Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Minute Friday

If you don't know about the Gyspy Mama and Five Minute Friday, check her out here.

Caught up? Good.  Start my egg timer.  The prompt is STILL.


“Sit still!”
“Sit STILL!!”
“SIT still!”
“SIT STILL!!!!!”
“I will give you one hundred thousand dollars if you will just SIT STILL FOR FIVE MINUTES!!!”
Be still.  Be still and know that I am God.  Why can’t my kids get it? Why can’t they understand that if they could just slow down, just stop, just take a breath, just BE STILL, they would find wonder.  They would, I know it.  They would find wonder.
Like I do.  When I am still, I find wonder.  When I am still, I remember that God is God.  I really do, I know it.  I know.  God is God.  God is good.  God knows what’s going on.  God knows that my husband has been gone for four months, and he’s got another two or three left.  God knows that I probably spanked a little too hard too much today.  God knows that if I would have just stood still- just for a second, just for a whisper of a breath- if I had just been STILL, I could have remembered that I am all they have.  They have teachers, and friends, and family that love them, but in the end, at the end of the day, in the stillness in the dark, I am their world.  I’m the only thing standing between them and the horror of the unknown, the chaotic, confusing world that is the Real World.
But why can’t they just be still? Just once? Just for one minute? Because I KNOW that if they would just BE STILL, they would get a tiny glimpse of what I see when I am still.  And what I see is amazing.  And if-



Your turn.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Stayed the same.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  Not sure what I expected, since I've all but quit exercising and I eat whatever's left when my kids are done.  On the bright side, I think I'm finally so depressed that I'm just not hungry.  Normally, I'm just a little depressed, and I eat everything in sight.  Silver linings, right?

This week was supposed to be VBS.  I volunteered, I was working in the kitchen making snacks.  That's the best way to do it, because you don't have to be in charge of those miserable little people, you don't have to discipline them or sing songs with them or any of that, but they all love you because you're the snack lady! Who DOESN'T love the lady feeding them goodies? (See all previous posts about how loved I feel while eating...) Anyway, I made it two days (TWO DAYS!!!) before they said Daisy and Warren can't hang out in the nursery anymore because of the sores on their faces.

Yes, I know it looks gross.  Yes, first time moms are probably pretty squimish about that sort of thing, but they never had fevers or anything, and it's not bothering them at all.  From what my trusty google advisors are telling me, EVERYONE gets hand foot and mouth, and it's NOT A BIG DEAL. It even says you don't have to stay home from daycare! AND, best part? DAISY AND WARREN ARE THE ONLY KIDS IN THE NURSERY!!! So even if they are wildly contagious and pose a threat to the entire nation of toddlers, there's no one else to spread it to!!!

But whatevs, right? What am I gonna do.  So Ava and Scott get to still go, but big whoop.  They get to go to school every day anyway.  MAMA is the one who wanted to get out of the house and hang with some other adults for a week!!! I was so excited about this stupid thing, I bought a new shirt and everything.  I don't think I've felt like such a loser since the ninth grade.

Hmm. I am apparently more upset about this than I realized as I am now crying.  Stupid church.  Wanna know what else ticks me off, as long as we're doing this now? They sing sitting down.  How can you sing a song like Shout to the Lord WHILE YOU'RE SITTING DOWN?!?!? I stood up last week because it was just pissing me off, but then I was standing up all alone in a big church, and that pissed me off even more.  It's weird! Stand up!!! AND they don't have a nursery for Bible study, but apparently (according to my mama) that's typical.  Guess I was just spoiled by my old church in Virginia.

I hate it here.  I'm thinking of changing my blog address to  or maybe  What do you think? Think my mom would lose her mind?

So, here's a recap of the week.  And it's not even halfway done yet.
1) I ate cold leftovers that my kids had already picked through and didn't exercise at all and was still mildly surprised when the scale didn't budge.

