Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday/Walking Dead Check Wednesday

Stayed the same.

But first, did y'all watching Walking Dead this week?!?!?  Oh. My. Word.  If you didn't watch it yet but you plan to, SPOILER ALERT! I knew Sophia was in that barn!!! Sort of. This is the argument that I've been having with myself out loud in front of Nick for the last few weeks.  Poor Nick.

Me: That girl is dead.  Dead, or she's a walker.

Other Me: No way.  No writer would kill off a kid.  They just don't do that.  Unless it's cancer or something like that.  And even then, it's so rare.

Me: Uh, hello?! These writers are in to SK.  And SK has NO qualms about killing kids.  Remember Cujo? In the book, that kid bites it.

Other Me: But still.  If she's in that barn, why is that old dude letting them risk their lives by going to look for her?

Me: Maybe he doesn't know it's her.

Other Me: Good point.  But still.  That's pretty risky for the writers to try.

Me: Well, if it was real life, she'd be dead.  No way she could have survived a day, let alone all these weeks.  And why the hell didn't wait for Rick where he left her?!?! She's so stupid!

Other Me: Well, tv isn't real.  So maybe she's alive.

Ugh.  So I can't actually say I called it.  And I'm sorry, but just how does Lori think she KNOWS that baby is Rick's? And why are they turning Shane into a bad guy? I mean, I guess you need a Bad Guy, and I'd rather it be Shane than Daryl (AKA Sawyer 2011) but still.  He started out being a good guy in a bad situation, but now he's just a douche.  I wish they'd found a way to turn Lori into the bad guy and kept Rick and Shane together.  Lori sucks.

And I'm calling it now, when they leave that farm, Maggie's going with them.  Maybe that tall skinny blonde guy too.  And I'm not completely UNconvinced that Shane isn't just going to blow the old guy's head off and say "Hey, guess what, this is MY farm now." But that would be pretty boring for the episodes AFTER that one, you know?

Anyway.  Stayed the same.  What can you say about that? I'm bummed I didn't lose, but I'm so excited I didn't gain, considering what I ate for Thanksgiving Weekend.  The worst part of this whole plauto (can't get this right to save my life, anyone know how to spell it) I seem to be on- I buy myself a Killers cd every time I lose five.  So like, 180, 175, 170, and then 165.  But I hit 170 on August 24th and I'm STILL not to 165.  So that's sort of a harsh reality check right there.

But what can I do, besides keep plugging along?

And then, to end this random assortment of a blog, here's some music for you.

You're welcome.

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  1. Had to skip over most of this because I haven't watched the last episode... I think I have to go watch it now especially if the damn search is FINALLY over.
    How could her mom not be looking anyways? What mom wouldn't be out there looking for her lost daughter?