Friday, January 13, 2012


Y'all, as usual, I need you to get me on your prayer lists.  I"m not quite to the point where I'm asking random strangers at the commissary to pray for me, but I'm getting there.

Without getting into too much detail, Ava is (and therefor I am) having a hard time adjusting to life in Hawaii.  She doesn't understand what 'nerves' are and I don't think she has ANY idea that the excruciating pain she's experiencing in her belly is due to the fact that she's sad and upset and misses her I need you to pray for her.  And me.  Please pray that she realizes that THIS is our home now, that all of her belongings are here, and her friends came too.  Her mama is here for her, and her daddy will be here in a very short while (although, to a six year old, even 'tomorrow' is too long to have to wait for your daddy), her brothers love her and her sister absolutely adores her...her new teacher seems to love her almost as much as her old one, there's so much fun stuff to do here...

So yeah.  Prayers.  We went from trying to take life hour by hour to taking life minute by minute.  Obviously, I have to handle it until it's over so it seems stupid to say...but I'll say it: I don't know how much longer I can handle this.  My heart is literally going to break.  I always rolled my eyes when mamas said that about their babies, that the baby's pain was more painful for the mama than the baby...but I get it now.  I truly do.  Please, just pray that she feels BETTER.  I don't know what she NEEDS to feel better, but whatever it is...pray that she gets it.  Please.  I'm BEGGING you.  This is quickly approaching epic proportions here.


  1. Sending prayers your way! I hope sweet Ava adjusts soon. Stay strong, mommy! God doesn't give you more than you can handle. You've got this!

  2. I am so sorry, Jennifer!! I am and will be praying for her and for you. I agree--if Ada or John is upset or hurt, it is much, much worse than if I am upset or hurt. I am praying for peace for both of you and for wisdom and insight for you in knowing how to handle it and what will help her. Praying!!

  3. It's a scary and hurting feeling, but having it shows you're a good mama. Will be praying for your precious girl, and for you too!

  4. Hey chica! You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!
    I really enjoy your posts!