Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marvo (Marbo?) Cave

I still can't think of anything profound to say.  I'm rereading Bag of Bones, the SK book about a writer...with writer's block.  Think it's contagious? Can you catch writer's block from a book? Can you consider it writer's block when you can't think of anything to say on your blog, which no one reads?

I do have ONE thing to say.  GTA jacked up their scheduling AGAIN so I didn't tape The Walking Dead last night!!!! I'M SO PISSED!!! And we still haven't figured out a way to deal with the appletv to work with our tv-from-1994, so I can't even buy it on itunes to watch!!! My only hope is to watch it on this laptop.  Ugh.  I used to love this laptop, and seriously, I still love it as a computer or whatever, but I MISS my 27inch screen.  I NEED my 27 inch screen.  This little fifteen incher is NOT cutting it.  AT ALL.

We're down to twenty two days, fourteen hours, and twenty minutes.  I. AM. FREAKING. OUT.  I guess I didn't really freak out last time (when we were moving out here) because, well, we were on vacay in Disney World the two weeks before, and really, who can freak out in the Most Magical Place on Earth?  Not this chica.  I was nervous about the flights (nervous- is that the understatement of the year or what? I was panicked to a level of non-functional-ability) but they were such a nonevent that I'm not sweating it at ALL this time around.  Nick is going to sit in the middle section with all three bigs, and me and Daisy June are going to sit on the side.  I'm sure at one point or another we'll have to mix things up, but honestly, after surviving twenty four hours of flight time with nary a single tear (minus my own), this little seven hour puddle jump is just not that big a deal.  You know?

Wanna know what IS a big deal? I haven't mentioned this because it freaks me out, it LITERALLY makes my skin CRAWL.  Here it is.  I guess Hawaii is on the other side of some sort of date line.  You know how we are fifteen ish hours ahead of y'all? Well, Hawaii is twenty hours BEHIND us.  So.  We are leaving Guam at zero six on Thursday morning.

And we will land in Hawaii at about five o'clock on Wednesday night.


It's not natural.  It's WEIRD!!! I don't even like to think about it, so I'm not.  Remember the flight out here, how I had such a hard time dealing with the fact that we chased the sun the entire twenty four hours? Like, the sun didn't go down for an ENTIRE twenty four hours? Remember how much that freaked me out?


I have to stop.

Anyway.  Still no house, but Ava is in school and Scott's on a wait list.  We probably won't be able to afford to send Warren until next year, but I'm pretty set on that front.  What I really need is my stuff, and a place to put it.  So, get to praying y'all.

Anyway anyway.  Last weekend, we hiked down to Marvo Cave.  I had high hopes, but I am a moron.  I think that our Quest To Do Things We Never Did on Guam is over.  We'll be spending our final weekends at Gab Gab, the only place on this rock that I truly love, with all my heart and sole.  Makes sense to me.

After driving around lost for ninety minutes, we finally found it, and started the short trek down to the pool.  Scott had already lost his mind, Warren had been crying nonstop, and I forgot my damn Ergo for the baby. Ugh, ugh, and double ugh.  So Nick took the kids down one at a time and then I stumbled down after them.

The water was absolutely FREEZING.  Ava jumped right in and had a total blast the entire time we stayed, but I didn't get any good shots of her.  Naturally.

Scott spent seven-eighths of our time down there sitting on the side, watching Ava and Nick play.  It's hard to describe without seeing it, but basically, it's an underwater freshwater pool, in a cave, with lots of rocks and tunnels, and someone poured cement for a sort of platfrom to wait on, maybe for people who put on scuba stuff?

Warren didn't love it like Ava, but he was at least willing to splash around with Nick and take a few pics.  Mostly, he stood on the platform next to me and threw rocks and sticks into the water.  He's a lot like Forest, my darling little Dub.

Scott FINALLY went in, took a picture, and came right back out.

Daisy June basically just does whatever we make her do.  She's like a life-sized doll.  And yes, she's wearing a jammie top and her diaper.  Again.

Against my shrieks of terror, Nick took Ava and Warren exploring on the cliff thingies.

Then we had to leave because Scott had to poop.  Sigh.
All right.  Gotta go play words with friends.

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  1. You know, as excited as I am about having kids one day (I don't know why.. I just REALLY can't wait to have kids. I think I was born as an adult or something.), I can say that I am not really looking forward to saying, "We had to leave so (insert child's name here) could poop." Yeah.. seriously can't say I'll ever look forward to those words coming out of my mouth. Great pictures! I wanna go to Guam.