2) Cried when I looked it up and I've only lost sixteen pounds in the last TWENTY WEEKS.  Cried harder when I went through old posts and realized that when Warren was six months old, I was down to 158 and had already lost THIRTY POUNDS.  In case you're just dying to know, I'm 173 now.  That would be ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THREE POUNDS. Ugh.  I feel gross even thinking about it.

3) Got fired from my VOLUNTEER job at VBS.  That's as bad (WORSE) than getting fired on your day off for stealing boxes.  What, you trying to build a clubhouse or something?

4) We're all sticking to the floor but instead of mopping, we've just decided to wear socks.

5) Daisy slept all night last night, which I love, but now she's screaming her head off and fighting her nap, which, to me, is just as bad.  This mama needs naps.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'd rather she (all of them) slept amazingly during the day, even at the expense of waking up at night.

6) I finally bought Game of Thrones and stayed up WAY past my bedtime reading it last night.  HOORAY! Although, I'm a little nervous that it's going to be one of those books that's really really hard to read on the ereader, because I'm going to keep needing to flip back to keep all the characters straight.  Ugh.

It's gotta go uphill from here, right? Although, that's what I said when I realized that Nick was going to end up being gone for more than five months, and look how that turned out.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Liberation Day

So, after a little wikepedia research, I can tell you that on July 21st, 1944, Guam was occupied (is that the word?) by Japanese forces, and then the Marines landed on Asan Beach (where I do my walks! correction: where I DID my walks...) and liberated the island.  Hence, Liberation Day.

I didn't go last year because Nick was gone.  But my neighbor invited me and offered to help, and since I now know that Nick is pretty much no longer a part of our lives (don't worry, we're not getting divorced.  He'd have to be around for more than fourteen days in an EIGHT MONTH PERIOD for that) I figured I might as well just go without him.  So we did! And it was FANTASTIC.

Sort of like a really small Mardi Gras parade.  A d'Iberville Mardi Gras perhaps.  Except in Guam, everyone grills out on the route.  And instead of hamburgers and hot dogs, you get gourmet chicken, ribs, rice, salads, and keleguan (probably spelled wrong but my FAVORITE thing to eat here!) The food is probably the only thing I can say I absolutely LOVE about Guam.

Well, the food, and the friendly people.  I love those too.  
Bear in mind that I didn't no a single person in those pictures above.  Yvonne knew a few of them, and they invited her to sit with them (it's Guam, you HAVE to be in the shade or you will literally DIE) and she invited us, and they were just as welcoming as if we were their own family.  Have some food, have a drink, have more food, here, we'll take your baby- it was AH-MAZ-ING. Love it.

Then of course, there was the parade.  Little different than what you might be used to, but they threw some candy every now and then, and my kids lasted four hours before we had to bail.  That's phenomenal in Engelbrecht Time.
That picture on the top right? That's a float with the animals from the Guam Zoo. All of them.

Lucy the Karabo and her dogs...
All right, the kids are bugging me and I'm sick of editing, so I'm just throwing the rest of the pics up.  Thanks Yvonne for taking all these shots!! You can see that while I got my new camera the day before the parade, I only took three pictures.  Sigh.
I'm the worst blogger ever.  This would be SO CUTE cropped and actioned!

The other sweet family we went with.  She has four kids too.  But her kids are a LOT different from my kids. As you can see by the fact that they're all sitting still...

Our little camp.

Mama's getting a little tired.
Mama needs a haircut.  But I'm still rockin my pedi! And a pretty nice tan, if I do say so myself :)

Warren slept for about an hour.  Then ate a bunch of candy and went back to sleep.

Some of the Houston Widows.

Engelbrechts don't like loud noises.  AT ALL.

I gotta go back and edit this one.  I just love Ava. 
Look how excited he looks!!! Nevermind that the parade was coming from the other direction...

 So now I can say we've done the Liberation Parade.  Biba Guahan!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down two pounds!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Although I'm a little baffled.  I 'worked out' exactly one time, and, along with two boxes of Nilla Wafers, I had pizza one night, Wendy's one afternoon, and McDonalds yesterday on my date with Scott.  In my defense, he tricked me.  He wanted a shake, and then he only took two sips.  I couldn't very well just throw it out, that would be wasteful.  Gotta think green, people.

