Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Southern Tour

Weekend before last, when it dawned on me that we have about a month left, we piled in the van and took what will in all likelihood be our LAST tour around the gorgeous southern tip of the island.  Now, you've seen ALL these pics before, I'm sure.  The only difference is that the kids are slightly older.  You've been warned:  I took (actually, Nick took) four hundred and sixteen pictures that afternoon.  I think I ended up with twenty one in the "post these" folder, but I'm not making any promises.

My fave location.  I call it the Jurassic Park spot.  It doesn't actually look like Jurassic Park, but one time, right when we pulled in, the Jurassic Park song came on.  So that's why.

No one else wants me to take pictures anymore.  Ava, however, loves it.

From there, we headed over to Big Jon and Bessie.  Where the kids tricked me into letting them help him wash her. GROSS!

That's not me, it's this fat lady we hired to take care of the baby that day. Focus on the water, that's the point of this shot. 

This is me.  Me and that fatty dressed alike that day. 

I refuse to believe that there is a cuter baby on the planet. 
The view from up there.  Wish I knew the name of this little bay-thingie.

He's the weps. 
Shots like this make me think that lens might have been worth it.  They are few and far between.

My heart just stopped.

This is somewhere that I took this same shot (sort of) when Daisy June was first born.  It's my plan to get that ole photo out and set them up for a side by side.  We shall see.

And our last stop, our FAVORITE stop, the Inarajan Pools.  Spelled incorrectly, have no doubt.
He's about the chuck that rock.  Scott trained him well in the Art of Becoming The Destroyer.

Wouldn't this be SUPER cute if Ava was facing forward? It would look like they're playing Ring Around the Rosie!!

I read, and Daisy June stayed in her stroller while they bigs played.  We're so boring. She doesn't seem to mind.
That is a TON of white space in the picture that I cannot get rid of!

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  1. LOVE Daisy June's outfit. Oh and I know you don't really like the word precious, but I can't think of a better word for the picture of Nick and Ava laughing! Also, Ava should be a child model. That's all I'm saying. I. Adore. Her.