Friday, March 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Mama Edition

This started off as two or three pictures, but it {obviously} grew.

I was unpacking our last two boxes (yes, two months later.  Did you really think I was one of those people who gets everything unpacked the first weekend? It's like you don't even know me!!) and I came across my 'keepsakes' box.  Awful artwork from the kids, an X Files birthday card from my sister, my wedding invitations, old yearbooks, and two manilla envelopes of pictures I stole from my mama before the Hurricane.  Thank God I did since she 'didn't think it was a big deal' and therefore didn't save ANYTHING, but that's a whole nother post.  For now, let's just look at all this eighties goodness.

Disclaimer: I refuse to apologize for the crappy resolution of these pics.  It was 1982, and these are actually (for the most part) scans of copies of the originals.  So shut it.

I wouldn't have believed this was me, except it's an orignal and it says Apr 82 on it, and that's definitely my mama, so it must be me.  I don't look like this is ANY other pictures. 

This is my personal favorite picture.  Although it makes me wonder if perhaps they swapped out all four of my babies in that OR.  NOT ONE of them looks like this!!

This one below is another fave.  It's {obviously} me and by big sister Nikki.  And here's how you know those Engelbrecht kids are mine- that nasty stick straigh baby fine hair with the weird cow lick.  Ugh.

Don't get me started on this blanket that I loved and cherished and slept with until the first time I went to Stuart with Nick and lost it.  Please don't. THIS PICTURE IS ALL I HAVE LEFT OF IT!!!

My children also inherited my kissing skillZ.

This is another favorite.  Guess I have a lot.  What do you think, there's some Ava and Daisy in there, right? Maybe a little?

Nikki, on the other hand, looks EXACTLY like her daughter Mia, in every picture she's ever been in.  So annoying.

Those people who say there's no such thing as an ugly baby...they need to see this picture.

I'm not sure this is me.  I think my mom used to babysit, maybe it's that girl? But maybe it's me.  Either way, check out my stylin mama.  See her short shorts?!?!?!

Maybe a little Warren in this one? I feel like I'm grasping at straws here...

I wanted to think that I've always had a thing for bows and I'd found the proof, but when I flipped this over, it says "Jen with bow in hair." As if having a bow in my hair was such a change from the norm, it was worthy of a photo.  Sigh.

I love this one too, although I don't remember EVER seeing it before.  I believe this is my Grandma Judy's couch.  And see my dad's mustache? True story: when he shaved that off, Arika was probably about three.  He walked into the living room after he did it and she SCREAMED and cried and ran away.  IT. WAS. HILARIOUS.


I think maybe they thought I was actually a boy...

Here's Arika.  Hard to believe she'd grow up to be the pretty one huh?

Here starts the even-more-awkward stage.  Sigh.

I guess we know where Daisy June gets those big horse teeth!!!

Huh.  And I've always had the snaggle.  I sort of thought that was a new thing...

Oh dear God.

Would you believe that I had a boyfriend this year? Guess that proves that high school boys are desperate.  I mean, look at me!!! Would YOU have dated that?!?! More importantly, what hairdresser would let me DO that to myself?!?! And my skin...oh my skin...

AND I think that's enough for one week.  Next Friday, let's laugh at old pictures of Nick!!


  1. girl, i was laughing so hard i couldn't speak...mostly because i know you are not alone and i have eerily similar pics of me growing up!! happy friday!

  2. Wow, flashback to meeting you in the Fernwood cafeteria - 6th grade - we were both new girls. I definitely see your babies in your baby pics. Maybe I'll get my mom to dig out my awkward phase pics....big pink glasses and braces.....