Friday, March 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Daddy Edition

I couldn't POSSIBLY wait till next Friday to do Nick's.  Hell, I couldn't even wait till naptime!!

Obviously, I have less pics of Nick.  But I still found way more than I thought I would!

Look at all this HAIR!!

How fricking TERRIFIED would you have been if you  had to take your picture with Chuck E Cheese?!?!?! He's not here so I can't ask him if he peed his pants.

Nick is the one on the right with his eyes closed.  Michelle and Jeff are on top, Kimberly is in the middle, and that's Matthew on the left.

I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I think Nick is the one on the right.  

Now he's on the left.  Nice belt, no?

This next one is my fave.  He looks like he's drinking a coffee and laughing out loud.  Which is EXACTLY what he looks like every morning now.  So perfect.

Did you know he was a volunteer firefighter before I met him?

I'm assuming he's all snazzed up to go to the prom.  I would have been in the eight grade then, with black fingernails and bergundy hair, and I would have scowled at him and probably pushed him down the stairs and blamed it on Angela.  She never got in trouble, so I blamed her for a lot...sorry Angela.  But why is he wearing a checkered bow tie? That's just the kind of thing that would have pissed me off when I was in the eighth grade.  Or now.  Whatever.

I wish I could find his bootcamp picture.  It is PRICELESS.  But I guess I'll leave you with a few years after this prom.

This is the CT aquarium, so I must be around fall/winter 2009.

Duh.  It says it on the photo.  So let's see, Ava was just about to turn four, Scott must be two and a half, and Warren is about nine months? And I had just lost thirty pounds, so I was almost to goal.  I miss those days.  Don't I look great? Is that bitchy to say? Sigh.  I'd kill to look that that now.

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  1. awesome!

    Love the family photo with the izod shirts... stylin'

    And the one that's your favorite....I love his sister's sweater with the one button - good heavenly day, I remember those..... stirup pants anyone??