Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Gained a pound and a half.  I don't want to talk about it.  I am obviously destined to be fat for the rest of my life.  I've been keeping up with my weighlifting days, but I haven't done any cardio since before my mom got here on June 10th, we've been too busy having fun.  With this gain, all hope of meeting my Fifteen Pounds by the End of Summer mini goal has sailed right out the window.  I thought making it into the one seventies was going to be so super awesome, but it was just a stupid waste of time because now I'm just sitting around at the same weight like some kind of raw-cookie-dough-addict.  Ugh.


Guess who got to talk to their Daddy?!?!?! Apparently he's in port somewhere or another (he mumbles when he talks about boring things) and so when he has time, he uses something or another on his phone and like video talks with the kids.  Remember when we were little and like video phone calls were like this great fun made up future thing that was going to be SO AWESOME?  I guess it is pretty awesome though.  Anyway.  That photo just happened to be in the same folder, so I stuck it up there for ya.  Sorry it's so grainy.  My mom's camera is...different.

And now for the real story...today we went to Tarza Water Park.  Heard of it? Now, statesiders, I don't need to hear about how WONDERFUL the waterparks ya'll have been visiting are.  I get it, trust me.  But in Guam...you have to sort of lower your expectations.  For instance, the 'zoo' has two deer and a family of bunny rabbits.  So by the time I finally made it to Tarza, I was blown away! I thought it was FANTASTIC!!!

And my kids.  I'm getting choked up just thinking about it.  Robin, I think I'm starting to get a teensy glimpse of that beautiful technicolor future you talk about. They were SO WELL BEHAVED.  Independent, obedient, sweet to each other...it was like living in a dream.  It really was.

For instance? Sure, glad you asked.  This is a picture of Warren.  I took this picture while I was floating in a pool with my sunglasses on, lazily chatting with my mother.  Warren is following Ava and Scott up ninety seven flights of stairs leading to these little slides.  Then he's going to get on a slide and slide down to me, but he doesn't even need me to catch him.  I just floated around so the lifeguards wouldn't kick us out.

Ahh.  Remembering it was almost as good as living it :)
Look at my sweet babies on those slides.  No one even threw a fit when I strapped them into those lifejackets, and Warren typically HATES those things.  All three stayed in them all day, not a single weird.  It's like my kids were replaced by pod people.

And then you know Engelbrechts.  Gotta eat :)

Look at my little Dub in that tube.  Have I mentioned how amazing they were all day?!?!

Then, when we couldn't go up those steps one more time, we hit the lazy river.  And found this little cutout with no current.  It was like a tiny little private pool!!!

Warren didn't make it much further than that.

Now, I have to make a confession.  The fact that Junebug was at home probably had a lot to do with my kids' amazing behavior.  I called S**** last week because I was concerned about Daisy being out in the sun all day.  I felt really guilty, until we got there.  If I'd brought her, the big kids wouldn't have been able to do any of the big slides.  My mom would have had to stay by the lazy river with the baby, and I needed her at the ends of the slides in case one of the kids tipped out.  So it ended up being perfect.  And S**** cleaned the house, Daisy had two great naps, and I secured her for the Harry Potter preview!!!  Hooray! And don't even bother asking for her number.  I don't even trust you enough to give you her name!!

And PS: tons of kids in tons of pools all day.  Never had to close it down for a poop problem.  MWR, take lessons.  It's not rocket science.  The women and children left behind while their husbands and daddies are out defending freedom for months at a time shouldn't have to spend fifty three dollars to spend a few hours in a pool on the hottest Naval base in the universe.  It ain't right people.  It is NOT RIGHT.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Your Boy's...Different

Well, we are all...different, I suppose.  Some more than others.  I thought Scott was the Reigning King of Weird Quirks, but now I'm not so sure.  You ready for this?
That's my son.  That's my boy! Wearing his sister's Halloween costume.  It's a purple ballgown.  He likes to pretend he's Tangled (he thinks that's her name.) Nevermind that he doesn't have any hair.  Nevermind that he's a BOY! Ugh.  I'm just going to assume that he doesn't understand yet that boys and girls are different.  And it's not like we have any manly dress up clothes.  And what fun is it to dress up like a man? Princesses are WAY more fun :) If he's still doing it when he's ten...well, get back to me then.  If I'm not already on the fifth floor and don't care what's going on in the Real World.

