Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down one point five.  That puts me at exactly one half pound fatter than I was when Nick got home.  Five weeks ago.  Ugh.  But he's gone again, so maybe I can get back on track.  Don't get me wrong, I love that dude, but it's just so easy to be driving around in the minivan, pimping it out, holding hands and being all in love, and say "Ooooh, let's run through Wendy's and get a large frosty, and then let's go across the street to the McDonalds for fries to dip in it." Twice a day.

So yeah.  Back on track.  Ya'll know how much I love my strawberry slash spinach slash protein drink smoothie? Well, we got a vitamix, and now I can add even more veggies! For instance, in the mornings, in my quest to become a coffee drinker, I have two cups of coffee, a chocolate protein shake, and, wait for it, a cup of green cabbage.  Wanna barf yet? I'm telling you, that vitamix all but liquifies the cabbage, and I think cabbage is tasteless, so alls adding a cup does is make the drink a little thicker.  It's a little weird, I know, but it's a three point breakfast, that takes ALL morning to drink, and keeps me full.  Seriously.

And I've also FINALLY got back into that place where I get high from working out, and I feel like crap when I don't, so that's an added bonus.

In other news, I'm finally watching season two of Glee, and while I think it sort of sucks, I really like Blain.  Remember Blain from Pretty in Pink? And Ducky says "That's not a name, that's an appliance." What appliance is a Blain? Got me.  Anyway. Watching Glee has given me this uncontrollable urge (nervous tick) to end all my ranting montages with "And that's how Sue...sees it."  It's quite obnoxious actually.

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