Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down another half pound.  Whoopadeedo.

I'm also in a crappy mood.  The power was off when I got up, and it just threw a wrench in my whole day. I HATE that something as stupid as a power outage can ruin my day, but it is what it is.  I also hate that I live in a place that loses power so often.  I know every single person on the planet thinks I'm loony tunes, but I just HATE living in this base housing!!! I HATE IT!!! If I hear one more person say "But that house is so BIG!" while giving me a dirty look, I'm going to punch her in her face.  YES, IT'S BIG. AND BIGGER IS BETTER, I GET IT. But for me, and it's obviously JUST ME, size doesn't matter.  A normal layout, designed by someone with half a brain (perhaps someone who's used a dishwasher before? Is that too much to ask? Someone who's tried to store things in a twenty nine foot long, nineteen foot deep closet? Someone who owns a vacuum cleaner, perhaps?) is WAY more important than empty square footage.

Wanna know why ELSE I'm in a crappy mood? Because I'm HUNGRY.  Nick lost three pounds (just like I knew he would) and he usually had about ten points left over.  Every. Single. Day.  IT'S NOT FAIR!!! Twenty nine points is just not enough!!! This is why I should stop getting off track, because getting back on SUCKS ASS.  This whole week will suck, if I do it right, but if I DON'T do it right, I'm just prolonging the suckfest.  Eventually, I have to give up crapfood.  And when I do, I will be grumpy.  For days and days, until it's out of my system.  Then I will feel amazing, for weeks.  Until I hit the drive thru and go on a binge and have to start all over.

I hate it.  I HATE IT.

Also, just to keep up the bitch fest, I can't find my box of baby baby toys.  I packed away all the really little baby baby ones, and now I can't remember where they are.  At Bible study, she had this vtech ball, the one that rolls itself all over and makes obnoxious noises? I have the same one, and I want it, and I can't find it.  Also, I can't find the laptop mouse, so I used the one from the mac mac (yes, I like to use double words to stress my points.  The mac mac is the big computer, the desktop.  A baby baby toy is obviously one that's REALLY for babies. Duh.) and now I can't get it to pair back with the mac mac.  And I can't like go into the folder to tell it to search for a mouse, because...I don't have a mouse.  Ugh.

So. If you're still reading...let me think...I'm sure I can come up with something not-bitchfesty.  Oh! Warren is potty trained!!!  Ya'll know how I feel about potty training, I'm sure.  If you don't, I'll sum it up for you.  Potty training is a waste of time.  YOU cannot train your kid.  Only your kid can do that.  Same with eating.  But don't get me started, I'm not in the mood for hate mail.  ANYWAY, I don't potty train.  Nick encourages them to use the toilet, I reward them if they do, and when they stop having accidents, I let them stop wearing diapers.  I am NOT cleaning pee off the floor.  I am NOT picking turds up off the floor.  That is just NOT something I am willing to do.

Long story short, Warren finally figured it out, and now I officially only have ONE child in diapers!!! This is going to save me so much money, I better get online and buy some new clothes to celebrate.

PS Someone made fun of me for loving the gap.  WHATEVER. If it were up to me, and I could afford it, I would wear khaki capris and either a white button down or a black v neck teeshirt EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Well, I suppose I could, now that I think about it.  It can't cost much more to buy all khaki capris instead of throwing some denim into the mix...and shirts pretty much all cost the could be like my uniform.  My thing.  I could be The Girl in the Khaki Capris and Black V Neck Teeshirt.

I think I might be onto something here...

There.  Guess it ain't all bad, huh?


  1. I like that the housing is new and not full of bugs, but I hate the high ceilings and the one big open room. The echo is awful, which made me go even more crazy when I had a screaming newborn. And you're right, we talk often about how poorly thought out the design is!

    I'm with you on the potty training thing, too. I decided I'd be that way when I tried to help potty train my 18 month old charge and she pooped on my floor. Never. Again.

  2. I have the VTech ball! And it's sitting in a closet because noisy toys grate my nerves something awful, so if you want to borrow it let me know! (And I wouldn't be at all sad if it never came back.)

    (I'm the one with the baby Daisy's age who has the awful skin-we've met at the park a few times. I'm Pam's neighbor.)