Actually, this sort of thing is so common at my house, I don't even notice anymore.  It was the night my parents got here, so they were a little caught off guard.  He still likes guns and baseballs, ya'll, he still likes to punch his brother in the face and pee on the side of the house.  He just wants to be like a character in his favorite movie.  And again, what fun is it to dress up like Flynn Rider?

This next one, I don't have AS many excuses for.

Looks pretty innocent, he's just playing with his little sister.  Until his mama sells him out and tells you that he went into his bedroom and got his baby doll to SHARE with his little sister.  It's not exactly his baby doll, I BOUGHT it for Ava.  But when you squeeze it, it says MA-MA and he just LOVES it! It's crazy.  He's usually pretty appropriate with it, holding it like a baby and talking sweetly to it, but he also spends a good bit of time slamming its head on the tile, throwing it over his shoulders, and cramming it- CRAMMING it, not gently placing it- into his sister's big pink stroller.

Wait, that last one isn't that great of a defense.  Scratch that.

And this last one is just sweet toddler fun, not a gender identity crisis in the making.
He's climbed into the jumer to jump (and he jumps for like twenty minutes before he realizes that it's not really that fun) and he can't get himself out.  And in the bottom, he's in the baby bathtub.  Giving his baby dog a bath.  Sigh.

And yes, I just sort of leave the bathtub laying around the house.  These houses are really big, with lots of dead space.  And I'm pretty lazy, so whatareyagonnado, you know? I stick it on the floor in a corner when I'm done with her bath, instead of putting it away.  Welcome to my life.

And speaking of that sweet fat girl, let's just have a quick picture of my little Junebug.
Yes, I know she looks like an alien.  She's having an awkward phase.  She'll grow out of it.
I hope.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pool Fun!

Oh my word, did we have an awesome morning or what! Now, ya'll know how upset I get about the base pool.  In fact, I get so pissed that I'm not even going to go into it because it'll just get me all riled up again.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll just say that basically, kids are not allowed at the base pool.

SO, a friend (thanks Heidi!) told me about this pool in Dededo.  I'd heard about it at preschool a while back, but then I forgot.  Kids stole my brain cells.  But after this friend told me about it, I decided that I should check it out, and what better time than when my mama is here to lend an extra hand? Of course, nothing in Guam is online (it's very strange) so I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would be open and we piled in the van and off we went.

They weren't open.  OF COURSE.  But we drove up anyway, and the lifeguard was really funny and sweet and said he'd have it open in about twenty minutes.  Welcome to Guam.  "Open at Ten" really means "We'll show up around ten and get things going on our own timetable, no worries." I'm getting used to it.  It is, however, very annoying that half my church shows up at ten fifty.  Church starts at ten! Ten fifteen is okay, ten fifty is just a waste of time! Why even bother?

Anyway.  We drove around for a while and then headed in and it was so worth the wait!! It was only eight dollars for my huge family, no one cared that Warren was in a swim diaper (because that's what SWIM DIAPERS are for!!!), the kids were allowed to PLAY- it was just perfect.  Except there wasn't much shade.  But I'm NOT complaining, it was GREAT!!
The playground in the Kiddie Pool- it's the same as the one at the PIC!! Warren could touch with his head TOTALLY above the water.  But found it more fun to sit on my back instead.

We lasted about two hours, which is pretty much par for the course with Team Engelbrecht.  They can make it longer at the beach, but they played a LOT harder here.  And we were too nervous to break out snacks, we didn't want to get in trouble :) If we had fed them and relaxed for a few in the shade, we probably could have made it another hour or so.

Even Junebug played hard! We didn't take her in, but she still managed to wear herself out.  I stuck her in her jumpy to get the kids in bed for naps...

It was just so fun! I don't know if I could do it alone, since there was no shade to leave Daisy June in, and even though the kids could touch, I'd want to at least be right on the edge with them, but if Nick ever comes home, this will DEFINITELY be our go-to pool!

