Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Well, so far, today has been half suck and half totally AWESOMESAUCE.

Sucky? I spent ninety minutes and four hundred dollars at the commissary.  Awesome? When I was leaving, the preschool we signed up for back in September, the one who told me Scott was first on the list but that they didn't think anyone was leaving any time soon, called and said he can start as soon as I finish the paperwork!!!

Sucky? We were pretty late to Ava's first day and I found out that when I pick her up in the afternoons, she can't just head for the carpool line.  I have to unload everyone and walk in and get her.  After I find a parking spot.  Awesome? I think I might be able to work it out with my friend Laura to take her kids and she'll take care of pickups!!!

Sucky? Those groceries are all over the table and counters.  I don't feel like putting them away.  Awesome? Uh, I'm blogging instead of putting away groceries.

Sigh.  Anyway.  I plan on going thru at least a few pictures tonight, so hopefully  my next post won't be so...picture-less.

Here's my menu for the week.  It's time to try and start feeling a little more settled here.  Apparently, that means we need to stop living at the Panda Express.  We'll see how long that lasts.

Monday: taco cups.  I'll post the link if they're any good.  In other news, I'll be making this with leftover taco soup.  Doesn't that seem economical? You're supposed to brown meat and taco seasoning and beans and all that...but I'm using taco soup.  I am!

Tuesday: chicken lo mein.  Trying to wean ourselves off Panda Express.  I have a feeling that home made lo mein is NOT going to cut it as methadone.

Wednesday: breakfast

Thursday: beef and broccoli.  And noodles I guess, since my damn rice cooker is in my express shipment.

Friday: we're either meeting Jen at Chuck E Cheese, or ordering Papa John's.  Or driving thru the Panda Express.  WHATEVER.

Saturday: fish and tortellini.  Because we can't have rice.

Sunday: grilled chicken leg quarters.  And not rice.

What's on your menu this week?


  1. Good luck in Hawaii! Give Meg a call! I don't mean this in a sarcastic or snotty way, but you can make rice in a pot. Ya know, if you really want it. That's what we old folks did before rice cookers. Just sayin'. :) A rice cooker is a lot faster and convenient, though. Hope your stuff and husband gets there soon! Don't worry, Guam is still the same.

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  4. maybe... just maybe... you could make rice... wait for it... IN A POT!

  5. ugh. i try to be a smart ass and i have to delete my comment twice b/c i miss-spelled (mispelled?) angle! that's what i get.

  6. The homemade lo mein sounds good, even if it's not PE :)

    Our meals this week: Crockpot orange chicken w/ broccoli and rice, Pepperoni Pizza Puffs + Salad w/ Better Than Balsamic, Potato Chowder and Beer Bread (for the rest of the crew on a night I have a dinner meeting), Noodle Salad w/ Peanut MMM Sauce, Fig & Prosciutto Polenta Pizza, Vodka Penne

    The elem school here is the same for the kinder kids. There's a drop off/pick up line but no adults that 'man' the area so kinder kids have to be walked to the line outside their classroom, and picked up from their classroom. But it's just me, no little ones in tow, not so bad. The elder rides to and fro on his bike with his buddies. Unfortunately there are tons of moms out there, toting little ones in strollers or slings, in this ridiculously windy 35* weather because they won't station someone at the line.