So maybe my body realized I'm not pregnant anymore? A girl can dream.  It must have, because my hair is falling out in clumps, and that's definitely a post partum thing for me.  So maybe the ole body's finally getting its act together and it getting rid of all the fluid? I mean, come on body! The baby is six months old!

Speak of all the fluid, I gave up on the rings battle and took them in to be resized.  They were SIXES.  In what world were my man hand small enough to wear a size six ring? I'll tell you what world- The Great Frigid Northeast.  I must have had them sized down in Connecticut when we lived there for the winter.  So stupid.  Didn't it dawn on me that that's why they were too big? No.  Because I was stupid.  Because ONCE AGAIN I was post partum.

I barely remember learning about hormones in nursing school, and I'm sure it's easier for me because I don't breast feed, but I figure, let's assume it takes a year for your hormones to get back to normal after you have a baby.  Seems reasonable, even with absolutely no scientific data to support.  I guess I could! I'm on a strict time limit with my internet this week! Anyway, a year.  That means, after Ava, I never got to be normal (I got knocked up again when she was eight months old) and then after Scott and Warren, I had exactly TWO MONTHS (give or take a few days I suppose) of Normal Hormones and a Fully Functioning Brain.  That means, in the last six and a half years, I've had four months of being a real person.

What if, after Daisy June turns a year and I'm a real person again, I can't remember how to act? What if I don't fit back into society? I might have to go to some sort of special jail or halfway house, where they have group sessions to help get us integrated back into society.

I wonder if they'll make me bring my kids?

Anyway.  Down two pounds!!! Did I mention that yet? At least with Nick never coming home, I don't have to worry about my mini goal.  It was to be at 168 when I went to the pier with the Skinny Minnie's at the beginning of August, those tanned, toned goddesses with the blonde hair that doesn't seem to notice that it's five hundred percent humidity.  Well...August ain't happening folks, and especially not the beginning.  So I guess I can be fat for a little bit longer.

This lady at Bible study Monday was talking about starting her diet (I wanted to scream "DO WEIGHT WATCHERS!!! IT'S NOT A DIET, IT'S A LIFESTYLE!" But she didn't ask for my opinion) and how she's going to pray that God and the Word can provide her with the comfort that she seeks from food.  And it dawned on me that perhaps she's got something there.  I mean, I know I'm an emotional eater.  When you're sprawled in the recliner, watching a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family and eating a tube of raw cookie dough with your fingers, it's IMPOSSIBLE not to feel loved, you know? So maybe I should start asking God to help me out a little with this one.  I mean, I'm already asking for so much, what's one more thing, right?


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pinterest Strikes Again

Still no camera.  Add to the ever growing list of reasons I hate living on the other end of the world: even the fastest mail takes seven days.  And I'm pretty sure that this guy did NOT mail it the fastest route.  Loser.

So, since I don't have tons of pics to edit, I had to find another way to spend hours on the computer.  I'd dabbled in pinterest before, but now that I finally got my  Wowzers.  Amazing clothes. Fabulous recipes.  Inspirational organization pics. And quotes.  Hundreds and hundred and hundreds of quotes.

It's bad ya'll.  Add that to the fact that netflix FINALLY streams to's not looking good.  This is what happens when I'm alone in this great big house for five months with little to no adult interaction! I'm like one of those hermit recluse teenage guys with terrible acne who grow up to live in their mom's basement and make people call them Warlock.  Ugh.

Here are just a tiny few of the pins I found today.  It's bad ya'll.  Have I mentioned that?

This first one is a little political, I guess, which isn't really me, but I thought it sort of brought up a point that some people seem to forget.
I do not know anyone who has had to deal with this unspeakable horror.  I'm not trying to make light of this situation, or offend anyone.  Except, of course, rapists.  I just think that people need to realize this.

