Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weight Check Wednesday

Up two pounds.  I don't get it, I'm completely flabbergasted.  Is my scale on the fritz? Was it on the fritz last week when I thought I lost? Did I really gain two pounds? Did I really lose last week? Should I just give up? I mean, plenty of people are fat, maybe I'm just fat now.  I ate fairly sensibly (for the most part) but I didn't track.  Ugh.  Work the plan a little, lose a little weight.  Work the plan a lot...

Now I want to barf.  I'm sick of this!!! I'm still so fat that even if I just threw in the towel and went in for my boob-job-tummy-tuck-lipo, it wouldn't even do any good!!! And I want that boob-job-tummy-tuck-lipo!!!

I just don't get it.  Have I mentioned that lately? Gross.

1 comment:

  1. Start tracking. It makes a HUGE difference. Do it for two weeks and see what type of results you get. Don't get discouraged. I have been slacking at tracking thinking I can do it all in my head. NOPE. I tend to forget to add all those bad for me foods. You can do these. Start writing everything down.