I know I haven't been blogging a lot, but me and my mom have been having a blast! I have tons of pics, and a lot are even already edited, I just have to get to where I can stay awake long enough after the kids go to bed to post them.  Phew!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down two pounds! AND, since I didn't post last Wednesday, I ALSO lost half a pound last week!!! I'm actually a little tempted to think that perhaps my scale might be a little broken.  We were SO busy when my dad was here, I never had a chance to work out, and I sort of just ate anything that I could grab on the run.  So I guess if the scale IS in working order, maybe I lost because I didn't sit down for eleven days? Who knows.

Anyway.  That leaves me with eight more pounds to get to my Fifteen Pounds Gone By The End of Summer goal. I really really think I can do it, I really do.  So.  Eight pounds in six weeks.  I need to lose MORE than a pound a week, and not gain AT ALL.  Whoa.  Actually counting out the days and writing it down seems really really tough.  How did I get behind? I don't know.  Fingers crossed.  I started Phase Two of my Get Your Body Back Workout from this book, have you ever seen it?

Let me tell you, it says something like "thousands of exercises, hundreds of workouts" or something like that and it is TOTALLY true.  TONS of different exercises.  Anything you've ever heard of!

Well, my intention was to put a picture of the book up there, but it's not working and I don't have the patience right now to figure it out.

Oh, and on another note? My mom watched the kids so that I could go to the movies tonight!!! HOORAY FOR MOMS!!! I saw Super 8 (duh) and it was every bit as fanfrickingtastic as I knew it would be.  Yes, it was cheesey and totally unbelievable, but it was perfect and just exactly what I wanted it to be and what I really thought it would be.  I just love JJ Abrams.  I don't care how cheesey he gets.  And if you see it, stay for the credits because they show the kids' movie while they roll credits and it's totally awesome.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Flight

Well, I've tried to think of a way to convey exactly how AWESOME that flight around the island was, and I just can't do it.  It's impossible.  And I like a good writing challenge! It doesn't help that the pictures don't do it justice either.  As amazing as Guam looks in these pics, it was literally a thousand times more beautiful in person.  It really was.

And also? We took two hundred and sixty eight pictures on the forty five minute flight.  Yup. I whittled it down to a hundred and four, and then even further to cram them all on here.  It was HARD.

So, let's start.  And, if you're not interested in an ariel tour of the Little Island That Could, you might want to skip to the next blog in your feed reader.  I'm just sayin.
Speaks for itself- the place, and the plane.  At this point, I was terrified and throwing up in my mouth.

Sorry for the crappy shots, this was my cell phone since we had the telephoto lens and the plane was a little...little.

So these are mostly from leaving the airport and heading west to get over the water.  I calmed down almost immediatly (the pilot was AMAZING, if you ever do this, make SURE you get him, his name is David) and was literally breathless at these views. The third one on the top shelf is Two Lover's Point, to give any Guammies reading this a little perspective.  The bottom shelf is over the base.

I couldn't get my bearings over this spot, but it's right before Gab Gab.  You can see Ava's new school to the right in the middle, and I think all the water on the left is the pier.  But I don't really know.

 And this is Gab Gab! Isn't that cool?!?!?! For those of you stateside, let me just say something.  It LOOKS like there's blue water, then tons of sand, then the trees, then the road.  What is ACTUALLY is is dark blue water, crystal clear shallow water over rocks and sand where your kids can play and play and touch with their cute little heads above the water so they can breathe and yell at each other, then three feet of actual sand, trees, road.  AH-MAY-ZING.

Then, it started to get super fun.  The pilot said he'd fly us over our house, and then told me to call my mama and have her come out!!! We didn't actually SEE her and Warren, but when we went through the pictures, we saw her plain as day! Well, she's a little blurry.  You're Blursila!! Name that quote.


Then we kept going, all the way to the tip and back up to the airport.  It was truly one of the most amazing things I've ever done.  And not scary at ALL!!!
This made me think of that old book, the Old Man and the Sea? He's not actually out in the middle of nowhere, but doesn't it look like he is?!?!
Not sure where this is, but isn't it gorgeous?!?!

I like this because it's the endless ocean, and at the top is the wing of the plane.  Sort of neat.

