Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday. And an Anecdote. And Some Ramblings.

Let's go all the way back to 2003.  In March, we headed to Biloxi for Mardi Gras.  I actually think we maybe might have been in New Orleans, but I'm not entirely sure.  Look how YOUNG Nick looks!! That fucking boat has really aged him these last two years.  Poor guy.

Then in September, we headed to Michigan for my Aunt Brooke's wedding.  Look at my arm!!! So skinny.  And OF COURSE, I remember thinking how fat I looked in that dress.  Idiot.  I was probably a hundred and twenty five pounds at that time.

And here's the picture I actually dug this disc out for.  {I hate ending a sentence in a preposition, but I don't know how else to say that!!}

This is the week of the wedding, at a beach somewhere.  My Michigan geography is much less than stellar.  That's my Grandma June and me.  My dad took this shot from far away, and point and shoots weren't the best back then...we had actually JUST bought our very first digital camera the winter before when we honeymooned in London!! I cleaned it up as best I could, but I wish it was a more amazing picture.

I used to have it framed on a gallery wall.  I really loved that woman.

She died the week after I found out I was pregnant with Scott.  I desperately wanted him to be a girl, for a lot of reasons, but one of them being so that I could name him June.

I guess my little Junebug was worth the wait though :)

All right.  Let's come off memory lane for a second.

This morning, Ava balked at wearing her hairbow.  She does that every now and then, probably once a week.  So I said "Ava, southern ladies ALWAYS wear a hairbow."

She replied, "What's southern?"

Me: Southern, like from Mississippi and Alabama.

Ava, after a pause: Well then I'm not southern.  I'm from Virginia and Connecticut and Guam and Hawaii.

And then my heart broke and I started crying and I crawled back under the covers because I couldn't bear to live anymore.

I've NEVER been homesick before.  I sort of hated Biloxi.  High school wasn't a bowl of cherries for me, and I couldn't WAIT to get out and never look back.  I LOVED being at Auburn, but still, I was itching to get going, to move on and move up and see the world.  Being in one place for a LONG time (FIVE YEARS in Virginia!!!) was beyond torture for me.

And now this.  What is this feeling?

{Did anyone else immediately say 'Loathing!! Un- a- dulturated LOATHING! For you voice- your hair- your clothing!! Let's just say- I loathe it all! Every little trait-' No? just me? Weird.}

I guess it's homesickness.  I'm not sure.  I never in a million years would have expected to feel this way!!

But it BREAKS. MY. HEART that Ava isn't going to grow up down south.  It REALLY breaks my heart that my little baby Junebug has never even set foot in Mississippi.  Hell, she's never set foot in Real America!!

So.  As weird and COMPLETELY surprising as these feelings are, I'm going to just go with it for a while.  We'll be listening to nonstop country hits on Pandora, and drinking sweet tea and teasing our hair and calling Holly to hear some southern twang.  I'm gonna skip Hunger Games to night so I can fry up a chicken and we're going to eat it with grits and okra.

Okay, that might be going a little far. We'll see.

And also, if anyone is going to do the A&J Tackle PW Challange {that's what I've decided to call it, you like?} with us, we're adding Spicy Lemon Garlic Shrimp on p 206 to this week, for a total of five recipes.

So for week one this is what you need to cook:

Tequila Lime Chicken (p 170)
Mexican Rice (p173)
Mango Margaritas (p116)
Restaurant Style Salsa (p92)
Spicy Lemon Garlic Shrimp (p206)

You should do it, it's going to be fun!!! I'm probably going to do the shrimp this Sunday so Nick has to do it (I don't actually eat shrimp) and the rest on Friday so that if I accidentally have one too many margaritas, it's no biggie.  Do it with us!!


  1. WICKED!!! Didn't know you liked Wicked. Who knew my old babysitter would still be cool when she's grown up and married with a bunch of babies. :)

  2. I so wish I could do the PW challenge with you gals but there's just no time these days. Can't wait to hear your feedback on recipes though, some you've posted have been winners!

    Memories , its crazy the emotions they can evoke eh? Enjoyed seeing the flashback pics!

  3. I made the beef and bean burritos and the mexican rice last night from the cookbook. The burritos were awesome and something went wrong with the rice. She said 2 cups of broth, but it made it super soupy and the rice never did really recover after that. Or it was the fact that I used brown rice. Nicole