This one REALLY speaks to me.  You know? 

And yes, while I did read the Twilight books, I thought they were light, fluffy, silly things to pass my time.  I thought Bella stands for everything that is wrong about what society teaches girls nowadays.  I cannot STAND it when people talk about Twilight compared to Harry Potter.  They are not even on the same planet.  I'm trying to find some eloquent way to put it, but I can't come up with anything.  It's like comparing a piece of sand to the most delicious, exquisite, sweetest, creamiest, best wedding cake that you've ever eaten in your entire life? It's just not even something worth comparing. Ugh.

Might have this printed and framed :)

Shoulda put my foot down and named Warren Westley.

Sorry.  I just can't get enough of HP fans making fun of Twilight.  HP fans just GET me.

Okay, fine.  I'm a little obsessed.  A lot.  But I truly love those books.  I really do.  They really and truly are a defining part of my life.  And I think I've finally convinced my husband to read them!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

And wanna know what sort of sucks? All these fun quotes and pics on pinterest about HP, every time I come across one about it being over, or shaping someone's life, or something gay like that...I cry.  I actually cry.  UGH!!!

Which reminds me, I've been getting so much support and loving emails and comments about Nick being gone for MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS, and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate everything.  The single most important, helpful thing that you can do for me is to pray.  Pray specifically, and use my name.  Prayer is the most powerful tool we have. If you're not used to praying, or you feel silly praying for someone you've never met, just pray something along the lines of "God, please help my friend Jennifer remember that your grace is suffiencent for her.  Remind her that all she has ever or will ever need, your hand has and will provide." It's easy.  And it will help me.  It really will.

And, don't forget that I'm certainly not the only one going through rough times.  Yes, there are quite a few military guys (and women, ugh) who find ways to weasel their way out of deployments, to unload their responsibility onto someone else, to force others to pick up the slack.  But for every asshole out there not doing his part, there's dozens more who ARE.  And they've left their wives (and husbands) at home to raise their children and keep their houses from being condemned by the health department.  I don't have it any harder than any other military wife (or husband) out there.  Except for the ones married to the weasels.  So while I appreciate your thoughts and prayers from the bottom of my heart, I just want to make sure you don't think I'm unique.  My situation is NOT unique.  There are tons of us.  So maybe say a prayer for all the wives (and husbands) who are feeling lonely tonight.

And then say an extra one for me.  Because I really do need it.

PS- If you want to start pinterst, leave a comment with your email, then set aside approximately nine hours of your day.  Daily.  I'll invite you and you can get hooked too.

Oh shoot, I forgot one! I gotta verify if SK really said this though, because it doesn't sound like him.  I might be being mislead.  Although, if they put it on the internet, it's gotta be true...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Stayed the same.  Groan.  I know I should be grateful that I didn't gain, but let's be honest- staying the same is NO FUN! Granted I haven't exercised in six weeks a while, but still.  I wanted to get on that scale and discover I'd lost ten pounds, you know?

HOWEVER, I think the endless tears and screaming at my kids since my mama left is sort of a gentle nudge that it's time to get back outside and get some fresh air and endorphins.  If you had ever told me I'd be spouting this Tom Cruise bullsh*t about exercise and water curing depression, I would have probably punched you in the face.  And to tell the truth, I am a little horrified to find myself saying these things.  But I can only say what I feel, and I truly feel that exercise helps, at least a little, at least for ME, with my depression.

And THAT being said, if I don't kick this funk soon, I'm going to have to go another route.  I've been getting these terrible headaches from my allergies, so I made an appointment to beg for zofran (does anyone else get SUPER nauseous with a headache? I never did before I started getting pregnant, but nowadays, not five minutes after I start getting that pressure behind my eyes, I get first-trimester-the-world-is-totally-going-to-end-and-I'm-going-to-die nauseous. And guess how many times I had to google it to get nauseous spelled right? I mean, that does NOT look correct!) Anyway, first of all, he better be willing to give me zofran.  I don't want to have to find one of those teenagers who forges prescriptions for vicodin, but I will.  I will find a drug dealer to get me some zofran, don't test me!  And then, if I'm still having this hard of a time, I guess I'll ask for something.  I know a pill can't give my kids a bath and pack all their lunches in the morning, but maybe if I could stop crying for a few hours, I could get a little more done, you know?

