Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weight Check Wednesday

Down two pounds.  Seriously? I feel like I'm being punked.  How am I losing and gaining the SAME two pounds every week? Does anyone else think this sounds fishy?  I mean, they still punk people, right? Think someone flew all the way out to Honolulu to mess with my bathroom scale?

Because it's JUST the bathroom scale.  The actual scale at the Weight Watchers meeting seems to be a normal, non-punked scale.  Like, last week, when I gained two pounds Wednesday morning on my scale, I lost a pound even at WW Thursday night.  See? I'm being punked!!

I feel pretty good.  Lo and behold, after four solid weeks of waking up every week day at five to 'work out', it's not a big deal anymore.  I just sort of do it, and then take a shower and go on about my business.  It's nice knowing that it's out of the way and I don't have to fit it in later (and with Warren not being in preschool, 'fitting it in later' isn't even an option anyways) and during naps and after the kids go down, I just veg out and watch Homeland and it's awesomesauce.

I'm not going to lie and be like "oh, if I don't work out first thing in the morning I feel awful and my whole day is ruined and working out first thing puts me in a great mood all day and I never have any problems at all!!!" It's not that serious.  If I don't work out first thing, I feel good because it means I get thirty extra minutes of sleep.  Sometimes it puts me in a good mood (EFX days) and sometimes it pisses me off because for the rest of the day, I can't sit down or stand up or climb stairs or lift my baby (30 Day Shred days).  Overall, yes, having a regular exercise pow-wow does (I believe) help regulate my cray-crays.

And {obviously} I think we all know I can use all the help regulating the crazies that I can get.

So, what's been going on in WW world for me? Good and bad.  Naturally.  My weeks run Wednesday morning till Tuesday night.  Nick has duty Wednesdays, so that's a point-heavy day for me (I like to lock myself in the pantry and eat all the boys' dry pants candy when they stress me out.  What, you don't do that?) but nothing unreasonable, mainly because I'm too busy to eat much, and I go to bed at eight fifteen, so I skip snack.  (Don't you hate people who laugh and say they're too busy to eat? I'm not that person, don't punch me in the throat.  This is ONE day a week that I'm too busy to eat.  And I'm not too busy to eat a bag of candy, by any means).  Anyway, I stay on point (for the most part) Thursday and Friday, then I stuff my face all day Saturday and Sunday.  Last weekend, I averaged fifty five points for both Friday AND Saturday!!!  Then Monday rolls around and I'm usually super strict all Monday and Tuesday.  Unless I weigh myself on Tuesdays and see that I've gained, then I throw in the towel and eat all day bc Wednesday starts a new week.  Ugh.  See? These are the crazies!!!

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  1. I'm trying out WW and like how easy it is too do but feel like its way too easy to eat crap so long as I stay w/in my points. I can't work out at all right now due to a stress fracture in my the 26 pts per day is much easier to attain when I'm not starving! And I hear you on the best friend sends my boys lego candy every few months and that stuff has crack in it!