Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day (A Week Early, But Posted a Week Late)

Here's the pics from our Christmas. I can't think of anything to say.  Between the time difference and the fact that we're all sleeping on the floors (which means playing until ten and eleven at night, despite numerous whoopings) I can't get my bearings.  Not having internet is NOT making things better.

Junebug was NOT interested in Christmas morning.  At all.

Ornaments, yes.  Presents? Not so much.

Warren just wanted to tear paper.  He slowed down long enough to make out with his Woody doll, but that's about it.

I finally forced her to unwrap a present.  I needed a picture for her scrapbook!!!

Ava got a makeup kit.  It's a kit for aspiring drag queens.  Obviously.

The next day, we got Daisy June all fancied up for church.

They took it off about five minutes later.  Apparently she threw a hissy about the tulle at the bottom.  Is that what it's called, tulle?  No idea.

These are from the boys' Christmas program at school  No, I don't remember when it was.  It was in Guam, that's as close as I can get right now.

This is what Warren did.  For his entire show.

Except for this one nano second that I managed to catch.  I'm so awesome.

Scott, on the other hand, is a total natural.  He was the story teller, and he said all his lines without a pause. Granted, his teacher was saying them all first, but still!! No stage fright AT ALL.

This kid was NOT impressed.

They had a Santa.  Daisy June was a little worried.

And this random shot is...a random shot.  All these new Christmas toys, and she's playing with a toy that I got when I was pregnant with Ava seven years ago.
That's all I got, folks.

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