Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weight Check Wednesday

Down a pound and a half!! Sort of.  I'm sure you were devastated when I was MIA last week (is it just me or when you hear 'MIA' do you have to sing 'third world funny business...'  Hmm? Just me? Weird.)  Anyway.  I skipped out on you because I was ashamed that I'd gained a pound after my big post on how I was going to hunker down and get serious about the flab.  I did get serious.  Then I got seriously miffed after Nick had a few crap days at work, so I got some serious comfort at the bottom of a bottle.  Totally kidding!! I get my comfort in the form of kettle chips, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and the tiny little Three Musketeers we keep around to reward Warren when he doesn't pee his pants at night.

So there's that.

Anyway, so now it looks like I'm down a pound and a half, but it's sort of just a half since I'd JUST gained that pound.  I've got my fingers crossed that the pound was at least semi related to my period and so I'll lose another pound this week easy peasy.  I sure hope I lose at least a half because I am one crummy half pound away from a new Killers album and I NEED that cd!!

I'm doing great in the workout department.  I gave myself four weeks to try and get used to waking up at five, and if, after those four weeks, it was still ruining my entire day, I was going to let myself out and figure out another way.  But this Friday marks three weeks, and so far it's really not that bad.  I'm pretty tired by three in the afternoon, but I was awfully tired at three anyway.  The hardest part is trying to get to bed at ten thirty instead of eleven thirty.  I need that last hour to play words with friends and turn all my kids' socks rightside in!!

Anyway.  As aways, I'm in total shock and awe at how GOOD I feel when I'm getting regular exercise.  I'm not eating as amazingly as I should (I finally started drinking coffee, and it sort of fills me up, so I'm not drinking my veggie shakes, so I need to figure that part out) but man, when I start eating better... I'm probably going to feel so amazing that I'll plant a garden and sew those little pillow case dresses and learn to knit or something.  I'll probably be even more amazing than Kelle Hampton.  Just wait and see.  Wink.

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  1. Congrats and hang in there...
    If you told me a year ago that I was getting up at 5am to go run I would have punch you in the throat and called you a liar.
    But I do feel better both physically and mentally -
    The work-out box is CHECKED -
    and I can tell myself through-out the day, "don't eat that, you'll waste that 5am work-out"
    And, like you, by nature, I am a night-owl (years on second shift did that to me)
    So it did take more than a few weeks for my body to shift gears...but now, I am seriously in bed reading or watching my shows on the laptop as soon as the last prayer is said sometime around 830 or 9pm.