Apparently, this is Leo Palace.  If you are reading this and you LIVE at Leo Palace, please invite me over.  I'll only bring the baby so we won't be too much trouble.  Please.

 This is one of my favorite shots of the trip.  This is the Inarajan Pools, my initial plan was to link this with the post where we spent the day there with Grandpa Kenny, but I can't find it.  Seeing it from above...it's just so cool!!! It's hard to explain, so take my word for it.  It. Was. Awesome.

So that's my plug.  If you live on Guam and you can afford it, take this tour.  TAKE THIS TOUR. It was worth every penny!  It was so cool, it really really was.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Zandees Are Here!!

Well, my mama and daddy got here last Friday evening, and we basically haven't sat down since.  For those of you who know me AT ALL, you know that this is a pretty big deal for me.  I normally don't leave the house, ever, except for preschool every other weekday, the commissary on Mondays, and church on Sundays.  Other than that, when I became a stay at home mom, I took the HOME part to heart.  And because of this, my kids are also total homebodies.  But they've been real troopers through it all so far, and I'm very proud.  Yes, they're wild and whiney and can't sit still, but as I keep reminding myself, remember this: they are two, four, and five years old.  I repeat that to myself a thousand times a day.  They are two, four, and five.  They are NOT eight, ten and eleven.  And they are certainly not twenty, twenty two, and twenty three.

But a mama can dream, can't she? My friend Robin once spun a tale for me, and I think of it every now and again.  Once upon a time, Robin took her oldest to a doctor or dentist or something else with a waiting room.  And the daughter, Robin's own flesh and blood, sat in her chair and leafed through a child's magazine.  She didn't roll around on the floor.  She didn't bounce from chair to chair.  She didn't launch herself at a total stranger and show said stranger her latest booger.

I love that story.

But that has nothing to do with my story, so where was I? Oh yeah, my parents are here.  Focus.

In this (less than a week) that they've been here, I've done more on this island than I did the entire year before they got here! And I can sort of see now why some people don't hate it here as much as I do.  It really is a beautiful island.  Thus far, we have gone on an airplane tour around the south end (that's a whole nother post because it was AWESOME- and yes, 'a whole nother' is a word.  Trust me.) hiked down Spanish steps to snorkel, realized that that snorkeling is sort of lame, hiked back UP Spanish steps so we could snorkel in Gab Gab (most awesome thing EVER! besides that plane ride.  And a lot of other stuff actually.) We went on the Jungle River Cruise, swam out at Inarajan, ate at Jeff's, ate at Mermaids, ate Jamaican Grill, ate at the Chamorro Village, ate at the NEX, and ate up at Andersen.  What can I say, I like to eat.  Especially when I have other eyes for my four kids.

We also go to Gab Gab.  A lot.  When I first moved here, I was out there two and three times a week, but I sort of stopped going when I got so big and pregnant that I couldn't get out of my beach chair on my own, and I just never took it back up again.  But that's about to change.  I'm tired of being upset that I can't use the ten million dollar pool.  Fine, the Navy doesn't want families to come with their men out to Guam.  Time to accept that and move on.  So if anyone ever wants to join me at the beach, I'll be the great big fatty in the pink striped beach chair with the red stroller propped next to her, reading a kindle while a two year old, a four year old, and a five year old run around with buckets on their head throwing sand at each other.  Come join me.

And now for the pictures.  Needless to say, it's hard to drag a camera everywhere I go, but my dad is a pretty good photographer, so he's been in charge of that lately.

Grandma Terri with grandbaby number seven! Yes, I own more than half of my parents grandchildren.  Crazy.
The girls.  Obviously, Ava is loving the one on one with another woman, instead of all these stupid boys.
As a member of Team Engelbrech, you are required to enjoy lounging around in the sun.  Junebug has no problem meeting this requirement. 

Warren seems to have taken a special liking to his Grandpa. They're both the same age inside.

I wanted a shot with all the kids.  Anyone who takes pictures knows you take twenty and get two good shots, so I took about seventy nine of this particular pose.  It was fun to click through them and watch the progression from paying attention to not paying any attention at all.  I just love my boys.