In other news, I bit the bullet and ordered a new camera.  Since none of ya'll offered any help (thanks for that!) I had to consult my trusty google.  I just love google.  And what I came up with was that as much as I wanted the D90, since I am nowhere NEAR a skilled photographer, the MUCH less expensive D5000 was the better choice.  Now let's all band together and pray with all our hearts that my lens wasn't affected (effected? Holly, you out there? it's Affected, right? because that's the verb?) by those blasted bubbles.  Because it was my goodie, my fave, my 55-300.  My most prized possession. If that lens is ruined...I don't even want to think about it.  I really don't. Why, oh why, did I throw that camera in my stroller? What is WRONG with me?!?!

I have too many kids.  That's what's wrong with me.  And my husband picked the WRONG boat.  But speaking of those little babies, I just love them.  And if ya'll know me, you know that's saying something, that I'm talking about how much I love them :) Today, I went to make sure Scott hadn't peed his pants because we were on hour three of naptime and he'd dragged out his quilt the night before because he was cold (the boys' bedding cost almost double what Nick's and mine did.  Typical.  So I usually keep it folded in the closet and don't let anyone near it) Anyway, he was laying there 'reading' and I was asking him if he had to pee.  He looked over the top of his book and said "Mama.  Can you stop talking? I'm trying to read."

If you showed him an M a G and an H, he would tell you they were all the same and that they were the letter Q.  But he needs me to hush so he can read.  I. Love. It.  One of the many things I am SO grateful to my own mama for is that she instilled a LOVE (obsession) for reading in me.  Mom, if you're reading this, you have no idea how much it means to me that, even though you didn't want me reading Stephen King, you never said I couldn't.  She let me read whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  And I can't imagine life without this love (OBSESSION) with reading.

But mom? Remember when you wouldn't let me go see the movie Seven, with Brad Pitt? And instead I went to see Mission Impossible? Well, I lied.  We snuck into Seven.  And it was so scary, it gave me nightmares for weeks.  You were totally right, I wasn't ready for that movie.  I'm sorry.

All right.  I feel so much better.  If you're still reading, phew, why?

Monday, July 11, 2011

What's Happening, Hot Stuff?

Well, my mom is gone.  AND she left about forty eight hours after I found out that Nick is going to be staying out for another few months.  What a drag.  I know I'm a submarine wife and this is what I signed up for and that 'eighty five percent of the year at sea' means that they spend, oh, I don't know, eighty five percent of the year at sea...but it just sort of caught me off guard.  And if I'd found out a few weeks ago, I would have sent all my stuff to storage and moved to Biloxi for the rest of this year.  We could have just met Nick in Hawaii after Christmas, you know?

Anyway.  Needless to say, those last few days with my mama were an emotional disaster.  I cried a lot.  A LOT.  But my mama got me on track.  We found a housekeeper who's coming every Thursday to get the things done that I just can't (rather, won't) do.  Mopping, bathrooms, dusting, changing the sheets, gag me.  I feel bad, I feel guilty spending the money, but I just can't keep up.  And I don't want to.  And it's not like Nick is around for us to spend money going to the movies or on holiday or anything.  (Guess who's rereading Bridget Jones for the tenth time :) )

Speaking of money, I broke my camera.  More accurately, I stuck my camera in a pile of Crayola colored bubbles.  Apparently the circuit board is in the bottom, and that was SATURATED.  Why didn't ya'll ever tell me that you can't stick your camera in three inches of bubbles? I blame you, so I'll take your humble apology if it's accompanied by a donation to my New Camera Fund.  Because I only have my crapberry, and the phone on that is even crappier than the internet. #manican'twaittogettohawaiiandgetmyiphone.  You like that? I'm hooked on doing that.  Apparently you only do it if you have a twitter or something.  I do not have a twitter.  I just really like to smash words together.  And the numbers sign? What's not to love?

