Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Up a pound.  I'm going to just pretend it's some sort of fluke.  Maybe the scale needs to be balanced? Sure, it's digital, but you never know, right? Because I feel good.  Like, GOOD.  I mean, yes, I overate a little this week.  By which I mean, we keep a dish of M&Ms for when Warren uses the potty and I ate all of them, repeatedly.  And I didn't track more than two or three bites.  BUT I drank a TON of water and I worked out every other day.  So, seriously, I feel pretty good.

Now I'm torn.  I feel good, but I didn't stick to the plan.  I feel good, but I didn't lose, and my pants are getting tighter.  Guess I can't go by feeling alone? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great to feel good.  In WW, they call that a Non Scale Victory.  BUT, I don't think you can claim a Non Scale Victory if you ate four bags of M&Ms, two bags of chips, and countless peanut butter balls.  Sigh.  Who knows.

Anyway, this makes my Ten Pounds Before I Leave This Godforsaken Island Forever On December Twenty Second goal twelve pounds now.  Ugh.

In other news, I'm still going with the 30 Day Shred.  I think (KNOW) that you're supposed to do it ever day for 30 days straight (duh) but that just ain't happening.  At all.  But I've been doing it every other, and I did day seven yesterday.  Now, Jillian is sort of a bully, and the workout is (for me) VERY VERY HARD.  Like, about to have a heart attack hard.  BUT, at one point, she sort of laughs and says 'Now, those of you on day five or six or seven, you're noticing a change in your endurance, right?' And normally, I start crying and gasping for breath, but yesterday, it was actually a little easier!!! No joke.  Maybe one day I can try to get up to level two? Not holding my breath for that one.

Anyway.  Up a pound.  I considered not checking in with ya'll, but since I don't go to meetings, this is basically the only way I can get any accountability.  So there you have it.

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