Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trying to see just how big I can go with these pics...this is nine hundred wide.  Which I know I said that the last one was, but my mom couldn't see it, so I made the blog more narrow and now I need to find a better pic size.  Here we go...
Hmm.  Nine is too big.  Let's try 850.  It would help if I knew what a pixel was.  How big is it? Is fifty pixels less a LOT less or a TINY bit less?  I guess we're about to find out...

Looks good.  Let's try 875 just for fun.

I'll have to sleep on it.  Do me a favor and leave a comment if you have to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the whole blog, mmkay?


  1. well...I also have a MacMac - so it looks great to me. I've been wanting to change my blog too...but, I don't know how - good for you!

  2. I'm on my Macbook, I think 15" and I would have to scroll over to see your side stuff. But I like it the way you have it b/c I'm only trying to read your blog post not the side (I've already read that). I like the 850 size pic.

  3. Again, on my 15" macbook pro and didn't have to scroll at all (viewing in safari)

  4. I'm on a regular laptop (maybe 15 inch screen?) using Chrome and I didn't have to scroll! Nicole