Friday, November 18, 2011


I have nothing to say, because I spent the last eight days doing absolutely nothing except reading the new Stephen King.  It. Was. Amazing.  Different than the kind of SK that I usually prefer, but still just perfect.  I just love him.  If I never get a chance to meet ain't goan be purty.  At all.

Now I'm rereading Bag of Bones because I remember VERY little about it, but they're making it a movie on A&E.  Speaking of A&E, does anyone watch the Walking Dead on AMC?!?!? Now THAT is amazing!! LOVE IT! If you watch it, what the heck do you think that old man is doing with all those walkers locked in the barn?!? Nick thinks he can't bear to kill them, or that he's experimenting on them to find a cure.  At first, I thought maybe he was feeding them people, like those crazies fed a sacrifice to Babcock in the Passage? But Nick said that wouldn't work because the walkers don't seem to have any sort of thinking going on.  So now I'm going with his answer instead.  Either way, how on earth did he corral ALL those nasty guys in that barn?!?!

And whoa, can you believe what Shane did to that big dude Otis? I mean, I can sorta see it, he was willing to do whatever it took to save that crazy Karl, but COME ON!!! He could have at least shot him in the head before the walkers started eating his innards!!! I mean, DANG!!!!!

And if Daryl had died last week, I would have been PISSED.  I love that dude, he's like the New Sawyer.

Anyway, if you don't watch it, start.  Even though I've spoiled any surprises for you.

Oh, and also? I called Lori  being pregnant AS SOON as Rick found her last season.  You can ask Nick, he'll totally verify.  I SAID IT FIRST!!! I should WRITE for these shows people!!

Anyway.  Here's a little sumpin to get your mind off of zombies eatin people's innards.

My fave? Bottom right.  I've never seen her make that face before.

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