Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bright Copper Kettles

Because Blue Eyed Bride once posted about her favorite things (I recently read her blog.  The entire blog.  Start to finish.  I was pretty bored.  And the iPad makes things like that REALLY easy) and I want to be JUST like her, I decided I'd do it to.  Prepare to be blown away.

-Up until about four months ago, I would have spent PAGES raving about proactive.  I've been using it since my senior year in high school, and it kept me CRYSTAL clear.  I LOVE(D) IT!!! It was just perfect. Absolute perfection.  For years, I would use it and use it and use it, then try to wean myself off of it, only to be sucked back in a few weeks later, after I got some new breakouts.

But alas.  All of a sudden, out of the middle of nowhere, it just stopped working.  I've been getting TONS of the big ones, the big guns, those huge, under the skin, cystic type zits.  The worst.  The WORST.  So even though I hated to do it, I recently started trying some different systems on the market.  So far, nothing to write home about.

But I still believe in proactive.  And if I wasn't covered in acne, I would recommend it to everyone  I met.  Sigh.

-My vitamix.  Ohhh, my vitamix.  How I scorned everyone who had one, laughing and saying "That girl is so stupid, she spent that much money on a BLENDER? Moron." Then I got one, and joined the cult.  It's more than a blender.  It's a lifestyle.

Too much? Yeah, I thought so.  But seriously, it's pretty awesome.  Although not having quite the desired effect on my weight loss escapades (I blame my discovery of creamer) the vitamix is still my current most beloved possession.  Hands down.  I drink a coffee and cabbage and protein shake smoothie EVERY single morning, and I usually drink a greek yogurt and fruit and veggie smoothie every afternoon.   It's fast, it's efficient, and it cleans itself.  Seriously.  And it can liquefy a carrot, without adding any additional liquid.  Just stick it in, and turn it on.  And how many times have you needed a liquefied carrot? Sans additional liquid? Seriously.

-Due to the aforementioned acne problems (lifelong, I might add) I have to wear foundation.  I can't be one of those gorgeous-with-just-lip-gloss-and-mascara girls.  And truthfully, I'm not even sure if the foundation helps.  I just feel better wearing it.  Less discolored and scarred.

I use this.  It's all right.  I don't often gaze at my reflection lovingly thruout the day, so I can't even tell you if it's really long lasting or full coverage or anything like that.  Not really helpful, I know.  But it goes on smooth, I'm pretty sure it lasts a while, and it makes my skin look good, at least while I'm doing it.  Good enough for me.  I want the Bobbi Brown one, but I haven't found a Bobbi Brown counter on Guam yet.  Weird, I know.

-Olay.  Ugh.  I can't think of anything more annoying than that awful commercial, where the lady is going on and on about Olay beating the seven hundred dollar cream.  She's so annoying!!! But unfortunately, she's also totally right.  This cream is AH-MAY-ZING.  Just perfect.  Hydrates, absorbs quickly, makes my skin feel great in the morning...works for me.  I don't really have any wrinkles, so I'm not sure if it does all that bidnazz, but as a night cream, it's aces.  Just aces.
-Old Navy yoga pants.  How on earth did I survive so long without these? The world may never know. Robin, from the bottom of my heart: THANKYOU. If it weren't (wasn't?) for you, I'd still be wandering around in the dark, unaware of this stretchy little miracle.

I have a confession.  These have become my fancy pants.  In fact, that day has (LONG since) come and gone.  It hit me like a stack of bricks one day, and I'm not gonna lie, it was a serious blow.  I mean, I actually changed out of a pair of ratty Old Navy pajama pants and INTO my yoga pants to 'fancy it up' and go run some errands.  Shouldn't I have put on jeans, or even khakis? You know? But then I shrugged it off and just accepted it.  This is my life now.  Livin it up in the yoga pants.

