Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manoa Falls

Yesterday, we went on a hike.  Yes, you heard correctly.  The Engelbrechts went on a hike.  Weird, I know.

We hiked up to Manoa Falls.  But it's just the ONE fall.  The guidebook said it was 'easy even for novice hikers.' Uh, maybe they don't mean three year olds when they say that? Probably not.  I thought it was a pretty good workout, but VERY doable, even with a twenty pound baby on my back.  Very VERY muddy though.

And even though it was apparently only point eight miles, it took us ninety minutes to get there and back. Not sure what it would take normal people, but I was a little unprepared for it to take THAT long.  Because I'm a moron I guess.

It was {obviously} a gorgeous, breathtaking hike.  And these pictures don't even BEGIN to do it justice.  If we lived in real Hawaii instead of on the Industrial Wasteland That is Ford Island, I think I'd be content to stay here for shore duty.  But apparently Nick isn't interested in a ninety minute commute. Weird, right?

This is Scott shooting me with a cannon.  Yes.  He kills me often.

I'm not gonna lie, the 'falls' were just the teensiest bit of a letdown.  But the hike itself was still awesome and I'm really glad I let Nick talk me into it.

I wasn't going to post this next pic.  Ugh.  I've always wondered if putting on makeup REALLY makes a difference...and now I have my answer.  But, as awful as Mama looks, Ava looks amazing, so here goes...
Yes, I know I need a tummy tuck.  Thanks for asking.

I know know why people say it's easier to hike down than up.  I think it's WAY harder!! I can never keep my balance

And Daisy June...musta been rough, her having to sit there while I hiked my ass off.

Then we came home and I laid on the couch and died and watched Homeland.  I can barely walk today.  

The end.

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