 'unique' modern world, how often are you presented with a traditional family who seem to love each other?) and I just LOVE (okay, am OBSESSED with) the way the redesign spaces.  I have decided that I NEVER want to live in a big city (I can't even breathe thinking about being that close to so many people- I can feel people bumping my arms as I'm typing this, jostling me out of the way, breathing on the back of my neck, taking up all the air in the room!!!), I wish I could get one of those city apartments with those city views and have them come decorate it for me.  Surely, if I paid them, they would do it to my tastes? That's another thing I like about them, they don't seem to want to force their style on people. Granted, most of the show, they're designing for people who have their same tastes...but I get the impression (after two years of stalking them online) that they wouldn't laugh at me if I told them I wanted a farmhouse style.  Know what I mean? Like, they would be fine with that.


In preparation for the move, I have been purging like a madwoman.  And by that, I mean I filled up a trashbag with clothes that don't fit me and took it to the Goodwill.  But then today, I went to Gap (online, don't get all excited) and bought more stuff that I threw out.  How is that helpful? Yes, all the new clothes will fit (hopefully) but still, that's not the point!!! The point is to get rid of stuff!!! They say you're supposed to get rid of ten percent of your sh*t before you move, right? I don't see that happening.  I did get rid of some curtains that I had in college.  Lord help me if there's an online sale on curtains somewhere this week...

Ahh, the move.  Can you believe I am finally getting off this rock? I bought a new bottle of vitamins yesterday and guess what? I will be OFF this island BEFORE the bottle is empty!!!! Isn't that incredible? Yes, I will be going to yet another island where they have to ship everything in, but still! It's only an eight hour flight to the REAL mainland!!! Instead of twenty!!! So don't kill my buzz.  I know it won't be the same as home, but c'mon, it's GOT to be better than Guam.  It's just gotta be.

It looks like the command is going to be helpful and we might get to leave on December 22!!! I am BEYOND excited about this prospect.  This means, instead of leaving on the 26th (and getting to Hawaii on the 25th, don't get me started on how weird that is) and having to deal with housing, find a place out in town, find a long term hotel, buy a new car, and remember how to drive above forty five mph in seven days, we'll (hopefully) have eleven or twelve.  I know we're supposed to be modern women who can do it all without our Navy husbands, and I could, if I had to (I did it here, for the most part) but it'll just be so much easier to sit silently and let Nick do it.  People just like him so much better.

Speaking of housing, I have decided to STOP with the panic attacks.  They're either going to give us a house, or they're not.  I'm willing to wait one month.  ONE.  Four weeks.  If they can't get me in in four weeks, I'll find something out in town.  I will NOT spend the next ninety days pouring over online ads for nine million rentals.  Because they're gone within a week, so it's not going to do me any good.  Deep breaths.  Although I WILL probably get back online and look at a few at the beginning of December.  Just in case.

And Nick is going to be taking over finding a school for Ava.  Because THAT is an even bigger panic attack.

And in the final bullet of news for the day, I started watching Raising Hope on Fox this season.  I LOVE IT.  So I went to Netflix yesterday to get season one sent out here so I can catch up and guess what?!?! They have it online!!! Now, I was SO excited when Netflix started streaming here. SO EXCITED. For three days.  Then I realized that the only stuff they stream is sucky stuff.  No new movies, no new shows, just crap.  And Dora and Gabba Gabba, which is sort of awesome, but still.  So cue the tentative re-excitement, because I'm so stoked!! Now, tomorrow, instead of shopping for three hours, I can watch all twenty two ish episodes of Raising Hope on netflix!!! HOORAY for ways to avoid housework and child rearing!!!

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  1. my best friend moved to kauai, hawaii last year. it's beautiful, and she absolutely loves it! i'm kinda jealous of you! :-)
    i read your blog all the time but don't comment often. just wanted to say you make me laugh and i love your bluntness (is that a word?) and your honesty.

    love from alabama!