Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Eve

No, you have not been caught in one of my worst nightmares: a flaw in the space time continuum.  It's only Dec 16th.  But for Team Engelbrecht, it was Christmas Eve.  And naturally, tomorrow will be Christmas Day, and I'll have about ninety thousand more pictures to edit and post.  And I'll spend the afternoon on the computer editing them, and snapping at anyone who dares to interrupt me, and shoving cookies in my mouth.  Then I'll spend tomorrow night crying with Nick about what a horrible mother I am and how I ruined Christmas by snapping at my kids and eating cookies until I ralphed right on the middle of the living room floor.

But that's tomorrow.

This was tonight.

Tonight was nice.
I simply canNOT get the hang of my new lens.  SUCH a bummer.

Now for the collages.  Yes, I did at least TRY to cut down on how many pics you'd have to scroll thru.  Just not very hard.

Here is Dub, busting a move.  He lip sings AND dances.  It. Is. AWESOME.

Look at these hineys!!! I just have a thing for an adorable hiney, I really do.

These two are what I like to think of as The Scott-the-Serial-Killer Series.

And The Warren-the-Santa-Rita-Strangler Series.

And then, my favorite shots of the night.

And if you're one of the precious few who hasn't heard me ranting and raving over the last few weeks and you're curious as to why we did this so early, it's because we're leaving for Hawaii next Thursday and I wanted the kids to have a nice, traditional Christmas Morning type scenario before the chaos of moving halfway around the world for the second time in less than two years set in.  AND because the memory of Nick and my very first Christmas as man and wife is still seared into my brain: London, freezing cold, crappy hotel, no tree, uncomfortable bed, WRETCHED was BRUTAL ladies.  Absolutely brutal.  And I will NEVER put myself thru that again.  So as far as we are concerned, tomorrow IS Christmas.

So merry Christmas darlins.

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