Monday, November 28, 2011

More Pics for the Families

Soccer season is FINALLY over (have I mentioned that a time or two?) and these are the pics from their little jamboree shindig where they got their medals.  BTW, who decided medals were the new trophies? I'm sure it's a lot cheaper, but our medals didn't last the weekend.  And we got them on Saturday afternoon, so...anyway.  I was just really looking forward to two tiny trophies.

Look at that smile!!! Almost made the entire three months long season worth it.

Here's just a few other shots from that long long LONG day.

And then here's a snapshot of the Thanksgiving programs at each of the schools.

This was Warren's first program and he did FANTASTIC!! I guess watching Ava's and Scott's almost-monthly programs for the last two years paid off.  He didn't even hesitate, just walked out there and started his song!! I was front and center and scared he'd start freaking out when he saw me, but he just smiled and waved and went on about his business!!

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And Ava had one too, the next week.
See all those dang kids up there? Guess what you'd have to pay me to be a kindergarten teacher? There's not enough money IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.  Shudder.

But it was cute.  MUCH cuter than the boys' but don't tell anyone I said that.

All right.  Maybe one day I'll have an actual post, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  It just hit me that we're moving halfway across the world for the second time in twenty one months in just a hair over three weeks, so I'm sort of freaking out.  Again.

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