Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sea Plane Tour

All right.  Are you ready for thirty four pictures from our sea plane tour around Hawaii? 

I thought you might just be.

Since it has done NOTHING BUT RAIN since Grandpa Kenny and Uncle Matt got here...we're running out of ideas.  So far, this has been my favorite thing we've done so far.  We did it Thursday morning, when Laura and Eileen were kind enough to babysit.  When I made them. 

This is our pilot.  He's a dude.  In pink cons.  I liked him. 

This is the downtown Honolulu slash Waikiki area.  It's SOOOO crazy after living in Guam!!

I've decided that Sam Worthington lives down here.  I mean, he was on Ellen one day, and he mentioned that he lives in Hawaii.  I'm sure it's probably Maui, I think that's where most people live, but he never ACTUALLY said he lives in Maui.  So ever since then, every time I go to Target, I make sure to put some mascara on.  I mean, he has to buy pens and stuff too, right?!?!? I'm gonna meet him.  Mark my words.

Isn't this next one pretty badass? The pilot said something about the caves, but I didn't catch it.  I think it was along the lines of back in the day they would take people in there for sacrifices and eat them? But I wasn't paying THAT much attention.  I was looking for Sam Worthington with my zoom lens.

Just kidding.  I didn't have my zoom lens.

This is Diamond Head.  I think.  Did you know it was a volcanic crater? I didn't either.  I just thought it was a mountain.  It is SUPER badass from up there.  I mean, it's an actual crater!! It's hard to explain, so just trust me.

The pilot started talking about how we can hike down to this lighthouse.

Uh, say what? No thankyou.

This is the park where Adam Sandler works with the walrus and that penguin in 50 First Dates!!!

Now, I think Kenny and Matt were a little bummed that it was cloudy and overcast and rainy and foggy.  I, on the other hand, was just short of ecstatic.  I just love the way it looks!! I mean, I love sunshine as much as the next Former Guammie, but there's just something about gray skies and fog and luscious green mountain tops...oh yeah.  It's Jurassic Park.  Duh.

So yeah.  The next two hundred pictures will probably look the same to you.  Not to me.

That highway down there is where I come out of the tunnel on my way to Weight Watchers.  Yes.  It's that amazing.  That's why I keep going even though I haven't lost an ounce since September.

See the waterfalls? Indescribable.  Literally.

Recognize this?!?! It's the Jurassic Park valley from the Kuala Ranch tour!!! And Jurassic Park, obviously.  Remember, where they're running from those ostrich ones? And they hide behind that fallen tree?

Unfortunately, I wasn't listening when he talked about this too.  It's a fish farm? I guess back in the olden days they'd set these up to go fishing? Not sure.  I feel bad I wasn't paying attention.  Again.

Fave picture of the day.  Hands down.  This is Sacred Falls.  Now, I just want to go on the record and say it's not THAT crappy of a pic, it's just that there's a LOT of fog in the way.  A lot.  And I was taking it thru a crappy plastic plane window.  So shut up.

This is the pineapple plantation!! How cool does that look?

This is the maze.  We've tried to go twice and it's been raining and muddy BOTH times.  And I gotta say, after seeing this...not so sure I want to.  What if I get lost in there?!?!

This is our neighborhood!!! We couldn't get OUR house, but that's my friend Laura's house, and that's our little toy jeep in the back road yard thingie!!! I like to think Warren is out there.  Remember? He was outside when we flew over in Guam too!!! How cool is THAT!?!?

So that was our tour.  I'll be back soon.  Peace out.

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  1. fun times!

    Love the pictures....been in the pineapple maze - it's clearly marked - you won't get lost. and I recommend the pineapple ice cream....sounds kinda strange, but oh so yummy.

    We only hiked part of the way to the lighthouse - the boys were little (3,5 and 7 I think) but it is beautiful.

    Glad you had a good time....I'm a little nervous about planes (small ones) and looking down and leaning on windows and such as that.