Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Did ya'll see my sweet babies riding their bikes?!?! I know Ava is a little old to still have had her training wheels on, but let me just tell you, I sort of forgot about the whole 'kids ride bikes thing.'  It just TOTALLY slipped my mind.  So we JUST got her a bike, you know? So she needed to get used to the training wheels first.  Sorry Ava, my bad.  My bust.  Remember when people used to say that?

Anyway.  Nick took her training wheels off a long time ago, but she wouldn't go anywhere near it.  Holly suggested taking the pedals off, so she could just coast around on her tippy toes and learn what it feels like to have to balance.  So we did that on Thursday (google it if you think it's strange, it's like a real thing.  you can even buy a bike that's MADE without pedals!! People are so stupid.  Don't pay for a bike without pedals, just take your own dang pedals off dummies!!)

The kicker? We did Scott too.  So as soon as Scott picked it up (he's a bit more physical than she) she was uber jealous and she did it too!!

So Saturday he put the pedals back on and they were off!! We all went for a ride last night around the neighborhood.

We are officially THAT family.  So weird.

Anyway.  Here's our menu for this week.  I'll put the A&J Tackle PW recipes in this magenta type color and plan to do a review of each one, either right after we make it, or later this week.  Angela and I are not making them on the same days, so it'll probably just be at the end of the week so we can hear what she has to say as well.  She's a little more refined in the culinary department, so she's willing to try things that I'm not (shrimp, for starters) and she likes weird tastes, whereas I would eat chicken breasts and broccoli every single day for the rest of my life and be fine.

I'm working on it.  But the osso buco recipe? Probably not going to happen.  Just so you know.

Sunday: garlic shrimp, probably served with rice.  I'll be eating said chicken breast and broccoli.

Monday:  to die for pot roast, a recipe I got from pinterest. I haven't cooked it yet, but I linked it up anyway in case you need something new to try. I need crockpot meals on Mondays since gymnastics ends at five fifteen, so I'm back on a mission for delish slow cooker recipes.  Feel free to leave a suggestion.  I got these AMAZING chuck roasts at Costco so we'll be doing pot roasts for a while.  Man, just remembering how amazing that meat was is making me hungry.

Tuesday: we have these chicken and spinach and cheese sausages (from Costco) so we're just going to throw those on the grill.

Wednesday: duty.  Leftovers or take out.

Thursday: spaghetti and meat sauce.  They have these AMAZING (am I overusing amazing? I'll try to think of another word.  I need a thesaurus.  Remember those? Do they still have those? I bet there's something on my phone that does it...) little jars of different spaghetti sauces in the deli section at Whole Foods.  They're uber expensive, but SO GOOD, and after two years in Guam with nothing fun and neat and original, it's worth the splurge to me.  

Friday: tequila lime chicken, Mexican rice, and mango margaritas.  I. Can't. Wait. 
Laura and Eileen, if ya'll don't have plans, head on over.  It's gonna be epic, I just know it.

Saturday: Anna's birthday party, so we'll be in food comas from Laura's and probably just eat cereal for dinner.  

What's on your menu this week? If you need a little inspiration, head over to Organizing Junkie for tons of great ideas!!


  1. chicken and spinach and cheese sausages-- I AM SOOOO THERE!!

  2. I would be your own personal live-in nanny just so I could eat your dinners. And go to the beach... And live in Hawaii... but mostly the dinner part.