Monday, March 19, 2012

Brain Dump

Well, it started as a brain dump.  And apparently there's not much going on in there, so now it's more like a movie slash TV review.  Whatever.

So, what did I do on my spring break? I watched a crap ton of movies and made a SERIOUS dent in my DVR.

First, I watched the Art of Getting By.  I got confused when I clicked it on Netflix, I thought it was the movie with Anton Yecher or whatever his name is, about the long distance relationship? So the whole time I'm watching, I'm waiting for these two kids to move away and the long distance relationship to start.  Besides that, this movie just sucked.  SUCKED.  Although Freddie Highmore was pretty good.  If I thought that high schoolers (even high schoolers in New York) walked around talking and acting like this, I'd probably have to slit my wrists.

So then I finally got the one I actually wanted, Like Crazy.  And it sucked too!!! It was so great all the way thru, and then the ending (or lack thereof) just sucked.  And by the end, I couldn't even decided which character I thought was more annoying.  So that was a bummer.

I gotta be honest, I didn't have high hopes for Midnight in Paris.  These kinds of artsy movies aren't usually my thing, and I can't get over Owen Wilson as anything except for Lightning McQueen or that guy from Armageddon, but this was really good!! VERY funny, and a lot of heart.  If this is what Woody Allen is usually like, I think I might be a fan.  The Zelda Fitzgerald parts were my favorite, but I also really dug the Ernest Hemingway stuff.  The way he spouted off all those deep philosophical one liners...hilarious.  Not so funny? Rachel McAdams playing a bitch.  I guess maybe she wants to branch out and show she can do other things, but it was painful to have to watch her be such a bitch.  I like her as a cute, fun...cute person.  Same with Reese Witherspoon, I would NEVER want to see her play a bitch.  Except for Tracy in Election.  She was perfect in that.  Was that her name, Tracy? I think so...

I ended with 50/50.  It was perfection, as I knew it would be.  I don't know if people who never worked in oncology and dealt with the crazy morbid humor parts of death and dying, but I did, and I loved it.  It was SPOT ON.  Except at least at NMCP, no doctor would EVER be allowed to be such an asshole!!! Our oncologists were amazing, even the gynonc, who everyone hated, he was good to his patients.  So yeah, one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.  But again, not sure the average Joe would get it, it can be a little crass.

And now, drumroll please, for the best movie I've seen in the past five years, maybe even ever...
Take Shelter.  IT.  IS.  AMAZING.  I don't even have the words to describe it.  And I hate to tell you what it's about, because it sounds so stupid.  This guy (the AMAZING Michael Shannon, who I don't understand how he's not the most famous actor of our time, he's awesome!!!) starts having these horrible nightmares about an end-of-the-world type storm.  His mom has schizophrenia, so he KNOWS he's probably just having a psychotic break, but still...he has to take precautions, JUST IN CASE.

That's all I want to say.  Just please, watch it.  It's long, and it's slow moving...but it's worth it.  It TRULY is the best movie I've seen in a long time.  Watch it.

And while you're watching, wait till you get to the part where he says "Is anyone else seeing this?" and then tell me if you didn't cry.  If you didn't SOB because you felt so awful for him.  And if you didn't, you have a block of ice for a heart.


So that's all the movies I watched (I know, right?!) but I watched a lot of TV.  All my regulars (you know how much I LOVE tv) but I also started this new one, Awake.  It's like Inception, but for tv.  The guy (LUCIOUS MALFOY!!!) doesn't know if he's awake or dreaming.  I sorta think he's dreaming in both, but I have no idea, because at the end of the last one I watched, Carrie Weaver from ER was on, and she was all like stop messing with his mind or something.  If it turns into a big conspiracy thing like they're trying to be the next Lost, I'll probably quit,  But for now, it's pretty good.  And it's LUCIOUS MALFOY people!!

Caught up on my favorite flawless as always.  I love Alicia, I love Will, I love Kalinda, I love Diane, I love Carry...did I leave anyone off? Oh, that Lisbeth, with the red hair, who got Will out of trouble? I love her too.  You know that lady is married to Ben from Lost?!?!


Finished season two of the Walking Dead.  First of all, I read about Shane dying BEFORE I watched that episode!! EW had this article and it had a spoiler alert, but I didn't realize I hadn't watched that was this whole thing.  It sucked.  But I can't say I was THAT surprised, because you couldn't exactly keep him around acting like a crazy man. I can't BELIEVE they all just left Andrea!!! I mean, COME ON!! Poor lady.  I feel bad that Hershel lost EVERYONE except his two girls, and our team didn't lose ANYONE.  Why couldn't Karl get eaten? Or PLEASE GOD Lori?

I think it's dumb that they're turing everyone against Rick.  Lazy writing, in my opinion.  This whole 'the weirdo from Lost at the CDC said we're all infected' is dumb, what does that even mean? Any human can be turned into a walker, so what does it matter if someone is infected? It's not like only certain people are turned.  Anyone who gets bit.  And now anyone who dies.  And IF this guy did say that, who did he mean by ALL? Because that kid Randall wasn't there, and he was obviously INFECTED.  Again, I chalk this up to lazy writing.  I hate it when they do that!! My hopes for season three are not that high.

Except what the hell was with that hooded guy with Andrea at the end? Why weren't those armless walkers going after him? Was he a walker? Like, a walker with a brain? And I couldn't see with the glare on my new tv (the tv that I HATE, by the by) was that like a castle or something at the end? Are they camped right next to a safe haven and don't even realize it? That's what my friend Virginia said, but since I didn't actually see it, I have no idea.

Anyway, this just makes me REALLY antsy for the Passage sequel.  Does anyone have the scoop on that? Alls I know is it's supposed to be called The Twelve.  I can't find out ANYTHING else.

Anyone else seen any good movies lately? Anything I'm missing in TV? I don't see how...

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  1. i LOVED 50/50, too! By the way, i know i gotta get another pin or 2. how pathetic!