So that's my story.  I set up my move, packers will be here on November 2nd.  Is it tacky to start a countdown when the day you're counting to is a hundred and fourteen days away? Because I just might, I am THAT excited to get off this rock.  Nevermind that I won't actually be LEAVING said rock until at least two months after the movers come...not the point.  I've got some schools lined up for Ava, but I need to look into preschool for the boys.

Speaking of preschools...that's another unending source of guilt for this mama.  I have a feeling that I'll be sending Warren five days a week most weeks.  I don't know why this makes me feel so guilty.  I mean, I pay the same fee whether he goes one day a week, or all five.  So it's not a money thing.  And when he stays home, I usually get so frustrated that I yell at him or act like an why do I feel guilty? He loves it there.  He really does.  Ugh.

And don't be surprised if I'm MIA for weight check Wednesday.  At least since I'm spending all this money on cameras and housekeepers and preschool that I don't need because I'm a stay at home mom, pretty soon I won't be able to afford food, so I should get pretty skinny after that.  That's something at least.  BUT, it's time to get back to the grind.  I need a workout like you wouldn't believe.  It's just so hard to get back into it after being out for five weeks, you know?

All right.  Sorry no pictures.  Not like I was a brilliant photographer anyway.  Ooh, does anyone know the differences between the Nikons out now? I have to stick with Nikon because I have three lenses, and I'm not really a Canon girl anyway.  I know I want one of the ones with video, but honestly, there's like nineteen models out now.  The regular D60 and 90, then they get in the thousands.  Not dollars, model numbers.  Like D3100.  What a stupid model number.  I don't want one of those just based on principle. But let me know if you know the difference.  I don't feel like spending nine hours online researching it, just to make the decision blindly anyway.  Sigh.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down two point five! I also did my measurements this week (ugh, so gross!) and I lost three inches in my waist! It's like I had a baby or sumpin.  My big ole booty and hips are the same though, so gross.  So even if, theory, I could button some normal pants around my newly slender waist (har har), I couldn't get them over my thighs.  Whatareyagonnado, right?

I have no idea if I stand a chance of my mini goal, to be standing at the pier at one sixty eight.  Mainly because I have no idea when Nick is coming home.  Actually, I've decided he's never going to come home, he's going to live underwater for the rest of his life.  I'll be a crazy lady with really long hair and bushy eyebrows that hang over her eyes, screaming at my grown children who refuse to get jobs and move out.  AND I'll be stuck on Guam because I'll still be to scared to take them all on a plane to get the hell out of here.


So yeah, that's where we are.  Six and a half away from my 'fifteen pounds by the end of summer' but no  date for that goal, so it's sort of...liquid.  I guess I should hold myself to the end of July, because that was the original date, but I can't lose six and a half pounds in three weeks.  Well, I guess technically you can lose two pounds a week on maybe.  This week was a fluke because I think I was bloated last week, so I was higher than I actually was.  Maybe I could go to the beach five days a week and sweat it off? Does that sound safe...?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Well, by the time I got up (part of reverting to infanthood around my mother is sleeping in past eight) it was pouring.  Not just a passing tropical shower, not just a rainy season drizzle- it was POURING.  I almost cried.  I'd already told the kids that we were going to a picnic on base and that there'd be bouncy houses.  What kind of idiot rookie mother tells her kids an entire twenty four hours before a fun event ABOUT the fun event? Moron.

Anyway, my mom calmed me down and we headed to the base.  We got an AMAZING parking space, which instantly brightened my mood.  There's just nothing more awesome than a good spot.  Know what I'm talking about?  Then...Ava's lifelong dream came true.  Despite the fact that the lens was foggy from my too-cold car (which neither me nor my mother noticed, morons) I think you can see the look of pure delight on her face.

