Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Design Help

Anybody have any suggestions? Bear in mind that I'm a total moron.  I had to update my facebook status to ask for help once because one of my kids unplugged the Mac Mac and after I plugged it back in, I couldn't figure out how to turn it on.  (Thanks Alexa for telling me that there's a 'power' button!!) I want it wide (REALLY wide) but it doesn't make sense to have it wide if my pictures are not wide too.  And why is my header over there on the right? How do I get that wide too? Should I pay someone else to do it? That's like two hundred dollars.  And it's not like I'm making money here ya'll.  AT ALL. And if I did pay someone, would that TOTALLY set it up? And could I change things up later?

If ANYONE knows anything about computers, here's a link to a blog that I want my blog to look like.

And it's a fun blog to read too.  I love to see people try to adjust from one kid to two.  Nick and I like to laugh at them.  But not in a mean way.  I mean, two kids? REALLY? Rookie.  Two is for quitters.

And also, how much coffee is dangerous? IS coffee dangerous? I've been waiting so long to like coffee that I think I might have gone a little overboard.  For instance, is the whole pot too much? I make a four cup pot in the mornings, which is one mug and one travel mug for the drive. And then I have another four cup pot at two in the afternoons.  But now I only drink one diet Sunkist, instead of five or six...

Anyway.  Please, ask your nerdy computer friends to help me.  For free.  Thanks.

And here's a pic, just to see if maybe widening my width option was enough to get wider pics.  Something tells me no...(ps when I typed that out, I typed KNOW instead of NO.  I really am a moron.  I used to be so smart!!!)

And pps, yesterday my pandora played a Killers song (love, obviously) and followed it with a Kesha song (don't have the vocabulary needed to describe the disdain) WHAT?!?! It's like Pandora doesn't even know me anymore.  And Warren deleted my most carefully constructed Top 250 Favorite Songs playlist on my iPod.  I hate that kid.

All right, let's see how big this is.  Fingers crossed!!

Update: Dammit.  It's still small!!! HELP ME PLEASE!! Do I need a picassa? Is that a thing? How about a flicker? I think PW uses a flicker...

Another Update: Huh.  I visited a few of my favorite blogs and their pics are regular sized too.  They didn't used to be!! Right? Weren't pics huge back in the day? Am I losing my mind? Is my perception skewed because I'm on my 27 inch Mac Mac? 

Ew.  As much as I hate to promote her AT ALL... has big pics.  That's what I'm after guys! Now quick, tell me how so I can take down that link.  I actually threw up as I put it in.

Updated again: Let's try this...


HOLY SHIT!!! I can't believe I did that!!

If you want to know how, after various google searches, this is what I came up with.  Open your pics in PSE.  Or whatever you use.

Resave it so you don't fuck with the originals.  I resaved it as the name (it's like a date for me, 02102012_1922) reszied.  So now it's called 02102012_1922resized.  Or something like that.

Then, image>resize>image size

I picked 900 pixels.  I might play around with it, but I think 900 seems to be pretty cute.  Granted, I'm still on my Mac Mac, so if this looks weird on a regular screen, please let me know.  I already know it looks jacked on my laptop.

Now for the header...


  1. I'm happy to help, I do graphic arts, feel free to email me anytime (

    FWIW The pics are showing up wonderfully on my 15" mbp and my sons 21" iMac.

    Why the disdain for Kelle Hampton? Just curious. I read her for a few months when a friend suggested her but don't read too many blogs anymore that don't belong to people I know personally or people living the sub life.

  2. Let my clarify, I will have a look for free. :) It hit me that by linking my site (that needs to be updated horribly) you might think I was trying to make a quick buck.

  3. So your site is pretty huge now, so I think it is partially because of your giant computer. ;) I only have a 15 inch macbook but I have to scroll to see your sidebar. The picture thing-you probably know this already so forgive me if it's dumb, but when you put it in, if you use the actual blogger website, a little bar comes up that lets you choose small, medium or large. I usually pick medium, but you could see if making them large there would be big enough and be easier than changing them in photoshop. You can also select it to be its original size, but I have a feeling with your camera that would be enormous.

    As for Kelle Hampton, she takes beautiful pictures and seems to have a good life, but my life isn't that perfect and I can't even begin to make it look like it is. I tend to add her to my reader, read it for a few weeks, then delete it for 6 months before forgetting why.