My only complaint is the sizes.  I'm between a large and an extra large.  My waist is still suffering from a seven months pregnant belly, but apparently, as huge as my ass it, it doesn't correspond to a seven months pregnant non-pregnant belly.  So the larges are too tight, and the extra larges sag in the rear zone.  Lose lose.  So I ordered a bunch of both sizes and wear whichever ones are on top of the pile.  Win win.  And an extra win for getting a shopping fix :)

-My contacts.  Again with the drama, but seriously.  I've been wearing glasses since I was eight, and contacts since I was maybe thirteen? And I started wearing dailies a few years ago, and it changed my life. I wear my glasses about half the time, and contacts the other half (duh) and they're just PERFECT.  Wear them all day, then toss them.  Best part? I can lay in bed, watching tv, and not have my glasses digging into the sides of my face OR having to get up and put my contacts away before I fall asleep!!! HOORAY FOR FIRST WORLD VICTORIES!!
-The next one was a tie.

That's our rice cooker, and our crockpot.  Yes, the original crockpot, tiny and without an electric display timer thingie.  It's the best.

I crockpot it about twice a week, and make rice or oatmeal probably three or four.  Now, recently I had to google if I could make an instant rice packet in my rice cooker (because I am a total moron) and I stumbled across this article bashing rice cookers.  It was like "The Twenty Biggest Wastes of Money for the Kitchen" or something like that.  And the loser made a pretty valid point that you can make rice in a pot.  But whatevs.  You can't ACTUALLY reach a simmer on a stovetop, either gas OR electric.  You just CANNOT get that low.  So, I can't recommend that you spend the money on one, since it technically doesn't do anything you can't do on the stove, but if you're having me over for dinner, don't be offended if I don't eat your scorched and dry rice that you made on the stovetop.  I'm gonna go home and make fluffy, perfect rice.  It's nothing personal.

-My roomba.  You push a button, take the kids to school, and your kitchen is swept by the time you get home.  What else do you need?

-My brookstone noise machines.  We have three, one in each room.  I won't get all preachy, but if you have a child, and a bed, and you don't have a noise machine, you are a moron.  Too harsh? Get over it.  And get a  noise machine.  There's a brookstone in Hawaii, and the DAY we get there, I'm going to get a new one. We've had ours since Ava was born (six years ago) and it's finally starting to make a little clicking noise that leads me to believe it's on its last legs.  I'm going for the upgrade, the big one, but each kids' room will be getting a new one of the exact same one we've always had.  Why mess with perfection?

-Drysol.  Do I really need to get into the nitty gritty? I live on the equator, I'm hormonal, and I'm thirty four pounds overweight.  So I need drysol.  Bonus? You can buy it (probably illegally) on the internet without a prescription!

So there's a few of my favorite things.  (Did you get my title reference?!?!) What are some of YOUR favorite things? Because I'm always looking for the next miracle product!!!


  1. What does Drysol do? And I won't apologize for the yoga pants. Or GOT. I'm curious about your blender. And when my skin started breaking out about a year ago after being clear forever? It was a gluten sensitivity. And it SUX.

  2. I just left you a super long comment with questions, and it decided not to work. Is it punishment for talking too much? Hopefully I remember everything I said in the last comment. Sigh. Anyway.

    My mom got a roomba not that long ago, and she's in LOVE with it. She named it Hazel and I catch her talking to it every now and then. She's obsessed.

    Is proactive really that wonderful? Or is it really more for people that have really bad acne? Mine isn't terrible, but I have never been able to find ANYTHING that works for me! And since I've been in college, I've started getting what I think is stress acne and it's AWFUL. Some days I think my face resembles a pizza.

    I've been seeing a ton of commercials for the one day contact thingys, but I haven't been able to decide if I want them! It sounds like a nice idea. I hate when I get in my comfy bed and realize I forgot to take my contacts out. I hate having bad eye sight.

  3. Now that I have awful acne scars for the prego acne (Mason is totally worth it, though), I use MAC Studio Fix foundation. GREAT coverage! Gone are my days of mascara and lipgloss. After a long pity party, I've accepted this fact. Love your other favorite things! I think I'll try the Olay face cream.