I like this shot because it looks like (and it's true!) Junebug was laughing.  Who knows what she finds so funny in life, but I hear her hoarse old man chuckle a LOT.  And, I'm happy to report, five months after my delivery, this was the last time I wore my maternity suit!!! So jealous of those women who leave the hospital in their prepregnancy jeans.  Also jealous of those people who can afford to buy an entire wardrobe of fat clothes to wear while they lose the weight.
Since my parents were here in the seventies, I thought it would be fun to have a pic of me and Junebug that looked like it was mid seventies.  I'm such a dork.

Still obsessed with her feet...
Grandma took care of her in the shade so I could lay in my chair and do NOTHING for a few hours.  Be jealous.  Be very jealous.
Phew.  All right, that post took me three days to get together.  Now I gotta go because we have more running around to do! We have to cram a lot into these next two days because my dad leaves early Monday morning :(

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down one point five.  I worked my butt off this week! But I can't help being a teensy bit discouraged because all that work, and I'm just a little better than I was two weeks ago.  Gaining sucks.  But I guess that's the point, right?

Anyway.  As usual, when I work the plan a lot, I lose a lot of weight.  Why can't I just do that EVERY week? I'll tell you why, because I'm hungry! And I like to eat my feelings.  That doesn't really help.

BUT, the smoothies are helping a lot.  In one smoothie, I can get two veggies and two fruits AND since I use that adkins shake as the base instead of juice or yogurt, I'm also getting a dairy serving and half my calcium for the day.  All three times I've done weight watchers in the past, I have NEVER been big on the good health guidelines, but I'm really trying to get them all checked off this time around.  I want this weight loss to be PERMANENT! And I want to hurry up and get it done so I can get my boob job slash tummy tuck slash butt lipo :)

Ten pounds to go before the boat gets back! I have full confidence that I can get it done.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Two of my favorite bloggers (here and here) both started doing this Five Minute Friday.  It was weird, because as far as I can tell, these women have NOTHING to do with each other- one lives in Oregon and one lives in Georgia (or maybe Alabama, I can't exactly remember.) But then again, I live in Guam, and now I'm doing it, so who knows.  Anyway, if ya'll don't already follow the Gypsy Mama, it's time to start. She has the same beautiful, flowing style as that darn Kelle Hampton, but it's a thousand times better because she doesn't try to make you feel bad about yourself and she's just a way better writer.

Anyway.  The point is, she gives you a prompt and you write for five minutes.  So I finally did it and it wasn't exactly what I thought I would write about, but I guess that's the point, right? So here we go.

The prompt: EVERYDAY

Everyday.  Everyday.  Isn’t that a Dave Matthews song? I can’t remember.  I don’t really get all the Dave Matthews hype.  Gosh I hope my friend Tanya doesn’t read this- she is a DMB fanatic.  Aren’t they all though? I’ve never heard of someone who just sort of could take DMB or leave them.  You’re either a die hard fanatic, or you hate them.  I guess I don’t really hate them, I just don’t think they’re that amazing.  This lady Tanya though, I guess she really does.  She has a little baby named Morgan who used to go to school with Ava.  I met Morgan before I met Tanya, and even though Morgan’s name is NOT Morgan Morgan, I am constantly thinking that Tanya’s name is Tanya Morgan.  It’s not.  I used her as a contact at school and even filled it out Tanya Morgan.  The director caught me and asked me if she was who I meant.  I’m such a moron.

Everyday.  I feel like we’re supposed to be saying profound things, not talking about Morgan Morgan and the DMB.  But now that I’ve said EVERYDAY a few times in my head, it’s making me think of my tenth grade geometry teacher, this CRAZY lady named Ms. Cadney.  I bet her name was NOT Cadney Cadney.  She used to just be so weird.  Crazy.  She would talk about herself in the third person.  And she would say weird things like “You need to bring your calculator every what? EVERY DAY.” Except she didn’t pronounce it EVERY DAY, it was more like EVER DAAAAH.  It was weird.  I’m pretty sure I had that class with Angela.  I swore never to return to the hell that was my experience in Biloxi, but the prospect of getting to see Angela EVERY DAY is so tempting that I think about it sometimes.  I had such a hard hard time during junior high and high school, I just hated it, I hated everything.  But I love her, and I loved her then, so it’s tempting.

