Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump

And these are all the pics off my phone.

These first two are of one of our last nights in Guam, at CPK.

At the Guam NEX for the last time.  I think I'm getting sentimental over here!!

At the airport at four fifteen in the MORNING.

Daisy June sleeping with Kristy, who just HAPPENED to be on our flight.  Destiny?  I think so!!

Daisy's first time in a Target!!

The train at the Dole Plantation.

The front of our house.  Yes, it's big.  It really is.  I wasn't complaining earlier!!! It's just...sorta tight downstairs.  I mean, as wide as it is and as big as it looks...that's a two car garage.  That takes up a LOT of real estate on the first floor!! But I'm not complaining, I SWEAR!! I love it, I really do.

The kitchen, which I'm not even trying to sneak in complaints about.  It's practically perfect in every way.  Minus the electric stove.  But it's got TWO pantries!!!

On Christmas, we went to Waikiki for lunch.  The food was AMAZING and the views were to DIE for.  We WILL be going back.  Frequently.

And this morning, I went to Target for some day-after-Christmas sales.  I was NOT prepared for this!! Needless to say, everything was gone by the time I made it in, but that's okay, I had already got everything I needed at the Home Depot.  Where I was the ONLY shopper.  We got a new tree, new wreaths, and lots of fun decorations. I mainly just wanted to walk around Target with no kids and look at the stationary section and the books.

All right.  See you when we get internet.  In five to ten business days.

Christmas Day (A Week Early, But Posted a Week Late)

Here's the pics from our Christmas. I can't think of anything to say.  Between the time difference and the fact that we're all sleeping on the floors (which means playing until ten and eleven at night, despite numerous whoopings) I can't get my bearings.  Not having internet is NOT making things better.

Junebug was NOT interested in Christmas morning.  At all.

Ornaments, yes.  Presents? Not so much.

Warren just wanted to tear paper.  He slowed down long enough to make out with his Woody doll, but that's about it.

I finally forced her to unwrap a present.  I needed a picture for her scrapbook!!!

Ava got a makeup kit.  It's a kit for aspiring drag queens.  Obviously.

The next day, we got Daisy June all fancied up for church.

They took it off about five minutes later.  Apparently she threw a hissy about the tulle at the bottom.  Is that what it's called, tulle?  No idea.

These are from the boys' Christmas program at school  No, I don't remember when it was.  It was in Guam, that's as close as I can get right now.

This is what Warren did.  For his entire show.

Except for this one nano second that I managed to catch.  I'm so awesome.

Scott, on the other hand, is a total natural.  He was the story teller, and he said all his lines without a pause. Granted, his teacher was saying them all first, but still!! No stage fright AT ALL.

This kid was NOT impressed.

They had a Santa.  Daisy June was a little worried.

And this random shot is...a random shot.  All these new Christmas toys, and she's playing with a toy that I got when I was pregnant with Ava seven years ago.
That's all I got, folks.

We're Here!!

All right. I'm doing these three posts all at the same time at the McDonalds, so who knows what order they're going to post in. This one apparently had the least photos, so it came up first.

We're here! Obviously. The flight was a non event, same as the ones to Guam. Except for me, same as the ones to Guam. After a few hours, I got all itchy and couldn't catch my breath, but I got up and walked around and got over it. It was long, and boring since there wasn't a tv in every seat, but whatever, it was a free flight off that rock, and I'll take what I can get.

Did you know that I never set foot off Guam the entire time we were there? True story.

Anyway. We got to the hotel, I had yet another breakdown, and the next day, we headed to the housing office. Our plan was to get out of there asap so we could go look at these five rental properties we'd lined up. The housing office had been telling us for months that there was NO housing, the wait lists were all six to twelve months, blah blah blah.

Well. We got there and she immediately showed us two houses in one of the two neighborhoods that we wanted!!! One was a three bedroom and one was a four. Naturally, the three bedroom was nicer, and bigger, with a better layout. But with only three bedrooms. So we took the four, spent that night in the hotel, then moved in on Friday to sleep on sleeping bags and air mattresses.

Yes. I hate staying in hotels THAT much.

Our stuff gets delivered tomorrow!!! No idea how we're going to fit it all in (the living room/dining room is TINY!! And it's two stories, so NO IDEA where I'm supposed to put my EFX. Or the piano...but I'm not complaining, I swear!! Just a little nervous) but whatevs, I'm just excited that Nick will still be here. Trying to keep up with three guys running in with nine thousand boxes and finding them on the paperwork and checking them all off while directing the guys where you want the stuff- that wasn't as fun as it sounds in Guam.

So, finding a house, and having Nick be here for delivery. Those were my requests. Done and done. Praise the Lord.

So, here's the pictures. So far, we haven't done too much. No one else had Christmas early, so everyone's been busy with holiday crap, and we've been busy trying to find our way to the store for toilet paper. Hopefully we can do a few fun things before Nick leaves next Sunday, but if not, we'll just do it when he gets back at the end of January. Either way.

First up.  We live on an island.  ON an island.  Does that make sense? Not to me either.  But it is what it is, I guess.  I swore up and down after living in Norfolk that I would NEVER live across a bridge or tunnel again, but I was so shocked that they offered us a house, I didn't even think twice.  These are some shots as we were leaving our island for the rest of the island.  It's weird, I know.

We headed for the Dole Plantation on Christmas Eve.  No, I don't know where that is or anything about it. I was still a little overwhelmed at that point.  But it was a really pretty drive.

These are my boys, on the Dole train.  Yes, that's the little one with the bigger one in a headlock.  So it goes.

Apparently Ava saw something very exciting on the ride.  Sorry it's blurry.  I still can't figure out my lens.  I never know what it's going to focus on.

Train riding is very serious business for some folks.

We ate lunch.  We had pineapples with a side of pineapples, and pineapples for dessert.  I'm not kidding even a little bit.

Then, we headed for the North Shore.  As in, where they filmed Lost.  We googled it, and thought we had it, but in the end, we couldn't find ANY of the scenes they used.  But it was still GORGEOUS.

We found a beach (not THE beach, but still) and stopped to feel the ICY water.  ICY!!!

Nick wanted me to take a picture of this car for Grandpa Kenny.  Not sure why.  So, if you're reading this Kenny, here it is.  Enjoy.

This is a girl blowing up an inflatable surfboard.  Yes, you heard correctly. Weird.

So there you go.  Our first three days on Hawaii.  I'm still overwhelmed.  I keep having panic attacks.  I don't like the traffic, and there's too many people.  But I'm sure once I calm down, I'll love it.  It's got to be better than Guam, right?