She's holding a baby.  While standing up.  And not just any baby, HER baby.  It's truly something she's been LONGING for since she was old enough to walk.

Then we tried a group shot.  And actually, some of them are sort of cute, except for the fog.  Anyone know any tricks in PSE to get rid of that? I sharpened and sharpened and sharpened some more, but this was as good as it got.

We hung out in the bounce houses for about nineteen hours, but I didn't really get any good pictures.  I was too busy diverting my eyes in shame from the dirty looks EVERYONE was giving me when they saw Warren's black eye.  I mean, really? Is he the first boy to fall and get a black eye? Well, he's not, because Scott had a black eye on the same side two years ago, so there.  I mean, do people really think I would PUNCH my two year old in the face? And then take him to a bounce house to make it up to him?

But I did get these shots.  He's literally falling asleep as he sits there.  Poor little beaten up dude.
His eye looks even worse than it used to.  It's yellow, black, purple, and blue.

After a bunch of big kids overtook the bounce houses, we headed for the firetrucks.  What is more fun than a firetruck and a bunch of super nice firefighters? I haven't figured out the answer to that yet. Nothing, according to my children.

Then we headed to Heaven on Earth. It was a parking lot full of a bunch of huge CB trucks.  Kids are so dumb.  We could have stayed there for the rest of the day.  Scott was more excited than I've ever seen him, just climbing around looking at the trucks.  Silly boy.

But, to my pleasant surprise, I learned that Truck Fun is not, apparently, just for boys :)
She was all over ALL the trucks!
Ava started to climb WAY up- I mean, it was SERIOUSLY way the heck up there- into the cab of this one HUGE truck and this super nice CB ran over to help her and she just scaled that ladder without looking back.  He looked at me with his eyes raised, obviously impressed.

She doesn't get it from me dude.

Then Scott, being Scott, found a little toy broom and began sweeping out the front thingy in the tractor type thingie truck.  How does he find that stuff?!?!

And when I finally paid attention to my Junebug, she was busy making faces.  Sigh.  Daisy.  Making faces does NOT help with our Awkward Alien Eyes Phase.

So that was it! Our second (and FINAL!!) Independence Day on Guam.  It's no Virginia Beach, but I guess it'll do.  Since there's not another option.

Have fun celebrating in the Real World ya'll!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photo Dump

My 'edited and ready for blog' folder was getting filled up with all these random shots I haven't posted and couldn't think of a cohesive way to get them on.  SOOO I figured I'd just dump them all out and get it over with.
My son, whom my mother SWEARS is not going to be in special education classes, playing with his trucks.  And by 'playing' I mean 'lining up perfectly in a way that only makes sense to him.'
My mama and daddy at Two Lover's Point.  
My Junebug.  Who is taking her sweet time outgrowing this Awkward Alien Eyes phase.  Sigh.

And then Warren, loving on his baby sister.  Five and a half months later and he is STILL obsessed with her feet.  I could just eat that boy with a spoon ya'll!!

So that's what's happy-happenin' lately.  Still hanging with my mama, laying around at the beach and running errands with an extra set of hands.  We're down to seven days, eight nights, but I'm trying not to think about it.  I tried to talk her into staying an extra week or two, but apparently she has a life to get back to back in the real world.  What's that about?

Speaking of my mama, I have to see if anyone else has this strange disease.  It's called Whenever My Mama Is Around I Revert To Early Childhood Syndrome.  It's VERY strange, and oddly debilitating.  With my mom here, I am somehow, inexplicably, unable to function as a grown adult.  I can't make decisions.  I can't get up on time.  My children ask me for things, and I just stare at my mom with my mouth slightly open, a string of drool at one corner.  It's like I can't understand a single thing they're saying.  The hardest thing is the lack of decision making skills, it makes things really hard!! Does anyone else do this? Is it just me? It's really very strange.  I'm literally like an infant, completely dependent on her for all my basic needs.  Weirdo.