Just not tempting enough.

Everyday I say I’m going to hang up some new pictures, and I never do.  I still have pictures of babies Ava and Scott up.  Nothing

Oops.  Five minutes.  That was weird!

There you go, my very first five minute Friday! It was fun! It's sort of hard to link up to anyone nowadays since my days start fourteen hours before the rest of the world, but she must have hers done ahead of time and set to go right at midnight or something, because it's always ready for me while it's still actually Friday here.  So that's cool.  Anyway.  Later skaters. Try five minute Fridays, it's fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I haven't written about my super special sweet fourth baby in a while, but she's still alive and kickin.  I haven't wanted to write because everything I think ends up sounding like total bragging, and I know that a few new mamas read this, and I don't want them to feel bad, but you know what? I paid my mama dues with Warren.  I am STILL paying my mama dues with Warren.  So I think I'm entitled to a little bragging, don't you? And if you're currently awake at two in the morning with your own colicky infant,you probably don't want to continue.
Because Daisy June is the perfect baby.  Absolutely perfect.  When women get pregnant, those first few weeks, where they're fantasizing about life with a new baby...Daisy June is the baby they're imagining.  Ava was a pretty easy baby, as was Scott, but neither one of them holds a candle- not even a teeny tiny flicker of a flame- to the amazement that is Daisy June Engelbrecht.
Determined not to be cross eyed.  Not sure who's gonna win that fight baby. 
She only cries when she's hungry, and that can't even really be described as crying.  She just sort of makes noise until someone notices and picks her up.  She DOES like to be held a lot, but that's my own fault because I hold her a lot.  A LOT.  Because I don't trust her siblings not to attack her, and because she's my last baby.

She hasn't hit any milestones yet (not like I actually have any idea what or when these alleged milestones are) because she's either sleeping, in my arms, or in the swing.  So she's not really reaching for things, batting at toys, or rolling over.

She does, however, roll over in the swing.  I know I should strap her in, but sometimes it just gets away from me.  She hasn't rolled out.  Yet.  Actually, I'm getting better at strapping her in, because I don't want her to roll out and then be scarred for life and never want to go in the swing again.

She no longer smells like a foot.  She still drools a ton, but so did Ava, so that doesn't weird me out at all.    She's lost most of her dark hair, and what little bit has grown in is a lot lighter.  Poor Ava might end up all alone with non-bright-white hair.

She's four months already, but her appointment isn't until next Monday.  I'm considering skipping it and just going straight for her shots.  It's such a waste of time! I mean, they weigh her, ask me if I have any concerns, then send us for shots.  But with waiting, that's like an hour.  No fun.  And I've weighed her on my scale, she's fifteen pounds.  She's the fattest Engelbrecht yet.  Want a little perspective?  Ava was eighteen pounds (that's THREE more than Daisy) at her ONE YEAR CHECK UP.  So yeah.  She's a chunk.

She pulls her hair and ears when we're snuggling (or when she's standing in the jumpy) just like Warren did.

She REFUSES to take a pacifier.  Which is fine for now, I guess, but what do I do when she's older and crying and I can't just toss a paci at her to shut her up? Er, I mean, to soothe her? And what do I do when  I'm ready to take her paci away? I can't exactly chop her fingers off! Maybe one, but she seems to prefer two! I can't very well chop off TWO fingers!

She smiles on command and laughs for me, exclusively.  She has a deep, throaty, old man chuckle.  It's the most precious thing I've ever heard.

She's getting too big for her carrier.  I can't bear to take her out though, because she'll be the last of FOUR babies to be in it.  The last.  Of four babies.  I'm going to cry just thinking about it.

These are from a while ago, probably late April.  Getting through my pictures is always on my to-do list, and it hardly ever gets done.  Sigh.
Guess who learned how to load actions in PSE?

 So that's Daisy June.  I'm so sorry if you have a difficult baby, or whatever the pc term for that is these days.  I feel for you, because I did it with Warren.  But Daisy...oh, Daisy June.  She could not be more perfect.  I literally thank God every single day that she's so easy.  Because honestly, let's face it, if she weren't, I would have been up to the fifth floor a long, long time ago.