Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday/Photo Dump

After doing absolutely nothing but watching season three of Glee on and editing nineteen thousand pictures for the last three days, I can no longer form a coherent thought.  I can also not process teh steps needed to put these pictures into group collages, so whatever.  Here they are.  All of them.

And also, I'm down a pound.  Which puts me nine pounds away from the Lose-Ten-Pounds-Before-Hawaii goal I set for myself.  Four months ago.  But let's not focus on that, let's focus on the down-a-pound part, shall we?

On to the pics.  I think most of these are from Thanksgiving, which we spent at our friend Laura's house.
Watch that bow.  Watch how it stays in her hair for our ENTIRE Thanksgiving.  Then ask me how I did it.

This is Laura's sweet daughter, Ava's best friend.  Not sure if she wants me to talk about her, so no names. 

This is a popular expression right about nowadays.

This is my two year old, having his first drink.

I don't think he liked it.

I love that they're both in that stage where they will play NEXT to each other till the cows come home, but they won't actually PLAY together.  Remember that from nursing school?  Parallel playIt's one of the seven things I remember.  Another one of the seven was actually on my NCLEX, how's that for lucky? It's this: if a postpartum woman saturates a pad in an hour or less, there's something wrong.  Sixty grand for that little nugget ladies and gentlemen!! #haveImentionedlatelyhowgratefulIamthattheNavypaidmytuition?

Junebug is currently obsessed with grabbing any sort of softish cloth material that she can get her hands on and shoving as much as she can into her mouth, then cackling with laughter.  It is VERY strange.  We have this old fleece throw on the couch and when she even catches a glimpse of that thing out of the corner of her eye, she goes NUTSO.  It's like a cat, with that catnip stuff.  It's really weird.

Check it out, this actually happened.  We're always doing "Who's fill-in-the-blank?" in our family, and then whoever is, raises his or her hand.  So we said "Who's hungry?" or "Who's ready to eat?" or some such thing, and Daisy June actually raised her hand!!!! True story, swear to God. 

Look at her poor eyes.  She's the last one, it's official.  All four Engelbrechts are allergic to cats and dogs.

Right before her turkey coma.  She ate more than Nick.

Not sure why he's so happy, but I'll take whatever I can get.

 So there you have it.  The first of the nineteen thousand pictures.  More to come, hold your breath.


  1. Okay, I want to know how you got the bow to stay in her hair the whole day. I can put one in Lily's hair except that she pulls it out. She actually likes wearing a bow, but she wants to look at it and then put it back.

  2. Love the photos!

    Except the sad, allergic eye...
    Must be cats - cause I never noticed her looking that way at my house (ie; dog) Although - I did always remember to vacuum the rug before you came over....

    AnyWHO - benedryl makes it better right?
    (and nap time heaven?) know I am the Queen of Christmas.
    Do you want more / different ornaments?
    I know it's not the special popsicle stick ones,
    but I have more....
    we used to have three trees in our San Diego house.
    Yes - I'm a freak and I like it.

    Okay....I'm done.

    Nope... I lied.
    CONGRATS on the pound!
    Celebrate it with salad and water! hee hee

    Yeah....I say ALL my kids have allergies when I want them to sleep.