Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The One Where My Camera Totally GOT Me

Once upon a time, there was a girl who's fabulous father in law got her a fabulous camera that she loved and adored.  Until she shoved it in her stroller with a bottle of bubbles and ruined the circuit board.  So she got online and didn't do any research and ordered a replacement camera that she can't figure out how to use.

So then a while later, she DID do some legwork, and ordered the 'nifty fifty' lens, guaranteed to get her great depth of field and perfect speed.  It was going to revolutionize her sub par skillZ and turn her into a photographer worthy of National Geographic, no practice needed!!

Oddly enough, the lens was not, in fact, magical.  It does take fantastic portraits, but only when the girl actually does the work to tweak the settings correctly.

Well the stars aligned at Warren's birthday party.  It was overcast, so when I opened that sucker up to 1.8, it didn't just give me a giant white burst on the screen like it usually does.  That magical day, my camera just totally got me.  It knew exactly what I was going for, and it did it.

I was on the floor, about three feet away.  I actually laid down on my side so that the camera was even with her bottom when she was standing up, then I tilted up just a tiny bit to get her whole body.

It was perfect.  It was just PERFECT.  I feel like this was truly the first time I actually set it on 1.8 and used it properly.  Like I said, usually the picture just ends up too bright and into the trash it goes.  Drives me CRAZY.

n my non professional, completely non technical opinion, this photo above perfectly captures the whole 1.8-ness of the lens.  That leaf I circled is in perfect focus.  Her top hand, just an inch or two in front of the leaf, is slightly blurred.  The bottom hand, an inch or two in front of the TOP hand, is really blurred.  And her head and shoulders are totally blurred out, along with the ENTIRE background.  It's just perfect!! I was trying to be focused on the top hand, but whatevs, I'll take what I can get.
Anyway.  Just thought I'd toot my own horn and post these.  I'm so excited!!!

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